10 Awesome Ideas to Recreate Your Spare Room This Season

Here’s the list of 10 awesome ideas to recreate your spare roomDo you have an extra spare room in your house? Are you wondering about how to make this extra room to work for you? Having an extra or spare room is a blessing and you can use it in many ways. You can be lazy and convert this spare room into a store room, and dump all the useless items here. Or instead of being a hoarder and dumping the room, or you can simply recreate your spare room and make it one of the best part of your home. And if you are not sure about using or decorating the room, then this is the post worth reading. I am going to share 10 awesome ideas that you can use to recreate your spare room and feel good about it.

Ideas to recreate spare room and make it work for you

A spare room can be on the top floor of the house near the attic, can be between two big rooms, or it can be in the ground floor underneath the staircase, it can be anywhere. According to the size, position and use of the room, you can decorate it. The décor and accessories mostly depend on the purpose of the room. The functionality and the availability of the space are the two most important factors when you are planning to use up a space.

So, how can you use up a spare room? You can recreate another:

  • Bed Room
  • Personal sitting room
  • Kids Room
  • Library or Reading Room
  • Yoga Corner
  • Puja Room
  • Guest Room
  • Workspace
  • Artist’s Gallery
  • Relaxing Haven

Bed Room

Using spare room as BedroomThe bedroom is the most personal space of your house, even if you have one already, then what is the harm in having another one? The small spare room can be decorated in to a cozy and comfortable bed room. You need a one-bed couch or even a mattress will do if you want to avoid the bed. The thick mattress covered with linen sheets, pillows and cushions can make a comfortable space for you to lie down.

Be it bed or a mattress, place it right next to the wall, so that you can squeeze out some extra breathing space. The space must have one window so that it does not seem claustrophobic. Keep a small one legged side table beside the bed, a small fish bowl or a potted plants will make the space closer to Nature.

The walls must be of natural pastel shades like creams and whites, so that the space will look bigger and brighter. On one side of the wall, you can install a mirror to make the room more spacious. A rug on the floor, a pendent lights from the ceiling, and one poster of your favourite image will just make the space perfect for you.

Personal Sitting Room

Using spare room as Personal sitting roomMost of the spaces I will be mentioning in my article will be personal space. There is a formal drawing room in your house, but what if you desire some alone-time? The personal space is the perfect space for you if you want to try your hand in writing some verses, read comics of DC and Marvel, binge watch the Netflix in your laptop, or even just look out the windows and the enjoy some classic music of ACDC and Beatles.

These activities will require a private space which may not be always available in your drawing room. The place will be just perfect if there is an attached balcony with the room. This part of the house will be the best, I tell you.

If you do not want to insert any strong furniture in this space, then that is completely fine. In any case there are many furniture scattered in your house, so this space can be fully dedicated to you and you only.

In my house, there is a spare room in the second floor of my house and I have managed to personalize it to a great extent. I will be sharing the tips with you, so that you can create your own. A bean bag at the corner of the room, a hanging book shelf so that it does not occupy any extra space, this shelf is reserved for your favourite books, comics and graphic novels, some posters of your favourite characters or stars can cover the dull blank walls, and there must be universal charging points for your phone and laptop. Leave the walls in natural colours so that it can go well with any season.

The windows can have the tie-backs and the curtains can be the favourite colours of your choice. It is fun to play with contrasts, if the walls are of light shades, then you can select the curtains of some brightest hues like red, orange, yellow, blue and pink. Make the room look bright with concealed lights so that the space looks even more classy.

Kids Room

Using spare room as Kids RoomIn the above two points, I mentioned about applying natural shades to the wall, but here I will be saying otherwise. Your kids will love bright colours, ask them what their favourite colour is, and include that in the room. Colours like yellow, pink, mauve are just suitable for the kids room. It may happen that kids sleep with you in master bedroom.

