How to Eliminate Cockroaches from Your Flat

Cockroaches are very tough creatures having great survival instincts and that makes it hard when you wish to eliminate cockroaches. Cockroaches have a strong exoskeleton that helps them to withstand from extreme heat or cold. This in-turn helps them to make a strong and irritating foe for the mankind and we find it hard to eliminate cockroaches from our home, offices or car.

During the 2nd world war, a rumor has that they have even survived a nuclear explosion when US dropped an atom bomb in Japan. Later it is even scientifically proved that they can really survive a nuclear explosion due to their unique built. Now imagine how hard it would be for you to eliminate cockroaches from your house. But if I tell you that they can be tackled very easily with few simple tricks that will eradicate them from your premises without annihilating the whole civilization (pun intended).

Here's how to eliminate cockroaches from your flat

But when you know the right techniques to eliminate cockroaches, you can easily get rid of them from your flat, apartment, vehicle or anywhere else.

Recently I have a major outbreak of these pests. I have been neglecting them since last couple of months but now they are completely out of control. You should always curb this menace as soon as you spot one of these pathetic critters crawling in your home before they possess a serious threat by infesting your premises in outrageous numbers. In my case too it went beyond my control and I had to take help from an expert pest control agency with proven experience in eliminating cockroaches. Eliminating cockroaches is not a one time affair, you have to follow certain basic rules to keep them away. or else they may easily return in your flat.

Over a period of time and after several sessions with pest control experts, I learned some of the ways even you can use to eliminate cockroaches from your flat. I am going to share all those tips and trick right here in this post and hope it helps you.

Tips to eliminate cockroaches

After lease signing, I handover my neat and clean rental property to the tenant that is bug-free. But within a couple of months they spotted cockroaches all around. The tenants continue their inadequate and untidy cleaning habits like spoiling food, letting piles of dishes in the sink at to stink and attract the roaches, and leaves bags of garbage unattended for long.

Now the entry of these pathetic roaches occur, they help you to clean the left-over’s. And eventually they multiply and live happily ever after. Tenants call me to complain about the problem and they seem confused as to why there would be bugs in the house. Being a landlord I have the responsibility that my tenants do not face cockroach problems, so I have literally made it clear in the contract itself that for the first two weeks I will bear the charges of the pest control. After that if they again fail to abide by the rules and discipline or keeping these pests away, then they have to do the needful.  I literally make them understood my point in the same way like I am writing this post.

What else can be done to eliminate cockroaches?

It is better if you can prevent them from infesting at the first place by maintaining proper cleaning habits. For initial roach problem you can use other solutions which I will mention right now. But if you have caught in the middle of a major infestation than you would be left with no choice but to hire a professional pest control agency.

Using boric acid to eliminate cockroaches

You can apply boric acid in two ways by using tablets or powder. The cockroaches will feed on it and die. It literally gets inside their exoskeleton and burn them from inside.

Just sprinkle the powder in areas where these roaches hang around. There is another way to fool the roaches and lure them towards this death trap, just mix the powder with sweetened condensed milk until it becomes a sticky paste.

Caution: Keep it away from kids and pest as it is poisonous.

You can use bait stations to eliminate cockroaches

 These are the most immaculate ways to get rid of them, as you don’t have to touch any chemicals while applying the technique. The basic idea behind this technique is that it uses a special type of toxic mold for cockroaches. Moreover it is safe to use as it is harmful only to roaches. But in my personal opinion boric acids make a better and stronger way to kill these pests.

Use cockroach removal gel to eliminate cockroaches

 It is a sticky solution to kill the roaches it contains some food to which the cockroach get attracted to some water and poison. You can apply it on the cabinet’s interiors or on vertical walls. But if you want to apply it to all the rooms, then you might have to buy 2-3 tubes of these gels.

Caution: Make sure that it did not stick to your hands while you apply it. Or else you will have a hard time removing them.

Setting up trap to eliminate

Rub the jelly to the inside surface of a translucent glass. Place water soaked paper at the bottom of the glass, and put some rotten food on the top of that. This will set the right setup to trap them. This will be their final hunt for food as they can easily enter there but cannot climb back from there as the jelly will not allow them to do so.


The best idea of eradicating them and making sure that they never came back is to call a professional pest control agency. They can take care of all your pest problems with ease. Moreover maintain good cleaning habits can also ensure that your premises did not get infested by pests at all.

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