Car transportation in India: Here’s how to do it right

Wondering how to get your car transported or shipped from one city to another city in India when you are relocating your house to due to job transfer? There are car carrier companies (also known as car transporters) who offer services for door to door car transportation in India. I am sure your car is one of the most valuable possessions among everything else and you don’t want to compromise on its security and safety while transporting. 

Car transportation in India

Obviously, you would not want to drive it all the way yourself because that’s neither practically possible nor economically feasible, especially when you are relocating to a distant city. Its okay to drive a car if you are moving within the radius of three hundreds to five hundreds kilometers, but you can’t drive it all the way from Delhi to Bangalore or Mumbai for that matter. So you are left with the only feasible option for car transportation and that is to book a professional car carrier company.

There are so many car carriers companies who offer different types of services for car transportation in India e.g. open container or covered car carrier. Depending on your car transportation needs, you can choose open container or a closed one.

But as i said, there are so many companies and you can easily get confused between them and find it difficult to take a call. After all, you don’t want to end up hiring a car carrier company who is not equipped or experienced in offering car transportation services in India.

So how to do it right? When you have substantial information about the car carrier companies, you can decide quite easily, but when you are searching for service providers of car transportation in India, chances are you will end up getting a he list without much substantial information, and that’s the matter of concern. If that’s the case, here’s how to avail car transportation service in India and do it rightly.

Screening the car carrier companies for car transportation in India

Choosing a suitable and reliable car carrier company is really important and matters a lot. Because if you book a car carrier company who you know is capable and has the resources to transport your car, then your job is half done. But unless you find such credible and reliable car transportation company, you are facing the risk.

You can easily search and find contact numbers of car carrier companies, read reviews by other customers, which are available on various online portals, and ask your friends or relatives. Check their profiles or any available information that you can gather about them. But easier said than done you need to do good research on them before finalizing the deal, because it is your car that we are talking about.

Check how the company offers insurance of your car in case of any untoward incident; scrutinize the details of the policy. The insurance coverage varies from company to company. Few of them do not provide proper insurance covers for even expensive cars, avoid them at all cost.

Now when you have a few options, it’s time to move to the next step.

Get written estimates for complete car transportation services

Now that you have screened few of them which are best suitable for your job, you should state your requirements clearly to them, and ask for a quote or estimate that the contractor will give you. Each of the companies will give different quotations along with the service that they are going to provide you in return, then you can decide whether that estimate is within your budget or not and whether the services meet your exact requirement or not.

Although that estimate might vary latter depending on various factors, just make sure that it remains within a range. An experienced company can give you a specific rate that says lot about their experience in car transportation.

For car shipping, usually they charge you a flat fee, but still you should insist on written estimate and that too all inclusive. Unless you have everything written, you may have to pay more moving forward in the name of octroi, toll and other taxes and expense.

Read fine prints of car transportation services

Now before you make your final call on choosing a car carrier company, you need to check on their services according your specific requirements. For instance if you own an expensive car, it is recommended to use an enclosed transport. Hence opt for a company who can arrange a truck that is enclosed, and it will ensure greater safety of your valued car.

Ask them how long they will take to transport your car. Just make sure that they have clean records in the past, ask them to provide you with any recommendations from customers to whom they have served earlier. After clarifying all these information, you will be in a good position to choose one.

Over to You

Based on these parameters you can get a potential car carrier company for hassle free transportation of your car from one city to another in India. Remember your car is too valuable and you don’t want to end up booking a car carrier who is not that efficient and resourceful. Focus on all these parameters while transporting your car to a new place to avoid any possible mishaps that might occur due to ignorance while choosing a prospective car transportation company to ship your car. Transit insurance is also an important part and you should pay attention to it. You should be very cautious while scrutinizing their insurance policies and everything that are associated with the safety and security of your car, since you can’t afford to risk its safety at any cost.

Also avoid booking a car carrier unless you compare rates of car transportation from a couple of car shipping companies, that way you can save and book a well placed company.

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