House Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Busy Moms

House cleaning is something that needs your attention on a regular basis. When you clean your house regularly, you won’t have to sweat it out and spend hours in cleaning every part of your room. It’s only when multiple layers of dusts and dirt remaining there for longer period of time. But when you clean it often, you can do it almost effortlessly.

If you are busy mom with kids to look after, it’s going to be difficult. But you know what you can’t even afford to leave it the way it is because dirt and dusts may harm your kids. Cleaning your own house may sound like frustrating sometime, but there is no other way, but to clean it. But if you want to keep your house clean but don’t find time or feel like moving the heavy weight furniture then let me help you. I am going to share a few very basic house cleaning tips and trick with you that you can follow to clean your house easily.

Who says you have to clean it all together. Prepare a plan and start cleaning one room at a time or better one portion at a time and you can get going. No feeling can be better than seating in a neat and clean house. Are you up for the challenge?

House cleaning

Here you go.

Dump off items and de-clutter

It’s pretty simple. The less you have, the less you have to put away. Before cleaning up your house first throw away or donate your old stuffs that you no longer need or recycle them. Clean piles of old newspapers, books and magazines. Stop complaining about less space; replace your old furniture’s like semi broken and worn out chairs & table; get rid of old cloths, shoes, super old computers or TV sets that you have still preserved as antiques. Then you can have lot of space for new items.

Cleaning closets and wardrobes

If you really want to keep your things from missing and manage them properly then you must start with packing your winter wears in trunks or divans since you might not need them any time soon. You can donate old clothes that no longer fit you to someone who can make better use of it.

Dusting and brooming

Now that you have removed all the unwanted wares, you can start with dusting activities. Switch your fans off. Try using microfiber cloths in place of normal ones as they will protect you against allergens and improve the air quality while cleaning.

Removing cobwebs

Instead of using conventional mobs we can try tying a wet cloth to the ends of the mops, that will clean the webs more efficiently. But avoid using the wet cloth technique while cleaning fans, doors, light fixtures, picture frames etc. Properly dust before cleaning them with wet cloth otherwise the dust will stick with the surface of these items.

Cleaning TV sets, computer monitors, laptop screens

As these electronic equipments are sensitive and are vulnerable to dust, you should take special care to clean them up. First we should try covering them with cloths or covers, and while cleaning them we should use glass cleaner on our cotton cloth to avoid staining. Or continue to use a microfiber cloth because they do not stain either.


I have seen many people who never uses there vacuum cleaners even after spending good money to buy one. The reason might be the time it takes to fix a vacuum before cleaning, or may be they are confused about the operation of the vacuum cleaner or face trouble while properly aligning them while cleaning. But trust me vacuum cleaner can really be effective and time saving to efficiently clean hidden dirt and dust furniture’s and other wares which otherwise takes a lot of time to get cleaned up properly.

Furniture cleaning

If you’re wooden furniture is loosing luster and ruining the allover beauty of your room. And you are not quite sure of replacing it. Then you can try repainting or waxing it. It will regain its original luster and it will look fresh and new.

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