Moving in with Friends: Pros, Cons, Challenges and Solutions

Moving to a new house and living alone can be boring, especially when you are moving away from the family for the first time. It can be super boring and lonely, especially when you have free time, like during the weekends and on holidays. But, how about moving in with friends? Just the thought of moving in with friends and living together sounds so exciting, no?

Moving in with friends can help save money by sharing the monthly rental and other household expenses. You will also have someone to talk to, eat out and party together. There are many other benefits of moving in with your best friends and living together.

However, there are many drawbacks and challenges of living with your friends that you may not have even thought about. So, if you are planning to move in with friends and wondering about the pros, cons, challenges and solutions, then I have got you covered.

Today, I am sharing everything worth knowing about moving in with friends, its pros, cons, challenges you may face and solutions to overcome those challenges.

Moving in with friends may be a super exciting idea.

But, it has its own challenges that you must think about.

We all have different lifestyles, priorities, habits, likes and dislikes. When you decide to move in and live with a friend in the same house, you may be up for a challenging time. Even though you know and understand your friend well, you may not be fully aware of his habits and lifestyle. Sometimes it is difficult to adjust unless one of you decides to adjust or change your lifestyle and habits.

And that brings us to the most important question worth asking.

Is it a good idea to move in with friends to a rented house?

Moving in with friends can be a good idea or a challenging one. It depends on how well you both connect with each other. In other words, there are many pros and cons of moving in with friends to a rented house. There may be some challenges, and you may have to find solutions and deal with them without hurting each other and your relationship.

So, it is very important to think through well and consider all the benefits, disadvantages and challenges you may face after moving in with friends. You should decide to move in with friends, only after considering all the pros and cons and being aware of the challenges.

Top benefits of moving in with friends

I have personally shared a house with a friend for many years. And I can tell you that moving in with friends has many advantages and benefits rather than the cons and challenges. Thankfully, I was blessed to have a great human being and a wonderful friend as my roommate.

When you share a house or a room with a friend, you both get to live together. You get help and support from your friend and you both enjoy good company.

Here are the top benefits of moving in with a friend to a rented house.

Get company

Living alone, away from the family can be boring and overwhelming, especially if you have moved to a new city. Moving to live in a new city that you don’t know well can be challenging. You may feel lonely and bored, especially during the weekends or on holidays. Having a fiend as your housemate or roommate can help big time. When you get the company of a good friend, you won’t feel bored and can enjoy the company of each other.

Help and support

Help and support that you get from a friend is unparalleled.

We all go through challenges in our personal and professional life. No matter how confident and motivated you are, sometimes a little help and support can help you big time. When you have a friend as a roommate or your housemate, you both can help and support each other when needed.

Helps save money

Moving in with friends to live in a rented house can help save money. As you both can share the monthly rental, utility bills, grocery expenses etc, you’ll be able to save a good amount of money every month. Although the major expense of living is the monthly rental, other smaller expenses when combined can be huge. And therefore, when you move in and live with your friends, the expenses can be shared by all. The overall monthly expenses for living will automatically go down for everyone sharing the space and living together.

Sharing chores

One of the biggest advantages of living together with friends is that you all can support each other while enjoying the lower cost of living by dividing monthly expenses. Remember, when you are sharing the space with your friends, you can also share the daily chores.

From day to day cleaning to cooking, doing dishes to shopping monthly grocery, you all can divide roles and responsibilities among yourself. When different people have different roles and responsibilities then life becomes much more convenient.

Sharing chores

When I moved with my friend, sharing daily chores was the biggest advantage because I didn’t know how to cook at that time. So, we divided the chores, he used to cook and I used to take care of other daily chores. Sharing daily chores among your friends who are living together in the same house can be the biggest advantage.

Risk free living

If you are planning to rent out a small paying guest accommodation, then you may have to share the space with another person. However, if you can find a friend who is studying or working in the same city and looking for a shared space, it would be wise to move in with him or her.

Since you know your friend, you can trust them and rely on them. You don’t have to do any background check or document verification because you already know and trust your friend. Moving in with a friend can be really risk free and comforting in such cases.

There are many other benefits and advantages of living with your old buddy and friends that you have known for a long time. While it helps get a good company, divide monthly expenses and split chores, it also helps you live comfortably as you don’t have to pretend anything. Since you both know each other for a long time, you both can live together while helping, supporting and encouraging each other when needed.

Major drawbacks of moving in with friends

Like there are two sides of a coin, there are pros and cons of moving in with friends. Although, there are many benefits of living together with your old buddy, there are a few drawbacks and disadvantages as well.

Less privacy

Obviously, when you are sharing a house with your friends, you will have less privacy than living alone. When you live alone, you can go as you wish. However, when you are living with a friend, you may not get the liberty. For instance, if you want to have a long time, and your friends want to party, you can’t really avoid that without hurting your friends.

This may not be a huge drawback for many. But still, you should know and be aware of the lack of privacy you may experience. If you are okay with it and know how to deal with the lack of privacy, then you can consider living and moving in with friends.

Awkward situations

Staying together with your best buddies can be fun and exciting. However, you may also have to deal with many awkward situations. For instance, your friend may use your stuff without asking for your permission. Or your friend may avoid doing the tasks he was supposed to do.

Similarly, when you are living with your friends in the same house, you will know them for what they are. And you may find some of their habits or actions to be awkward. For instance, some people like to stay organized while others like to throw things here and there. Living under the same roof, tolerating such awkward habits may not be easy for many.

