Local Home Shifting in Delhi NCR: 5 Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For

Okay. So we have talked a lot in the past about home shifting in Delhi and also created some infographics and checklist to get it right. But while seating in my office yesterday, I received a call from a gentleman in Delhi who was looking for movers and packers for local home shifting in Delhi NCR (from Delhi to Gurgaon to be precise). He sounded like a well informed man and during our conversation; he shared some amazing facts that I thought is not commonly known to end users and I thought of writing a full post on these myths around local home shifting in Delhi NCR or elsewhere in India. There are so many myths about home shifting, especially local home shifting. Consciously or unconsciously, you may be affected by these myths and hence it’s important to uncover these myths.

So are you ready to explore the myths around local home shifting and get benefited when you actually shift your house from Delhi to Gurgaon or locally within one locality in Delhi to another area?

local home shifting in delhi myths

I heard you saying yes. So let’s start.

5 Myths about Local home shifting in Delhi NCR

There are several myths about movers and packers industry itself in India. Being an Insider I know about it and there are myths that you won’t even believe. Let me share the top 5 myths right here.

Myth 1: Local shifting is not complicated

We often think that there is no need to worry about a local shifting because it’s just a matter of a few kilometers and some time even less. We often receive call where the consumer would like to know about the rates for local shifting home shifting services in Delhi NCR within less than a kilometer of distance. They don’t even consider talking about the goods that is to be packed and moved and need quotations? They assume it’s pretty easy and can be done in a jiffy. But the fact of the matter is to pack and move household goods locally is equally complicated like an intercity domestic shifting. Human efforts, packing materials, handling costs and risks are equally the same. So distance is the only variable here if you compare it to a long distance home shifting.

Don’t fall for this myth. Imagine what would happen if your fridge get scratched during loading or unloading? You will suffer the same loss irrespective of whether you are shifting locally or interstate.

Myth 2: Any mover can take care of local shifting

That’s another myth. Movers and packers companies play a very crucial role in packing and shifting. So whether you are shifting your house locally or not, importance and crucial role of movers and packers will always be same. Hence go out there and find a truly reliable, capable, experienced and resourceful movers and packers who offer local home shifting services within Delhi NCR.

Local shifting has its own complications and hence it would make much more sense to involve a mover who have the knowhow of the city and locality, who understand the basics of no entry and who has small vehicle like a TATA Ace for local shifting. There are many benefits of small tempo, it costs less and it can be parked easily even on street road. Large size Lorries are meant for highways and it may cost more. So always look for specialist movers and packers companies for local shifting needs.

Myth 3: Getting estimates over the phone

This is the most crucial one because most of the moving scams you will read about are related to price dispute where a mover agreed certain price and then he demands more money. This happens when you decide everything over the phone. So you call a mover and ask him to help you shift your household materials from Dwarka, Delhi to Gurgaon. You give him a brief overview of some of the major items and forget to mention some other materials.

The mover you are talking to will take your words and give you an estimate that you thought is the final quote. When he come over to your place and sees all of the items, he feels the need to increase the quotations value and he does. And that’s when the dispute will happen.

You should always mention about each and every household article (large or small) and that’s when you will decrease the chances of any dispute. Both movers and packers and you would know the scope of work and associated cost. So don’t assume smaller items are already counted, mention everything. All of us are not blessed equally and articles may vary from house to house. Never leave it on assumption, rather mention every items upfront.

Myth 4: No need to take second opinion

In general, we always say taking second opinion on something crucial is always better ad what could be more important than getting your household materials packed and moved safely just at the right price? I am sure you would agree, but at times when you are in hurry, you simply may not get the time to take second opinion and just go with whatever comes your way.

It’s important to take second and even third opinion for home shifting services in Delhi NCR. Movers and packers companies usually don’t have a fixed tariff for services they offer. Rates various from assignment to assignment and if you are not checking rates from a couple of movers packers companies, you may have to pay more than the fair charge.

Don’t wait till the day of moving, start looking for movers and packers earlier and always compare a few quotations to get best deal and best pro for the task.

Myth 5: No transit insurance is required for local home shifting

This is the biggest myth and even the most aware people fall for it. The usual misconception is that transit insurance is required only in case of domestic home or car relocation, but that’s not true. Even if you are shifting your house within Delhi NCR from say Gurgaon to Faridabad or Ghaziabad, you are equally prone to risks like accident or accidental damages. Hence taking appropriate insurance is equally important and one should ignore transit insurance at his own risk.

Over to you

Home shifting itself is complicated, irrespective of whether it’s a local shifting in Delhi NCR or interstate home shifting from Delhi to Mumbai, Maharashtra. Complications, efforts, insurance and everything else are equally important. So if you want to get it right and don’t want to suffer any loss, damage and pay more then do adequate planning and don’t fall for these myths.

I hope you won’t fall in to these myths and encourage you to share this post with your friends on social networking sites.

What are the other myths and misconception about local home shifting in Delhi you are aware of?

Local home shifting in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and rest of NCR – 5 myths you should be aware of during home shifting in NCR

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