How to Clean Bedroom Easily in 15 Minutes

How to Clean Bedroom Easily in 15 MinutesYour friends have planned suddenly to come to your home for studies, or to give you a surprise. But you find that your bedroom is a living mess, with piles of items here and there, the dishes on the bed, the chargers and the USB cables hanging here and there, the table top covered with books and magazines, the floors are littered with paper and drops of chilli and tomato sauce. What will you do then? Your friends will come within no time and you must clean bedroom before they come in.

In order to clean bedroom, you need some time, no? But did you know you can actually clean bedroom very quickly, as quick as in 15 minutes  and almost like a professional? There is nothing like living in a tidy, well organized and clean bedroom. And to keep a bedroom clean, you don’t necessarily have to spend lots of time, if you clean it daily without miss. I have managed to keep my bedroom clean and well organized and I have developed this habit over a period of time. In this post, I am going to share some real quick and simple ways to clean bedroom as fast as in 15 minutes. Yes, it’s actually possible to transform a messy bedroom into a well organized and clean one in no time.

Quick and simple ways to clean bedroom

There are some easy solutions to the problem. You can just make your room look wow within 15 minutes and here’s how;

  • Prioritize the objects: Enter the room and see which object is creating the biggest mess; it can be the huge pile of cloth on the bed, or the litters on the floor. Start with the object, which is the worst. In the bedroom, the primary focus is the bed, so start with the bed. Then you can gradually move to other objects. Start with the activity which you hate the most, do not keep it for last.
  • The clothes: If there are clothes here and there, then you first categorize them. The clothes, which will go to the laundry, and the clothes, which will go to the wardrobe, must be distinctly separated and accordingly placed. Take the clothes, fold it, and keep them in the wardrobe. The laundry items must be kept in the basket and keep it aside.
  • The floors: Take a trashcan and throw away all the litter papers and the tissue papers that you got, that were roaming here and there on the floor. Take a vacuum cleaner and within two minutes suck up all the dirt and dust, which was on the floor.
  • Other things: Now the main two areas have been cleared, the bed and the floor. Now, look for the other things like the books and the dressing table, or the chargers and the wires. Keep the wires and the chargers on the drawers, hidden from the view. Place the books on the shelf or you can keep one book half opened on the bed, so that your friends think that you were reading it before they arrived. Keep the colourful books and the magazines on the top, to make the place look vibrant.
  • The bed: The bed is now empty, with no garbage on it. Take a nice bed cover or bed sheet and spread it nicely on it.
  • Open the windows let the light and air come in.
  • Spray some room freshener and then switch on the fan, so that the scent gets all over the room. If you do not have room freshener, then you can use a little bit of your perfume.


All these activities can be done in 15 minutes or less. I myself did that when my friends said me once that they were coming to my house and they were already on their way. I transformed my bedroom within minutes and they had the impression that my room is always neat and clean. They just praised me for my beautiful and scented room; hardly did they know what a big mess it was just few minutes ago. Now when you know to clean bedroom easily, you may not have to use professional cleaning service because your can clean bedroom on your own. Enjoy living in a clean and tidy bedroom.

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