In that case, the space can be the playroom for the kids. The curtains can have designs of their favourite cartoon characters like Tin Tin or Chhota Bhim. In my kids room, the curtains have the designs of Tom and Jerry, which they enjoy a lot. Do not make the curtains too long, as kids can entangle themselves in curtains and fall down.

It is best to cover up the cold hard floors with carpets so that if they fall down, then they will not get hurt by the hard floors. Make the room bright, kids love bright rooms. The walls can have the stencil designs of the numbers and alphabets, can have the pictures of their favourite fictional world, like the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Harry Potter. Or, you can have the walls painted in the design of a garden or meadows if you want them to be with Nature.

Do not keep any furniture in the room with sharp edges or corners. Keep some plastic chairs for them, their toys and teddy bears can be kept in colourful buckets. This way, you can keep the room in order easily, you can also teach them to clean their own room by placing all the toys in buckets properly. Do not keep any Television sets in the kids room, let them play on their own.

Library or Reading Room

Using spare room as Library or Reading RoomThe spare room is not that big in size, but your affinity towards books know no bounds. You consider books to be your best friends, and all you dream is that of library. Your dream will be fulfilled even though the space at your disposal is small.

So how can you create your library or reading room at your home? You need special places to keep the books, and a cozy couch or chairs where you can enjoy reading. Let us see how you can make your own personalized space for your home.

Instead of occupying the limited floor space, install wall shelves and cabinets for placing your books. The racks of the cabinets and shelves can be coloured in bright popping colours like magenta and blue, and there keep the books. Keeping the books in order, in vertical position is a common thing, why not you do some experiments? Place the books in random order, some in vertical positions and some in horizontal ones. This way, the popping colours of the shelves will be visible too and create an accent design throughout the space.

If you have couch in this space, then install a hidden drawer along with it, where you can put some your extra books and magazines. Display your collection without hesitation and be happy with the library. Have a coffee table in the room by the window sill, or if you do not want any furniture then the window sill itself can work as a small table too.

Have some throw pillows, floor lights, and cotton curtains with tie backs. It is better to leave the rest of the walls blank as the walls are already occupied by the book shelves and racks. Instead of couch which is a more informal one, you can place a chair and table along the corner of the room and enjoy reading there.

Yoga Corner

Using spare room as Yoga CornerYou do want to enjoy yoga sessions to relax your mind and body, but you lack energy to go another Yoga centre or Yoga club for it. What is the solution then? The solution is right here, the spare room that you have in your house. Turn this space into  Yoga corner where you can enjoy calming sessions.

Make this space separated from the hubbub of the daily life, so that when you enter the room, your mind gets calm. Paint the walls in some natural shades like butter yellow, or popcorn white.

Leave the ceiling white and hang some simple chandelier from the ceiling. You can install pendant lights or even half-concealed lights for a calm ambiance. Use golden lights for the room. Place your yoga mats in the centre of the room, so that there is enough space for you to stretch and do the exercises.

Instead of leaving the walls unattended, hang a huge poster of Lord Buddha, or a mural will look good too. Light some scented candles, keep small potted plants in the corners of the room, and enjoy the yoga sessions. It is best if you have an east-facing window to let in the first rays of the sun.

Use light linen curtains for the room, keep the room clean always, and no extra item like furniture or chair must be present here. In this room, it is just you and your yoga.

Puja Room

Using spare room as Puja RoomThe prayer room is the integral part of the house; it is the centre of positivity and harmony in the home. The spare room can be decorated as a Prayer room with some mind blowing ideas and tips.

The Home Mandir or Puja temple can be of wood or marble, as per your choice. Keep the temple in the east side of the room which is thought to be auspicious. Clean the room, place the temple, and keep enough open space around.

Place a wooden cabinet in the room where you will keep all the objects and items required for prayers, the dress materials of the deities, the plates used to serve the Prasad, the candle holders and all other things.

Decorate the temple with bright lights, and also make the room bright and spacious. You can keep flowers in the vases on both the sides of the temple to make the room beautiful. Hang chandeliers from the ceiling, use cotton curtains for the room for décor, and it is always better to paint the walls in natural shades.

