How to Choose Furniture for Living Room in India

To furnish a living room, things that we have to keep in mind are that the living room is place of chatting, partying, discussing serious issues, and most importantly, it’s a place where the guests are to be seated. Therefore, living rooms should be well decorated, well furnished, neat, and well maintained.

And to furnish your living room in best possible way, you ought to be very careful in choosing furniture for living room. When you furnish your living room with right set of furniture, it will automatically create that that perfect ambience. But when you choose wrong furniture for living room then it could just kill that ambience and hence it is important to choose right set of furniture for living room.

Since living rooms are said to be the largest room among the other rooms of a house, it can be well decorated, and many types of furniture can accommodate in a living room, that can increase the beauty of the room.  So how do you choose furniture for living room?

How to Choose Furniture for Living Room in India

I will tell you how. In this post I want to share some ideas that you can use while choosing furniture for living room. These tips can be used to enhance the look of your living room, with a tint of Indian artistry.

So are you ready to give it a try?

Wooden Sofas

When it comes to choosing furniture for living room in India, most Indians prefer furnitures made of wood. Wooden sofas sets would be incredible to make the room look elegant. Wooden sofas are available in many designs and in many shapes as well. But in case of a living room, a rectangle sofa is preferred the most, to accommodate more guests. The larger sofa usually comes with two other sofa chairs. And the center table should be made of wood as well. Usually the center table comes also comes with the sofa set itself.


Charpoys are the most ancient type of sofas that were used in every state of India. Even today, many people in the remote areas of India use charpoys as a chair, or even bed. Charpoys are unique because the bed or the chairs are woven with the help of ropes. One can use this concept in this modern day, to furnish their living room. Instead of using a typical charpoy, they may use a one with colorful ropes woven to make it comfortable, with good quality wooden frame to support the woven ropes. These can replace sofas, and give the room a different look.

Caned daybed

Caned daybed is another attraction in a living room in India. If people want their living room to be in Indian style, then one can use caned daybeds, instead of the usual sofas. These are the antique furnitures which give the living room an Indian look, and attract most of the visitors, or guests.


If the living room has ample amount of space, then one can surely hang a wooden swing or a jhulaa and give the room a new and unique look. Wooden swings are available in most of the furniture shops, but if not available, you can ask the carpenter to make one. A wooden swing is antique furniture that can be used in a living room. It also helps you to relax, and even acts as a playmate for children. So in both ways it is useful.

Book shelf

If you have a collection of many classics, novels, and other fiction as well as non-fiction books, please go ahead and by a bookshelf. Bookshelf is very attractive furniture. Once you call some guests at your home, and make them seated in your living room, you would instantly notice that their eyes will stick to the book shelf. The guest may or may not read books, but still they will stare at the shelf. Bookshelves are easily available, and come in many shapes, size and patterns. A long book shelf is preferred more because it is attractive, and if it covers just half with books, then you can use rest of the racks for keeping other decorative items. Just remember one thing, if your living room has things which are mostly made up of wood, please make sure you by a wooden shelf.

Magazine holder

A magazine holder at your living room can help the guests access many different magazines, while you are away or busy in the kitchen. When you buy a magazine holder keep in mind about the other furnitures placed in the living room. Don’t buy a holder which doesn’t complement the other furnitures.

Choosing Cabinets

A cabinet can be kept in a living room. Cabinet will not only help to store things, but on it one can place decorative items such as a vase, or other antique show pieces. Cabinets must match the other furnitures too. Now-a-days bohemian painted cabinets are inn, so one can opt for that.

Over to you

While shopping for home furnishing, you must remember your preferred style. If you want an attractive traditional look keep everything traditional. On the other hand if you chose to be contemporary, then be contemporary throughout. A mix and match in style could be messy and uncomfortable. And for Indian houses, Indian style furnitures would be the right choice.

Best thing is, today you can buy ready to use furniture but if you are planning to go for interior designing then you may use ServiceSutra to compare and book interior designers in your city.

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