General Pest Control at Home: Here’s how to get it right

Occasionally, calling a pest control agency for general pest control at home is okay, but calling professional pest control agencies every time for general pest control at home to get rid of pests like ants or spider may not be possible for most of us. For me, weekends are to rest and chill but I would not like to spend my time with pest exterminators during the weekend. That’s what a friend of mine told me last weekend when I was at his place.

He is staying all alone but still he finds the time to get weekly cleaning done at his place. Proper cleaning is essential because it will help you keep pests away and make your place healthy and hygienic. So just by sticking to a fixed cleaning routine, he restricts the most common pests like spider, ants and cockroaches at his home.

Pest control at home

He shared some really easy to follow tips and ideas to get rid of common pests found in houses and I want to share it with you.

  1. Cleanliness: The first thing you have to do to control the pest is cleanliness. You have to keep clean all the parts of your residence 24/7, as pest generally thrive in dirtiness. But the question is how you can keep your residence clean for all the time? It is pretty much simple. Wipe your floor as well as some daily used appliances regularly. This will help you in great deal, as the simple fact is-‘’ The less dirty the place, the less inviting the place is for pests”
  2. Check for cracks and seal it: The second thing that you have to adopt is to seal the entrance of these pests. Common pests like ants or cockroaches could easily hide and enter through these cracks. Pests generally intrude in your home through any hole or any cracks. For an instance, ants intrude in to your house through cracks or holes; while mouse intrude through any hole. So if you can seal those entry spot by silicon chalk, then you can control pest in your home to a great extent.
  3. Can’t afford to keep foods open: This is very serious issue to keep pest away from your home. Pests generally possess great power of smelling, so they can pretty easily indentify the food spot. Actually pests intrude in to house by the scent of the food. So it is wise to cover food always, so that they don’t smell properly and don’t invade in to your house.
  4. Get rid of clutter: It is another inviting thing for Pests. They all like those clumsiness and shallowness. Actually they thrive in such condition, so if you have any clutter thing; get rid of them. As you are getting rid of the clutter, by this you are actually denying pest to accommodate. And by this process, you can actually control pest to a great deal. So it is worth trying.
  5. Use oil: Pests can’t withstand some of the oil’s scent. For example, you can use lavender oil, Tea tree oil, kerosene oil in the affected areas to remove pests. You can use them as spray or sprinkle it otherwise. Try this and it works well for ants and flies.
  6. Garlic powder: It has been scientifically proved that Garlic has some healing quality. Beside that garlic has pesticide quality as well. Pest can’t resist the scent of garlic powder. You can definitely use garlic powder to reduce the pest number.
  7. Importance of Tulsi and Neem: Tulsi and Neem are very important to control pest. Besides having the medicine properties, these two trees posses pesticide quality as well. If you plant any neem or tulsi tree next to your window, then it is very much helpful to dissuade pest entering. I am telling you why? Neem and Tulsi exhales some natural chemicals that deny pest’s breeding as well as pest’s infestation. And when there is no breeding or infestation, then you can control pest certainly.
  8. Use of Alcohol: Like oil, you can also use alcohol to control pest. Alcohol possesses certain chemicals that pest can’t resist .So you can spray alcohol to pest prone area to see the effect of it. It really works.
  9. Plot Trap for them: You have to use certain trap to control pest. Pests are very clever, so you have to be clever as well to get the edge over them. As I just told you earlier, pests get invited by open food; you have to just do it cleverly to trap them. I am telling you what you have to do. First prepare a food and then melt some poison in to it. They will be tempted to eat, and the moment they do it; they will be trapped. And your problem will be solved.
  10. Use of DTC powder and phenyl: DTC powder and phenyl are also helpful in this matter. You can melt phenyl in to water and can wipe floor by that. That is very much helpful to deny pests’ intrusion in to home. As far as use of DTC powder is concerned, you can scatter it to a pest prone area; this will help you to keep pest away from your home.


Look everybody knows how hazardous pests are. They can cause various diseases. So you have to be extra cautious about them so that they can’t invade in to your house and spread infestations. If you can apply all those above mentions tips, then it will certainly help you. It is easy and affordable tips that I suggested you. But to be honest, one must have fair amount of time to apply all these tips. If you are one of them who don’t have the liberty of time, then certainly you can avail the service of a local pest control company in your city. But just before hiring ensure that they are capable of getting rid of pests at home.

What do you do to get rid of these pests?

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