Cushion for Your Sofa: Here’s how to choose the right one

Not quite happy with the old sofa in your living room and planning to replace it with a new one? Are you sure you are using the right cushion for your sofa? Are you really sure you don’t feel comfortable because of sofa or the cushion? Some time replacing the cushion on your sofa is better than replacing the sofa itself. Replacement of sofa cushions can transform your living experience by providing renewed comfort, the perfect style to fit your decor and most important, a lasting performance. The comfort you achieve from a sofa is completely given by its cushions, so why replace sofa? Instead buy new comfy cushions.

The sofa cushion provides the sofa with a fresh look and feel. Going for a cheap cushion may actually ruin your chosen sofa within a very short span, maybe because it lacks the capacity to bear heavy usage. So if you have a big family, then buy a cushion that can withstand the routine battering and trouncing.

How to choose cushion for your sofa

Right Ways to choose cushion for your sofa

You will find hundreds of fabrics and several other types of cushion in many bedding stores and even online, to give your sofa a new look. But it is very important to choose perfect cushion for your sofa. Every sofa isn’t of the same size and shape, so the cushion will also differ accordingly. Here are some choices for your sofa cushions

Foam cushions

If you want your sofa cushion to be firm, opt for a foam cushion. Foam cushions give the sofa a firm as well as decent look. These cushions also give it a necessary volume to the sofa. You may choose a foam cushion based on its density, such as, soft, firm and medium density. The foam cushions are easily washable too.

Feather-wrapped cushions

Some people like soft cushions so that they can relax in its tenderness. In such a case, they should definitely go for feather-wrapped cushions. But theses cushions needs to be maintained on an everyday basis because, they are soft and can easily gives way to the weight placed on them. Down and feather wrapped cushions are actually inserted with foams, which are completely surrounded by a quilting of down and feathers. These are also said to be the most expensive cushions in the market.

Back cushions

The back cushion is an equally important cushion of every sofa set. These cushions are completely unattached to the sofa. One big advantage of the back cushion is that, they can be turned or rotated. And since it can be turned, you’ll be able to use both the sides of the pillows. And the upholstery too lasts twice as long. They too have many types such as semi-attached, tight, and loose back.

Arm cushions

These types of cushions are only applicable to those sofas which have an ‘arm’. Sofas with arms were usually found in olden days. But since some people find vintage things to be attractive, they bring home the old arm styled sofas. There are usually two types of arm cushions available in the market, a Lawson arm and a straight arm cushion.

Over to you

Selecting the most appropriate cushions for your sofa will not just beautify it, but will also make it long-lasting. So let’s hope that you get the most out of your sofa-set, with brand new and the right choice of cushions.

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