How to clean bathroom tiles using vinegar & baking soda

I was wondering about how to clean bathroom tiles of my own and clean it as if a professional housecleaning company has done it. I did some research and gone though a number of posts and articles on housekeeping. There are tons of articles and posts on housecleaning and what I found is I can clean bathroom tiles using most common ingredients already available at my house.

In this post I am going to give you a good overview of cleaning bathroom tiles. It’s fun to clean your bathroom yourself and you are going to love it. Obviously professional housekeeping companies have a number of tools and advance kind of equipments. If you are looking for that kind of solution you can click here. But if you are willing to clean it yourself then just read on for some hands on techniques.

how to clean bathroom tiles and remove stains

Here’s what you need to clean bathroom tiles

Obviously, you need certain things for bathroom tiles cleaning and here is what you need;

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Scrub sponge

Apart from vinegar, soda and sponge, you need water, bucket, plastic mug, bowls etc.

We are supposed to prepare a homemade solution (cleanser) to clean bathroom tiles, door and other area of the bathroom. Obviously you can use this cleanser to clean kitchen counter tops and other part of your house.

Let’s make our cleanser to clean bathroom tiles

To begin with, take a bowl and pour in about one cup of baking soda in to it.

Start adding white vinegar slowly while mixing it. Add it and keep mixing till you end up with a paste like texture and let it rest for some time.

Another way to prepare a cleanser is to;

  • Add two cup of lukewarm water into a bowl
  • Add equal amount of white vinegar
  • Add one cup or little less all purpose detergent powder

Mix them well to prepare a liquid to apply on bathroom tiles for cleaning.

Applying cleanser on the tiles and cleaning

Now apply the cleanser you have prepared on the tiles and let it be there for next 15-20 minutes. Scrub it using the sponge and clean it using the water.

Feel free to use other tile cleanser or spray available in the market. But just be double sure to read and follow the instruction mentioned on the product you are using.

Another important precaution that you should take is to not use a very hard brush for scrubbing because that way you may end up damaging the tiles instead of cleaning it. Always use soft spongy brush that does not cause any scratch or damage to the tiles.


Before you apply any cleanser (the one you make or one you buy from the market) throughout the tiles, you better apply it on a part and check that it’s not causing any harm. Like it’s not advisable to apply vinegar on real marble and granite, so just test and be sure it’s not causing any harm. Also use gloves to protect your hands.


Baking soda and white vinegar mix is a very good cleanser and you can use it for various types of cleaning. From removing water and soap stain from the bathroom tiles to cleaning soap scrum from the mirror and doors. Apply it occasionally for deep cleaning of bathroom and hope you get satisfactory results.

How do you keep your bathroom tiles neat and clean?

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