Do not clutter the space with unnecessary items, rather keep some open space where you can sit for prayers and worshipping God.

Guest Room

Using spare room as Guest RoomIf you are planning to design a Guest room in your house, then it is essential that you have an attached bathroom with it. Having attached bathroom with the room is important as this refers that the guests can use the bathroom whenever needed without bothering the inmates of the house.

The guest room must have all the facilities that may be needed by your guests. Place a cozy bed in the centre of the room if the room is not so small. Leave equal space on both the sides of the bed, the bed must have clean bed sheets and bed covers, pillows and cushions, and a bed skirt.

The bed skirt is used mainly for décor so that the bare legs of the bed are not visible. The walls can be of some soothing colours with one accent wall painted in contrasting hues. In my guest room, the three walls are in popcorn white, and the other wall is of bright orange colour.

The bed sheets can be of different colours like pink or magenta, not necessarily you have to maintain a monochromatic décor for your home. The carpet and the curtains can go hand in hand to maintain a symmetrical balance in the room décor.

Soothing concealed ceiling lights, or chandeliers or pendant lights, are good for the room, you can keep bedside table lampshades for making the guest room more cozy.

The attached bath must be clean with a water absorbing door mat placed in the front of it. Proper ventilations like exhaust fans and windows must be present in the bathroom. If the bathroom or the guest room is small, then you make it look bigger and brighter by just place a mirror on the wall.


Using spare room as WorkspaceSuppose you are planning to open your own office at your home, or chamber, then the spare room can be the best solution. In the workspace, you will complete your work related activities, you can meet your clients here etc.

This space have to be formal one, so the correct furniture for this room will be a table, chair, cabinets to keep your files, a table to have your scanner, printer and fax machine etc.

All the office related items must be present in this room. You can install the drawers and cabinets along with the table to save some space. Wall cabinets to keep books, files and other important things is a great idea.

Use dark polished wooden furniture against a background of natural hues, or you can use the modern iron furniture, but wood looks classy and elegant.

Cover the floors with carpet, place a table lamp or floor lamp in the room. To make the place look formal, use sliding shades for the windows instead of curtains. Using concealed lights is just perfect for the office space.

Artist’s Gallery

Using spare room as Artist's GalleryIf you are a painter, or sculptor, or a photographer, then the spare room can be turned in to your personalized gallery. Divide the space in to different sections, like one place for show casing your work, the other section of the room used for your own work.

Make the room look interesting with graphic designs on the wall, use colourful lights to give an interesting décor which is also quite different from the other rooms of the house. Make sure you have table lamps and bright lights because you probably cannot work in the dark.

Relaxing Haven

Using spare room as Relaxing HavenThe spare room can be made into a haven where you can relax and enjoy your life. The sedentary lifestyle leave you tired and exhausted but this haven can rejuvenate and recharge you within no time.

In this space, you can have your own mini bar, stuffed with wines or your favorite drinks. Display the colourful drink bottles, keep the goblets and pegs on the table which will add charm to your space.

On the other side of the room, you can hang your hammock, coupled with a pair of cushions. You will swing here, with your favourite drink. A flower pot in the corner, a soothing natural scenery hanging on the wall, and amidst this you are enjoying your solitude.

Keep the curtains and rug very simple with minimal designs, the lights can be dim and golden. Actually it is better to install regulators with lights so that you can adjust the brightness according to your mood.

The room can be free of useless furniture and accessories. You can have a bean bag and small cabinet here, may be, to keep your favourite magazines or books.

Over to you

Having a spare room is bliss and there are many ways to put it to use. You can recreate your spare room, to use it like a yoga room or library, guest room or a recreation space. There are many ways and ideas to recreate your room, and change the way you use it. We have already discussed many of those ideas above and hope you are going to put it to use.

How do you use your spare room, by the way? Share with us in the comments below.

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