How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Business

How to book a good domain nameThe domain name is a very important part of the identity of your company and the brand. It is actually by this name that you will be able to bring your company closer to your targeted audience. What is a domain name? Domain name is how your website will be known in the web world. It is how your company will gain a virtual identity; it is the address of your official website.

When starting a business, choosing the right domain name for your business is important. It has to be short, simple, easy to remember and relevant. And not only that, there are many things that one should consider when choosing a domain name.

Naming your business is probably the most important thing. And choosing the domain name is the second most important decision you will be taking. If your domain name is complicated or long, then the prospective customers may have issues in recalling the name. In the world of internet, you have to mark your own identity so that you do not get lost in the crowd. In the world of technology, in order to exist, you need the survival strategies to fit in the world of the web. And, this is why the domain name is of pivotal importance!

If you are planning to start a business and wondering how to choose a good domain name, then read on. I am going to give you a good overview of how to choose a good domain name for your business.

Smart Tricks to Choose a Great Domain Name

Are you starting a blog or you are planning to book a domain for your business? If it’s a personal blog, you may like to use your own name, because chances are you will get a .com extension/TLD. And if it is for your business, obviously it should reflect in the domain name.

Here are a few of the basic rule one should apply while choosing a domain name.

Domain name should be short and simple

The domain name must be short and simple so that the user can find it fast. Do not complicate the domain name with underscore, hyphens, or numbers. Make it easy, so that your company and the domain name matches. For instance, if you want to start an interior design company in the name of Home Haven, then best domain name for your business can be However, this is a short and sweet name, and there is high chance that this name won’t be available. In that case, you can opt for country specific domain name e.g. or add a word to the domain name like When you are adding a word, just see to it that it adds some value to the name. Here I have added the word interior because that’s what this company does i.e. provide interior designing services.

Relevance and Recall

There are businesses where the domain name is relevant to what they do and there are businesses where there is no relevance to the nature of business. For example, when you read the name you know it’s abut kart= shopping.  But when you are at com, the name has no relevance to the search. But then it is easy to remember, sweet, simple and has a recall value.

Domain extension is seriously important

How to choose a good domain name - extensionsChoosing the domain extension is another important task. The domain extensions are suffixes which will define the nature of your business. There are some extensions like .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz (for business and ecommerce sites), .co etc. But .com is the most popular and hence you should look for a .com extension. And if the domain name with a .com extension is not available, you may opt for the next best and suitable name. .biz, .net or something else.


Research well before you choose a domain name and also the name of the company for that matter. You must see to it that the names you are choosing are not taken, or copyrighted or used by some other companies. If that is the case then you can fall in the trap of huge legal mess. So, proper research is mandatory before choosing a domain name.

Domain name matching with company name

If you want to increase the traffic to your website, then you must make the domain name matching with your company. If the name of your company is Webwork19 Services Private Limited, then the ideal name for you could be

Build your brand

It is important that you build and protect your brand. Purchase some brand extensions and also some misspelled versions, so that even if the user is typing wrong spellings, then also the user will be directed to your website. This is how you can build and protect your brand successfully.

Where to check for availability and book domains?

Once you have shortlisted a few names, you have to check for the availability of the name. Most of the .com extensions are already taken, so you better make a list of best possible names you are considering.

Then start looking for the availabilities of domain name. There are many companies and resellers from where you can book a domain for your business.

I personally use this company for domain and hosting services. You may also use godaddy, bluehost, hostgator or any other company you wish to work with.

Over to you

Getting a perfectly catchy, easy to remember and short domain name has many benefits. Your targeted users and prospects can find it easily. They can recall the name and associate your brand with the domain name. What extension you select is equally important and you should look for names with a .com extension.

What else do you think one should do choose a perfect domain name?

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