Home Construction Mistakes to Avoid When Building House in India

Home construction is a onetime affair and I am sure, it’s kind of a dream project. Obviously to construct a house, you need lots of planning related to designing, sourcing and execution. Certainly, you don’t want to commit any construction mistake and you want it to be planned and executed just perfectly. Home construction mistakes are irreversible and very hard to fix and you are then forced to live with the consequences or spend additional money to rectify those construction mistakes moving forward.

In this post, I am going to talk about such common home construction mistakes which could turn out to be fatal when building a house in India. You build a house once and it makes sense to build it with adequate planning and avoid any construction mistakes.

Home construction mistakes to avoid when building House in India

10 Most common home construction mistakes to avoid

In India, we still have the concept of joint family and hence it’s worth considering this while planning your house. There are many more things that matters and hence it’s worth hiring an architect and discussing everything with them before finalizing any plans for construction of a house in India.

Here are the most common mistakes and I hope you don’t commit it.

Not focusing on simplicity

 We often try too hard with our designing plans and in this attempt we overdo things which are not required at all. We either end up with a lot of expensive but unwanted stuffs that can not be accommodated in our rooms or we try putting everything at once making it a one big mess.

Falling into misperception

At times we fall in love with the apartments of friends and relatives and want to design our place exactly there way. That’s where the problem starts, irrespective of the structural differences between the two places we ought to believe that, we can somehow manage our house to look like theirs. Take tips from them about how they have designed their place, but avoid copying them exactly.

Lack of hallways in the apartment

Lack of wide hallways is another construction mistake you should avoid. If your hallways are not wide enough, you may face issues in bringing your belongings inside your new house e.g. Godrej almirah? If you own a big house then you have option to build multiple passages that directs to a particular room. Don’t forget to make them big enough so that they can easily let your big items through them.

Avoid too many hallways

On the contrary avoid making too many of them. By contrast, too many hallways wastes precious area of your room, kill privacy and give the home of being too cut up and chaotic.

The misconception of believing that all square footage costs are equal

Construction costs are generally tallied based upon a generalized, average square foot cost. But if that price is higher than your budget, you will naturally try to save money by cutting the size of low-cost rooms, like bedrooms or closets, and probably end up unhappy with the result.

Misconception of the volume

We might often overrule the floor plan with a huge ceiling in a relatively smaller room that results in taking excessive space in term of volume in proportion to square footage. It backfires in a peculiar way. It eventually ends up as an expensive design and architectural flaw that makes your home feel off-balance and out of order.

Unnecessarily experimenting with the shape of the house

We often prefer “L” or “T” shaped house, or a home with lots of corners, without even realizing that what effect it has got for our walls, same goes with the roofs, which can be an expensive proposition.

Over-stuffing our home with accessories

If you’re going to put in accessories like fireplaces and other fancy add-ons, make sure you plan to use them. Based on square footage costs, they are also pretty expensive.

Future family needs

Not foreseeing your future family needs and assuming that you will be young forever is one common mistake we make. Rooms that are big enough for two people may become crowded when you have a whole family with you, an underground garage and planning to have all bedrooms on the second floor may fit your thirty-something lifestyle, but when you grew old you will repent why didn’t you make a bedroom in the ground floor.

Not taking help from professionals

You may have lots of ideas and know what you want and how to go about it. But usually doctors don’t treat themselves, they also consult other doctors. Similarly, it worth taking helps from a professional architect and interior designer during home construction. They can help you in many ways. You can book a professional architect and discuss with them your current and future needs to get best plan drafted for your house. Don’t do it all yourself, take professional help.