How to Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan Easily

How to clean kitchen exhaust fan easilyThe exhaust fan in your kitchen helps you to keep the place smoke free and to get rid of the smells. However, the exhaust fan itself also needs cleaning and proper maintenance so that it can function properly. You just switch on the exhaust fan while cooking to maintain proper ventilation. When the cooking is done, you clean the kitchen the table and the countertops, but miss out the exhaust fan. The exhaust fan is generally placed a bit higher, so you may need a ladder to reach the fan. Exhaust fans are usually ignored. But ideally you should clean it on your own or contact a cleaning agency for complete house cleaning. 

The size of the exhaust fan will depend on the size of the kitchen as well, as the fan is required to ventilate the area. In common household, the exhaust fan is small, not that big. This fan tends to get very dirty with regular use. You must clean kitchen exhaust fan to maintain the hygiene of the kitchen and rest of the house. If you are do it yourself person and wish to clean the kitchen exhaust fan on your own, then this is the post worth reading.

In this post, I am discussing about how to clean kitchen exhaust fan easily on your own.

Tips to clean kitchen exhaust fan easily

In order to clean the oil and the grease from the exhaust fan in the kitchen, you need to follow few steps. Read the next couple of paragraphs to know more.

  • Get prepared: Cleaning the exhaust fan is like a project and for doing it you need to do some preparations prior to the activity. You can wear masks and gloves while cleaning it. Switch off the exhaust fan and disconnect all the plugs or the wires that are connected to the fan. If the fan is located a bit higher, then take a ladder and reach the fan.
  • Clean the mesh: Some exhaust fans have mesh; in that case, you need to open the mesh and clean them first. Add half-cup ammonia in one cup of hot boiling water, and keep the mesh in the mixture. Let the mesh be in the mixture for one hour and then scrub gently.
  • Clean the blade: The blades have the greatest quantity of oil stains and grease, and so cleaning them can be toughest. Prepare a mixture of ¼ cup of ammonia, hot boiling water and baking soda. Separate the blades and put them in the mixture for quite a while. Then you scrub them gently. If you see that, there is some strong grease, which is not going to get off easily, then use a sharp knife and scrub it off gently.
  • Detergent solutions: You can prepare a solution with hot water and detergents for cleaning the exhaust fans. The substances like lemons and white vinegar and baking soda are very helpful when you are cleaning any object or appliances.
  • After cleaning: After the cleaning is over, you can keep the fan blades and the mesh to dry. Then attach the blades and the mesh after it is completely dry. Now the exhaust fan is ready to use again.


The exhaust fan is a very important appliance of the kitchen and you have to keep it clean for hygiene. If the grease and the oil stains are accumulated in large quantity on the fan, then it will not be able to function properly. Now that you have read the post, I hope you have come to know how to clean the kitchen exhaust fan. Follow the simple tips and make the exhaust fan look like new.

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