Although these things can be sorted and dealt with, it can become really awkward when your roommate or the house mate default on paying for their share of the monthly expenses. Also, if it comes down to money matters, the situation can become really awkward and difficult to deal with.

Should you move in with friends?

Now that you know about the potential benefits and drawbacks, I am sure you can take a call. Although, there are a few drawbacks of living with your friends in the same house, there are many benefits and advantages.

Things to consider before moving in with your friends

The benefits of moving in with friends and living together outweigh the drawbacks. So, if you think you can deal with these challenges, then you can consider moving in together. However, make sure to discuss everything well with your friends and then take the final call.

Here’re the most important things to consider before moving in with your friends.

Discuss the pros and cons openly

If you and your friends have decided to move in together, then you must discuss the pros and cons openly. Discussing everything in detail with an open mind can help set the expectation right. Talk about the space, money matters, roles and responsibilities. It is important to come to an agreement and know what to expect from the other housemate and roommate. And discussing everything openly can help you all to come to the same line.

Discuss the expenses

It does not matter who pays the bills when you go out occasionally to eat out with friends. But, living under the same roof with your friends is a different thing altogether. Apart from the fixed monthly rental expenses, there will be tons of other expenses that you need to discuss.

Also, different people have different priorities and hence different expenses. Your spending habits may not match with all your friends and therefore you all should talk about it. This will help everyone planning to live together under the same roof prepare their personal budget correctly.

Check competency

Different people have different habits. Something that is annoying to you may be quite normal to your friends. However, when two or three of your friends have decided to move in and stay together under the same roof, there has to be some competency. Otherwise, living together may become difficult for some of you. So talk about competency and find out ways to support each other and make moving together fun for everyone.

Division of work

This is absolutely important and you all should discuss this openly. Divide the daily chores, cooking, cleaning, and doing dishes and everything else that you all can think of. It’s better to discuss and debate upfront before moving in together, than fight over lack of responsibility after moving in together. So, list out the most common tasks, and divide the task in such a way that everyone gets to do a task. For instance, someone who knows cooking can take care of cooking, others can take care of dusting and cleaning, grocery shopping and so on.

Usage of shared space

When you plan to move in with your friends, you will be sharing some of the spaces with each other. For instance, the kitchen, may be a bathroom, terrace and other such spaces. These shared spaces need special attention like cleaning. So, discuss using these spaces among yourselves, and make a plan that can work for everyone moving in together.

Talk about guests

As you all will be living together under one roof, there will be instances when you would like to invite a guest to your home. The guest may be your relative, friends, colleague or anyone else. But, sometimes frequent visitors may annoy your friends. And therefore, you all should talk about it and make a guest and visitor policy that’ll be acceptable to all.

Even though you are moving with your good friends, there are certain things that must be talked about. When you talk and discuss everything openly and make certain rules, living together becomes fun.

Quick checklist for moving in with friends

After discussing all the benefits and drawbacks if you have decided to move with your friends then it’s time to shift the focus. The next big step is to figure out the kind of property you need to rent. You have to find a property that fits in your budget, and meets other important requirements like neighborhood, size of the property etc. You also need to make a list of essential goods needed to set up your new home. Also tackle the relocation issues like packing and moving of your existing household goods to your new home.

So, once you have decided to move in, there’ll be other things to sort out.

But you don’t have to worry, as here’s a quick checklist that’ll help you move in with your friends in a new rental property.

Find an apartment

Finding a suitable apartment that meets your space requirements and monthly rental can be overwhelming. It’s going to take a lot of effort in finding, inspecting and sorting a property which meets all your requirements such as rental budget, location, space requirements etc. So start early on, and make a list of a few of the apartments available for renting out.

Inspect the apartment

Once you have made the list of available apartments, the next step is to inspect the property. Schedule to visit multiple apartments in the same day, that way you can compare and make a decision quickly. While choosing the apartment, just see to it that the property is not too big or too small to meet your space requirements.

Make the list of inventory

Now that you have inspected and finalized the apartment, make a list of items that you would require to set up the house. There will be several items that you would need to set up your home and hence this list. Depending on whether the apartment is fully furnished or partly furnished, the list can be large or small.

Prepare for relocating your goods

The next step is to make moving arrangements to relocate your goods. So, start by making a list of items you would like to move and decide whether to use a moving service or you can move on your own. Self-move can be overwhelming in most cases and therefore using moving service is always preferred.

Depending on who is relocating from which city, you all may need to consult different moving service companies. If all your friends are staying in the same city, then you can hire a local moving service to pick items from different locations and move it to your new apartment.

Unpack and arrange

Once your goods are delivered by the movers and packers, you can start unpacking and re-arranging your goods. There is no need to rush the unpacking, so do it as per your convenience. Start by unpacking the essential items, followed by major items like furniture etc.

Once you are done with unpacking, and re-arrange your home, you can celebrate the moment to make it memorable for you all.

Final thoughts on moving in with friends

There are many benefits of moving in with friends and living together under one roof. However, there are a few drawbacks and challenges as well. Even though the benefits of living together outweigh the drawbacks, the decision to move in and live together has to be a well thought and an informed decision.

I already discussed the pros, cons, challenges and solutions that can help you take the final call on moving in with friends.

If you have moved in with your friends recently, then I would like to hear your thoughts on it. How is it going and what do you think matters the most when moving in with friends? Do share your experiences by commenting below!!

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