How to Clean Sofa and Remove Stains Easily

Tips to Clean Sofa and Remove Stains EasilyIt is inevitable that the sofa set in your living room will get dirty, as the sofa is the centre of all your relaxation plans. On a weekend, you will prefer to be a couch potato and enjoy your TV shows, and while doing this you will end up having varieties of foods on your sofa. The sofa will get dirty, but there are some really effective ways to clean sofa and remove stains easily. In today’s post, I am discussing about how to clean sofa and remove stains easily at home.

You are enjoying a thriller movie and undergoing an adrenaline rush, you tend to jump with excitement and oops…the ketchup fell on the sofa. Like this, several food stains find their ways to the sofa set. The food crumbs along the corners of the sofa, your noodles, the ketch up, or nail polish, all these are pretty common and they can destroy your perfect sofa with permanent stains. So, you must take immediate actions to clean the sofa stains before it gets more stubborn and permanent.

You may have various queries on how to clean sofa and get rid of stains and that’s what we are going to discuss in this post. I am going to share some of best tricks you may need for sofa cleaning at home.

Find out the type of fabric of the sofa before cleaning

Your sofa set will have a tag somewhere, locate the tag. There the fabric or the material used is mentioned. The material can vary from upholstery to leather. Accordingly to the material used, there will be some specifications mentioned too, like what is the preferable mode of cleaning and what must be avoided. Locate the fabric tag, before you use any chemicals to clean your sofa. There can be some signs too, which imply different modes of cleaning. “W” means it can be cleaned using water based detergents; “WS” means it can be cleaned by water based detergents and also dry clean. “S” means only dry clean is preferable, “O” indicates it is made of organic materials and fibers and should be washed with water cold water. Some materials are fit to be hand washed only, and not to be washed in washing machines. You must be well aware of all these specifications and act accordingly.

Various ways to clean sofa and remove stains

The cleaning methods are not that complicated, and you can easily do it at home with correct products and techniques.

  • Purchase the appropriate cleaning product for your sofa, it can be water based detergents, or leather cleaner, or upholstery dry cleaner. Select a well ventilated or airy space to clean the sofa. You can also place a box fan nearby for proper ventilation.
  • If there are any granular foods or food crumbs, then clean it first with brush. Rub the area well to remove all the tiny crumbs which got stuck. You can then vacuum clean the spot for sucking up all the tiny dirt and the dust particles.
  • Take a clean cloth and apply some water based detergents or leather cleaner according to the material of the fabric used.
  • Rub the spot with it, until you see the stain getting lighter.
  • You can continue the process twice or thrice until you see the stain getting lighter.
  • After that, take a cloth, with only water, and rub in the spot. This will remove the washing products or the cleaners from the spot.
  • You can then blow dry the area, or keep a box fan, or a table fan near it, so that it can dry quickly. The fabric may get damaged if the sofa is wet for a long period of time, so the spot has to be dried fast.
  • You can also use vinegar mixed with water to clean any stubborn stain from the sofa.

These are the few method which can be applied for any stains.

Tips to remove specific stains?

There are a few specific stains that may be difficult to remove such as stains of ink, ketchup etc and here’s how to deal with these common stains.

Ink stains: The ink stains can be removed easily by following simple methods. Take some rubbing alcohol on a towel and rub it on the specific area. Continue the rubbing twice or thrice until you see the stain getting lighter. This method can be used to remove any oil based stains like that of nail polish, ink, lipstick etc. Rubbing alcohol is very effective in cleaning stains.

Stains of ketchup: Mix water with dishwashing solution. Take a cloth and apply this solution in it. Wash the affected area and rub it multiple times. You will see the stain getting lighter. Then dab the area with clean water and let it dry.

Stains due to chewing gum: If a gum is pasted on your sofa set, you feel in despair and get confused how to remove it. Well, you can remove it very easily. Take some ice cubes in a plastic bag and rub it on the chewing gum gently. Tug the gum from one corner, continue this multiple times. You will find the gum is hardened, and you can then take it out gently from the sofa.

Bad odor: Sometimes, there is also a bad smell along with the sofa stains. If your kid has pissed on the sofa, you can remove the stain and the smell using this method. Apply some baking soda on the stain and leave for five minutes. The soda will soak up the liquid, and then clean the baking soda using the vacuum cleaner. Then re-apply the baking soda. Continue the process to remove the stain completely. You can sue some solvent in case the stain is not fully removed. 


The sofa set is the main attraction of you drawing room and so you can keep it clean by using vacuum cleaning or dry cloth regularly. The armrests or the sitting areas, or the corners tend to get most dirty, so in that case it is mandatory to clean it on a regular basis. The stains on the sofa can spread germs and also foul smell. Now that you have read my article, I hope you have got an idea of how to clean the sofa stain effectively. For removing dry particles like bread crumbs, do not use water as too much water can damage the fabric. Use vacuum cleaner for that purpose. If the sofa covers are removable, then you can open it and wash it by hands or washing machine. If the beds are for the nights, then the sofas are for the day. So, you must keep them clean and tidy always. Take care!

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