How To Furnish Studio Apartment and Save Space

Whether you agree or not, everyone want to have their own dream house that’s big and looks like a gigantic palace. But, unfortunately some can fulfill the dream of having a big house, and some cannot. But there’s nothing to be disheartened. So what if you cannot have a big home? You can definitely turn its interior into a palace with your own efforts. All you need to do is help yourself by thinking creatively, and molding the creative ideas into reality. In case of decorating your home, don’t feel afraid to experiment.

Best ways to furnish studio apartment and save space

Because, until and unless you experiment or try something new, how would you understand which things are suitable for your studio apartment, and which are not? If you own a studio apartment don’t be upset because of its small size and lack of rooms, because you can furnish studio apartment yourself and turn it into a palace.

To furnish studio apartment one has to be very creative, and must have loads of ideas in mind. Because molding a small place into a lavishing apartment isn’t that easy! You need to think a lot and take every step, and you’ll also need to organize yourself pretty well. But, if you lack the ability to do everything strategically, or lack ideas, then you shouldn’t actually take the headache to furnish studio apartment. Instead, the best option for you would be as an interior designer to furnish studio apartment for you. However, if you don’t want to spend money on an interior designer, then here are a few tips that you can follow to furnish studio apartment.

Essential tips to furnish studio apartment

If you want to furnish studio apartment with furniture on you own, then there are certain tips that you must surely keep in mind. So, here are the best five tips to furnish studio apartment with furniture yourself:

1. Don’t buy too many furniture

Since a studio apartment isn’t a very big apartment, therefore, don’t even try to fit in too many furniture. Too many furniture will not furnish studio apartment well, instead it will create a mess. A studio apartment having too many furniture will make you feel claustrophobic, and the apartment will also look very smaller and cluttered.

2. Buy small yet comfy furniture

You may like king size furniture, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for a studio apartment, because studio apartments are generally smaller in size. Therefore, if you want to furnish studio apartment with furniture, buy small yet comfy furniture. And moreover, you won’t be staying with your entire family in a studio apartment; then why buying big furniture to make the room congested?

3. Buy functional furniture

Yes, you might be thinking that all furniture are bought because they are functional. Yet, there are some furniture that can be used for more than one purpose. Such kinds of furniture are called as Dual-purpose furniture, or multipurpose furniture. Since a studio apartments do not have much space, therefore it is wise if you buy furniture that serve for two purposes at a time. For example, you can buy a trundle bed, which can be used as a sofa when needed. And whichever functional furniture you buy, make sure those are sized appropriately to your studio apartment.

4. Use walls for storage

When you look at your studio apartment, you’ll feel that it is too small to harbor sacks and bags of things, which you already have or wish to buy. But, we have a solution for this issue as well. When you see there’s no floor space to buy and place another furniture to store your goods, then just have a look at your empty walls. Walls are not just pallets used for painting or to stick decals; it is not just used to hang framed photos and other artistic portrays either. If you can think better and bigger, then you can utilize walls for storage purpose too. Wall shelves or floating shelves can give you immense relief from buying huge shelves. You can use these shelves to place your books and other decorative items at ease. And in this way you’ll be able to save your floor space too.

5. Don’t buy dark colored objects

When someone owns a small studio apartment, then he/she should never have any dark colored objects in the home, be it dark decorative items, dark fabrics, or dark furniture. If things around you remain dark, automatically you’ll feel claustrophobic and see that the room has become smaller and clumsier. Therefore avoid dark colored objects. In case you already have dark colored furniture, then try to contrast them with bright yet neutral colors. White would be the best color because it will make your room look bright and spacious.

Over to you

If you have already bought or planning to buy a studio apartment, then do follow the above- mentioned tips to furnish studio apartment with furniture, in an organized manner. If you randomly buy furniture and place them in your studio apartment, then things are going to look clumsy. That’s why, use the above-mentioned tips and furnish studio apartment in a better way. If you want an expert to furnish your studio apartment, then we can help you for free.