Easy House Cleaning Routine That Works for You

Weekends are to have fun, not to deal with a strict house cleaning routine and that’s only possible when you have house cleaning routine that you can follow without feeling lazy.

But trust me. Creating an easy house cleaning routine that work well is not easy. Irrespective of what you have included in your house cleaning routine, you have to be on your toes to get it right. At times, you may not get time and at other times you may just ignore because you may not feel like cleaning your home during the weekend.

House cleaning routine

For many years, I used to live all alone in a rented flat and I know what it takes to keep the house sparkling clean. For me, usually the weekend used to be the cleaning day but not anymore.  I have created a comfortable house cleaning routine for myself that I follow strictly and I am happy to share the same with you.

13 step house cleaning routine that work

Depending on the size of your house and kind of accessories you have, you may have to tweak your own cleaning routine, but here’s what works most of the time. Here’s is a quick and simple cleaning routine I follow to keep my house neat and clean.

1. Try cleaning and washing the walls to make it look new and stain free. But, be careful while cleaning your walls because all wall paints can’t be washed. But irrespective of whether it’s washable or not, make sure to include wall cleaning in your house cleaning routine, especially the walls in your washroom and the kitchen.

2. Walls are not the only important part of your home, the ceilings are equally important. Don’t ignore to clean your ceiling, especially once every month. Clean the dust and cobwebs from the ceiling.

3. Cleaning of furniture is essential that we usually ignore. Make sure to clean all wooden furniture including bed, sofa, dining table etc. if you don’t have time to clean every furniture every day, you better include it in your weekly house cleaning routine. Also if you have furniture that need polishing then make sure to keep an eye and do the polishing every two three years.

4. Windows need most of your attention because that’s where dust will gather. Include window cleaning in your weekly house cleaning routine, but if you can, you better get it cleaned every day.

5. Vacuum the curtain/draperies: You don’t need to clean the curtains every week, but make sure to vacuum it every week and get it washed every month. Include this in your house cleaning routine as per your preferences, but don’t ignore this.

6. Clean your rug/carpet (if any): If you are using carpet or a rug lying on the floor, then just vacuum it properly every weekend to make it dust and germ free.

7. Vacuum sofa: Sofa cleaning is a must to have in your cleaning routine. Sofa needs to be cleaned properly especially if you have small kids at home. Sanitize your sofa for your kids will be using it most of the time.

8. Clean all decorative items: most of us have different types of decorative accessories at home but unless you take proper care of these decorative elements, it may get dirty and look bad. Make sure to clean these décor items every alternate week or so depending on whether it’s lying outside or within the show peace.

9. Clean up mirror: Whether it is your dressing table’s mirror or the normal decorative mirrors, make it a point to clean them up; because a dirty mirror obviously doesn’t looks good. Thankfully, you don’t have to clean them every day, but it should be included in alternate day house cleaning routine.

10. Bathroom cleaning should have very high priority in your house cleaning routine. Make sure to do the basic cleaning every week and that should everything in the washroom. If you don’t get time to clean all the spots and stains on the walls in your bathroom, you may hire a cleaning agency on a monthly basis and they will be happy to offer four or such cleaning every month.

Here’s a detailed post on how to clean washroom that’s worth checking.

11. Kitchen cleaning is again very important and apart from basic day to day cleaning, make sure to include deep cleaning of kitchen as an important task in your weekly house cleaning routine. There will be lots of dirt and stain all around if you ignore to clean your kitchen and that’s not a healthy and hygienic practice. Read more on how to clean kitchen here and here.

12. Kitchen accessories need special attention especially once every week. Make sure to polish kitchen faucets, counter tops, and cabinets every weekend. And avail deep kitchen cleaning services from a cleaning agency in town when you don’t get time or don’t feel like cleaning your kitchen all on your own.

13. Cleaning the floor of entire house should be the part of your daily house cleaning routine. Proper dusting and moping should work well, but make sure to go for deep cleaning of floors ideally once every month or alternate month.

Over to you

Proper house cleaning requires adequate planning and constant effort. It’s not a onetime thing and hence having a proper house cleaning routine can make all the difference. The idea is to divide the time and efforts in such a way that nothing is left to be cleaned.

How does your house cleaning routine look like?

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