Buying Curtains? Here’s the list of things worth knowing

Things to remember while buying curtains for your home The curtains are very important accessories for your home. Properly used curtains can transform the look of the space. The curtains transform your place to a private and personal space where you can spend quality time with your family. There are thousands of varieties of curtains in the market, and you may be confused finding innumerable options. In my article, I will discuss things to remember while buying curtains for your home.

The size, fabric, colour, material, design, all these things must be kept in mind when you are planning to buy curtains for your home. You may select same curtains for all the spaces of your home, and also choose separate curtains for your bedroom so that you can mark the area to be more private one. There are several professional interior designers in your city. They can help you in selecting the right kind of curtain.

Things to remember when buying curtains

If you have visited an upholstery store, I am sure you know how confusing it could get at times. Whenever I visit a store to buy curtains, I end up spending lots of time because of so many variations. Some time, I feel like buying two or three sets, all in one go. It gets actually confusing at times and if you have been in a situation like this then here’s what you should remember when buying curtains;

Length of the curtains

The length of the curtain will depend on the position of the window in your home, and also what else is near the curtain. If there is a bed below your window, then it is better to use shorter curtains. If there is a couch or a sofa, then also it is better to use shorter curtains. If there is nothing near the windows, and the place is blank, then it is advisable to use longer curtains which are touching the floors. These curtains can increase the beauty of the windows and the room to a great extent.

Fabric of the curtains

There are various kinds of fabric like cotton, silk, velvet, satin, with lining, without lining, net etc. The fabric of the curtains will depend on the décor and ambiance of the house and also the family members. If you have kids and pets, then do not use silk or stain as these are difficult to wash. You can go for cotton curtains which are easy maintenance. The velvet curtains will allow lesser light in to the room, thus it is a good idea for the bedroom. If you are selecting net curtains, the lining is a must. The silk curtains will allow light in to the room as they are of thinner texture.

Colour of the curtains

The colour of the curtains will depend on the size of the room and the décor items and accessories present in the room. If the room is small, then you can curtains of same colour as of the wall. If the walls are of baby pink shade, then the curtains can be of the same colour too, giving a monochromatic look. The monochromatic look will make the small room look bigger. Otherwise, you can select contrasting colours, like maroon curtains in a neutral shade wall.

Size of the curtains

The length of the curtains must be minimum covering the windows. The breadth of the curtains must exceed at least 2 inches on both the sides of the windows. The full window must be covered with the curtains, if you are choosing longer curtains, then it must touch the floors.

Curtain rods

The curtain rods can be of wood, steel or iron. There are various designs available, some may be slick and slender, others a bit thicker. There are rings, through which the curtains will pass and will hang down from the rods.


The curtain tie backs, the beaded curtains, the wind chime, and all these objects can be interesting accessories for the curtains. The tie backs can be of the same cloth as the curtain itself. If you are in a mood for some experiment like me, then you can use necklaces, teddy bears as trendy curtain tie backs.

Over to you

Do not neglect the curtains thinking that they are just the piece of cloth to cover the windows in your home. The windows are important accessories, and they can enhance the décor of your home to a great extent. Remember the above points and then buy the curtains. If you are confused, then, as I told earlier, the professional experts are ready to help you out and solve all your queries.

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