7 Home Decorating Mistakes You Must Avoid

Home decoration is needed to renovate, or give your home a lovely makeover, by making it look way better and feel more comfortable. To get a perfect home decoration done, every aspect and materials for decoration must sync well. If everything isn’t syncing, it may ruin the entire ambiance of your home.

Often while decorating the home, people just blindly buy decorative stuffs and other items in abundance, and later repent for spending so much behind them. Hence, before decorating your home, plan well, make a list and then go for buying random decorative stuffs. Buying decorative things randomly is a very big mistake, and you loose to much of money as well.

Most common home decorating mistakes

Have you ever made a massive home decorating mistake, without even realizing it? There are seven such common home decorating mistakes which can be easily avoided, they are as follows:

Home decorating mistakes one should avoid

  • While choosing a theme for the overall home decoration, think about its long term effects. Remember, a theme might become outdated very soon, and then you may not feel comfortable. So, choose such a theme which doesn’t gets back dated at any cost. Choosing an extremely fancy theme will be a big mistake.
  • Don’t choose the wall color first. Choosing the right colors for the walls, is no doubt essential for giving your room a very pleasant look. But don’t finalize the colors at the very beginning. First focus on other elements like, layout of the room, furniture and other decorative elements, before selecting the wall colors.
  • Do not use short curtain for any of the rooms. Short curtains are simply disastrous, and will create bad effects on the entire ambience. Always buy curtains, that will covers your doors, as well as window very well, and will also compliment the rest of the decorative elements.
  • While placing the furniture in your room, avoid place it along the wall. Instead, place your furniture a little away from the wall, maybe a couple of feet or so, and see how does it looks. Surely you are going to love this!
  • Home decoration always gives priority to comfort, and not to style completely. After all, you are going to get the interior designing done for a better ambience, and comfortable living. That’s why, give comfort more priority than anything else.
  • Don’t use any cushions or pillow that is either too tiny, or too large for your sofa and the bed. Your pillow and cushions has to be of the perfect size, according to the size of the furniture on which you are placing them. Selection of the right sized cushions and pillows is an essential criteria for home decoration.
  • If you want to hang some paintings, and other wall arts on the walls, then don’t hang it too high. It should be hanged at a height, from where it will be clearly visible.

Over to you

So, before you plan for a home decoration, try verifying all the above mentioned home decorating mistakes, that can ruin your entire home’s look. Another wise thing which you can do before decorating your home is, hiring an interior designer. They will give you the right suggestions for home decoration, and will never commit any mistakes.

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