Lighting Tips for Home to Save Electricity

lighting tips for home When it comes to décor, the lighting becomes the most important aspect. Without proper lights, the home will look like an ancient even if you keep highly expensive terracotta sculptures and magnificent furniture. Without lights, it’s just darkness and chaos. When it comes to lights, you prefer to rack the shops and markets to have the best lights in town. But, what about the high electricity bills which is a recurring expense? Did you think about that? In my post, I will discuss key to great lighting but also saving electricity.

Lighting tips for home that saves electric bills

In most of the household, 15% of the budget is spent in electricity bills. The electricity bills tend to increase in the summers due to the continuous uses of AC and air coolers. The lights on the other hand are used in full shine throughout the year. The normal incandescent lights consumes huge amount of electricity thus the electric bills going higher. There are ways by which you can enjoy bright lights in your home but also saving electricity to a great extent.

There are some simple ways by which you can enjoy the double advantages of bright lights and low electric bills. I have dealt with this point in the next couple of paragraphs.

  • Large windows: The windows are the main sources of air and natural lights. The windows make the room spacious and bright within an instant. The windows do not charge high bills, but they can make the home look brighter during the day.
  • The skylights: The skylights are also another way to enjoy the bright blue sky during the day and the sparking starry sky during the night. Skylights make the home look closer to nature.
  • CFL: CFL lights consume up to 60% less electricity in comparison to incandescent lights. There are various kinds of light fixtures for bearing the CFL lamps; you can use these lamps in ceiling lights, pendent lights, lampshades, and any other light fixtures of your choice. These lights are twisted in shape, and will fit easily in any fixtures.
  • LED lights: These lights are 10 times more lasting than fluorescent bulbs. These lights do not heat up like the incandescent bulbs, they do not have mercury or any filaments unlike other bulbs. Using only 2-15 watts of energy, these bulbs are the best solution to the problem.
  • Best brands: Buy products after checking the brands like Everlight, Osram and Epistar, with very high efficiency and CRI above 80. These lights do not heat, thus very safe to use.
  • Eco Friendly: Even if you are using LED and CFL lamps, make sure that the lights are free from mercury and have low carbon content.
  • Certification: Certified products are reliable when it comes to energy efficiency. Check the certification, FCC or Energy star to check the quality of the product before buying.


Now that you have read this article, you already know that how to save electricity, but that does not mean that you have to live in dark caves. You can follow these steps and curtail your electric bill every month to a great extent.

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