How to Make A Room Look Bigger and Spacious

Many people find it tricky to reside in a small room. However, a small room is not always bad if you know how to organize it well.

In fact, small spaces are easier to decorate, furnish and clean according to one’s convenience. Besides, there are also ways to make any tiny room look bigger and spacious than it actually is.

10 tips to make a room look bigger

So, are you also someone who has got a diminutive living space but want to make it seem bigger than its actual size? Then, consider these tips and tricks that would surely help you make your room look bigger and spacious.

Select simple upholstery

Go for upholstery with simple colors to furnish your room instead of selecting bold prints, stripes or plaids.

To the best of suggestions, it’s always good to opt for neutral tones and use the texture that best compliments your furnishings.

Decorate with large furnishings

Instead of decorating your room with lots of small furnishings, replace them with a couple of big yet simple pieces. As a result, your compact room will appear way more spacious and well organized than before.

Plus, the massive blocks of colour and more open feel inside the room will make it look way calmer and cosier unlike the rest of your living spaces.

Make the surfaces more reflective

Try to create more reflective surfaces inside your room. For this, you can either place an oversized framed mirror against the wall or hang a substantially framed mirror on it.  

Doing so will get you the same enlarged effect all across your room but without compromising on its aesthetics and oomph factor. More so, you can also top a side table or coffee table along with a fluted plate mirror to add a great deal of openness to it.

Alternatively, you can buy a mirrored chest of drawers as well to serve the same purpose.

Optimise Lucite and Glass

Start using more see-through materials for your living spaces as much as possible. Apart from that, you might consider any other components redundant. Let’s take the instance of your small bathroom here.

You can certainly remove the opaque glass shower enclosure from there and replace it with a frameless and conspicuous one. Quite naturally, your tiny room will start appearing way larger than before and you can also take a peek straightaway into the wall situated at the back of the shower.

The fact is, it may be a couple of feet extra but the way your room alters is simply striking. In the case of tabletops, you can make good use of Lucite or glass too. Add a solid base of metal, wood or stone along with that and you are ready to behold the wide view beyond.

Let adequate light in

Needless to say, any room will look bigger when it is well lit-up. Both artificial lights and natural light play a crucial role in making this possible. To do that, remove all the extra belongings from your room so that sufficient light can peep in there throughout the day.

Also, keep the windows open as much as possible so that your living area doesn’t appear unreasonably gloomy and claustrophobic.

When it comes to artificial lighting, try and add more lamps inside your room according to its dimension. Besides, add recessed lighting or track lighting to ensure the finest illumination over there.

Strike a balance between wall and furniture colors

If the colors of your room are contrasting, chances are there that it may look even smaller than it actually is.

In fact, furnishings that match the colour of the wall tend to be less incongruous. What’s more, such pieces of furniture align better with the colour-scheme of your room, making it appear much bigger as a result.

Opt for a neutral colour scheme

Going for a neutral colour scheme is a superb idea to make any small room look bigger than selecting a contrasting one. Besides, when it comes to upholstery fabrics, it’s better to choose tone-on-tone shades to enhance the spacious feel of your room.

Also, incorporate tonal drapery fabrics and textured wall finishes and guess what? Your compact and tiny room will start appearing much wider and de-cluttered than it was before.

Remove the unwanted furniture and accessories

Certain heavy accessories and furnishings can hinder the actual view of your room to a great extent. As a result, your room appears unreasonably cramped. To get rid of this issue, consider removing the unwanted pieces of furniture from the walkaways of your living space.

In response to this, you can expect your tiny room to look bigger and more spacious at the same time. Besides, include small furnishings like an armless open chair, an ottoman or low table in your living area if possible.

Simultaneously, place the tall and large pieces across a wall unlike leaving them just like that in the open space. The simple formula is, the more you can see the floor, the bigger your small room will seem. So, get rid of all those possessions that preclude your living space from attaining its desired commodiousness.

Stick to Airy and Light Fabrics

Make it a point to pick airy and light fabrics for your living room. This way, you will allow more natural light to pass through your table covers, bed skirts and window treatments.

In this regard, sheer fabrics can be the choicest option to opt for. Furthermore, if you want to keep the look simple, go for eye-soothing stripes or easy-going floral hues if plain colors aren’t your thing.

Choose Light and Soft Colours

Warm and dark colors are meant for rooms that you want to make look cosy and compact. However, when it comes to your tiny living room, it’s always better to choose cool and light hues to make the space appear airier and more open. A great idea would be to select softer tones of green and blue to get the much-needed effect.

Turn your small room into a massive spacious area!

Converting your mini room into a spacious living area is not a hassle when you are handy with the most effective tips ever. So, implement the pointers above and make your space look way larger and roomier than before.

10 Tips To Make A Room Look Bigger and Spacious

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