How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Your Sweet Home

Proper interior designing and furnishing is a time consuming job, because it requires intensive planning and attention to detail. The designers pay close attention to smallest of the details and elements. And when it comes to transforming a space, rightly picked rugs can do the wonder. But wait for a moment. If you are furnishing your home and you are about to buy the rugs for rooms, I am sure you would like to know about how to choose the right rug for every room in your sweet home, no? Well choosing right rug may be confusing, especially when you visit a home furnishing shop and start looking at the catalogue randomly. I have personally worked with a number of interior designers and I know how difficult and confusing it could get at times even for the professionals. If you are going through the same dilemma then here’s the post worth checking for today I am going to share some cool and effective tips to choose the perfect rug for every room of your sweet home.

Essential things to consider to choose the perfect rug

How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Your Sweet HomeDifferent rooms and area of a house have different functional needs. There may be different theme as well. And the secret of choosing the right rug for your home lies in knowing the functionality, theme, shape and size of the space. Considering the functionality of the space has to be the number one factor, but so is the aesthetics of the space. So whenever you are choosing a rug, make sure to consider the functionality and aesthetics among other factors.

Every room in your house including the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, bathroom and balcony etc may have different functional need and design theme. Obviously area and shape of these rooms may also be different and hence you have to opt for different types of rugs for each of the rooms. The rugs will differ in shape, texture, fabric, colour etc.

Apart from shape, size, functionality and design theme, another important thing to consider is the budget. There are tons of manufacturers and hence you will have plenty of option to consider. Having a budget in mind before landing in the store will help you immensely.

Now when you know what matters and already have a tentative budget for the rug in mind, let’s get down to choosing the right rugs for your home.

Here’s how to choose the perfect rug for every room

You have planned the design theme and layout for overall house and individual rooms of the home. You are decorating the wall and ceiling and also accessorizing the rest of house. There are number options for flooring like tiles, wooden flooring, and marble etc. But when we accessorize the floor, the overall look of the space will be transformed. And what would be better than a perfectly picked rug for your home? So here’s how you can choose the perfect rug for every room in your house.

Choosing rug for the living room

The living room is the introductory space in your home. The room is the first space where the guests visit. The room can be both formal and informal space. The space has sofa, couch, centre table, TV, and a cabinet. You can use rugs in your sitting area, not the whole room. The chairs or the sofa, along with the centre table must stand on the rug. The rest of the floors can be bare, exposing the shining surface.

Talking about the size of the rug, it again depends on the layout and availability of the free space on the floor. But when possible, always use bigger size rug for the living space, for its going to look fabulous and luxurious.

Square rug work well for the common seating area or the entrance, but if you want to create a cozy corner, you may try putting a round shape rug for it work well.

Choosing rug for the bedroom

In this room, you can use big rugs covering the floors. The bedroom is the private space, where you sleep and relax. To make the room look cozier you can cover the floors with rugs. But if the room is small, then you must use smaller rugs and keep extensive portion of the floors bare. But the bed must fit on the rug, so that you touch the soft rug once you step out of the bed.

Ideally if the space permits, you should use a rug which is 4-5 feet out on all three sides of the bed. But as I said, when you have a smaller bedroom which we actually see in today’s flat, then covering even 2-3 feet of the floor on all sides of the bed should work well.

Choosing rug for the Balcony

The balcony is another space of the home, which is both an indoor and outdoor space. The floors can be covered with colourful soft rugs which will go well with the space. You can use rugs in the balcony, but if the balcony is without any shade, then you have to be careful.

Usually natural colored like lush green looks good for the balcony area. You may also try grass finish in green color. Regarding the size and shape, obviously the goal should be to cover the entire floor, that way it will look much better.

Do not let the rugs get wet in rain.

Choosing rug for the kitchen

In kitchen, keep most of the floor surface bare. There is water and food in kitchen and the rugs may get damaged easily. So it is advisable that you use smaller rugs here, so that you can clean them easily. Do not cover the kitchen floors with big rugs, as you normally do for the living room or the bedroom.

Choosing rug for the bathroom

You can place a water proof rug near the entrance to the bathroom so that it can soak the excess water. Do not use rugs inside the bathroom, as there is no use. But a keeping a water proof rug outside the door can be of good help, as it will help you from slipping.

Over to you

Furnishing and accessorizing your home can seriously uplift the aesthetics and functionality to a good extent. In order to accessorize floor, what else can suit you better than a rightly chosen rug? Choosing right for your rooms should not be difficult if you consider a few basic things like the shape, size, dimension, color and type of rug. We have already discussed about some of the essential factors that has to be considered when choosing rugs. Functionality, size and shape are a few essential things that you should consider when choosing rug for your room.

How do you decide which rug to buy for your room? What techniques do you use to choose rug for your home? Feel free to share your experience by commenting below.

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