Moving to a new city in India? Here’s how to settle down easily

There are times when opportunity knocks on your door and you have to relocate to a new city. Packing and moving to a new city is something that you can hardly avoid be it for studies or jobs, to pursue your dream of starting a company or expanding your business. There is absolutely no way that we can let go a lucrative offer of a better life style and career when it comes to choosing between your home or old place and settling into a new one.

Packing and moving is no easy task, especially post move situation is going to be very different in most cases.  Even though it means to get out of your comfort zone or the familiar neighborhood hospitality that you have enjoyed till now, it might not be an easy task at all.

Till now I have been to 15 states since my childhood and stayed in 4 different states in the course of last 3 years. Different Indian cities offer different kind of life; you may like some and may not like some of the cities initially. If you are an open minded and easily adaptable person like me, then you may find it easy and get settled in quickly, but everyone is not so lucky and this post is to address them. Building a social life start from scratch in a new location after moving is not something that all of us can do so easily.

Moving to a new city in India? Here’s how to settle down easily

Especially today’s youth who have to move out for study and career advancement find it difficult to get settled after moving from home and this post is to help them settle down easily. Let me share my experience of settling down in new cities after moving. I hope it will help you in getting settled quickly and effortlessly in a new city in India, or anywhere else for that matter.

Don’t be rigid & let your intuitions guide you at times

There is just one simple rule to settle down post move and I follow this. If you do things which you already know then you are never going to learn anything new. It means, if you do not allow new people and culture whole heartedly and stick to your old ways, then you are never going to make new friends, explore new places, cultures and tastes. Hence while settling into a new city put a hold into your usual self and woke your inner adventurous self up. Focus on your present and let go of your past, things will gradually improve with time.

Extend your existing network

We feel good when we are with friends and that’s why when you are moving to a new city, you should try and quickly extend your social network. Check your facebook friends list or twitter connections and message them that you have moved to their city. Meet them in person over a cup of coffee and that’s the best way to extend your network.

Another thing that I do to extend my social connection is I go on morning walks because it helps me keep myself fit and also gives me the opportunity to network with like minded people and suddenly I find lots of friends to hangout with.

Treat it as a learning experience

Instead of brooding over the fact that you might have to live in this unknown place for another two to three years away from your home. Rejoice the fact that you can now able to learn how to live on your own in a completely different environment. There may be times when even after trying hard to find some connections you would not be able to find one. Just make sure not to stay back at home and feel miserable or lonely, step out of your home after work, go to barhopping or coffee shops, carry yourself well and don’t dig your face into your smart phone while in public, you can naturally make friends with strangers (if you are okay with it and enough mature to handle it). People should be intrigued by a new person in their locality and you should break the ice first.

Adapting to a whole new way of life like the locals

People will treat you as an alien or stranger as long as you treat them the same way, I have recently shifted to Bangalore (Now almost 5 months here) from my home town Kolkata. I am a very jolly and open minded person who loves to make new friends and explore new places. Trust me I never felt like I am far from home, they are extremely helpful people out there, I have got quickly accustomed with their ways, there culture, throw of vocabulary (they won’t mind unless you try to mimicry them). I was already a great fan of south Indian movies, I almost knew all the names of the Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada actors and it acted as a ticket to get into their community, as they worship these actors and hence they accepted me as one of their own in no time. I even took part into their festivals and social gatherings I was actually having more fun than I use to have in my home town.

Explore the new city

When you are new into a city the best way to get familiar with it is to start knowing different places there, in 5 months time I have known Bangalore more than most people who lives in Bangalore for long. This is one of my habits to explore a new and unknown place as soon as I land into one. Even if you gave got your own private vehicle the best transport to explore a new city is through public transport like Bus, metro or if you are willing to spend a little more than auto rickshaws or cabbies. Once you are accustomed with the city a little, then you can take your own vehicle for a ride.

Go with the flow of the new place

No matter how hard you try to subjugate your feelings and pretend to be happy around the new place, there will be times when you will feel moments of loneliness and dislocation. Don’t expect you to settle and feel comfortable quickly. Like every thing else it will take some time for you to settle down. Make the most of the place where you are right now. Keep reminding yourself that things will get better from there. Part of finding solace in your new locality includes living in the present.

Go shopping

This can be a very good thing to distract you from thoughts of being lonely and miserable. Go to various malls in the new city, do window shopping, or spend money if you wish. Take selfies and post on social networking sites. It might initially sound childish or immature behavior from your side but trust me it works (temporary solution though).

Take time in doing what you like

The best way to deal with loneliness and feeling sad due to a daily routine office-home schedule is to involve yourself in some activities like gym, swimming, language classes, social welfare, anything to keep you busy. Well I do not know about the IT people out there, they are happy if they get atleast 4 hours to sleep well (pun intended!). For rest of the people just stick to the plan, remember your childhood days when our parents insists you on joining various extra circular activities so that you keep out from any unproductive activities and to keep you out from useless companions. Well this time around you have to find your own involvement.

Over to you

While you are on a fix about how to plan on settling into a completely unknown location without any known faces around you. Just remember these points and always keep yourself open for people and get accustomed with them ASAP.

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