The Ultimate Guide to Keep Insects and Bugs Away from Home

Insects and bugs are those irritating guests that visit your home without invitation and do not leave the home even when you desperately want to get rid of them. These filthy, unwanted insects and bugs create havoc in our lives and carry lot of unhealthy and unhygienic dirt with them. No matter how frequently you clean your home, the lizards, cockroaches, ants, flies, bugs etc somehow make their way into the rooms, and roam around like a boss of your home. I personally am a clean freak and I hate the bugs and insects, especially when I see them inside the house. I have struggled a lot to keep my home free from these bugs and insects. But you know what; it’s actually possible to keep insects and bugs away from home using simple yet effective remedies. A friend of mine, who runs a pest removal business, has shared some tried and tested tricks that worked for me. I still use those tricks to keep insects and bugs away from home. If you are tired of the lizards, cockroaches, ants, flies etc and looking for tricks and hacks that actually helps in getting rid of these bugs, then check out this ultimate guide to keep pests and bugs away from home, and thank me later. The tricks and hacks discussed in this guide are easy to implement and efficient enough to make your home bug free.

The Ultimate Guide to Keep Insects and Bugs Away from Home

There is no doubt that these insects and bugs spread dirt into every nook and corner of your home but do you know that these pests if not driven out early can cause health problems for you and your family? The common allergies and respiratory problems like asthma are a common thing with insects and bugs always around you as already discussed by the “Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America”. Moreover, these insects by any chance if come in contact with the foods you eat can cause stomach disorders like flatulence, vomiting, infections etc.

Many people use the commercial products to get rid of the insects and bugs but believe me these products are harmful and can cause you damage even more than the insects themselves. Well yes, the indoor insecticides may lead to health hazards that are threatening to your being and hence must be avoided at any cost. As reported by one of the articles published in the journal of “Pediatrics”, the indoor insecticides can affect the health of any individual especially the children and lead to dreadful cancers like leukemia, lymphoma etc. So think again before using such chemical based products to eliminate these bugs and insects from your home.

I know most of you have probably started panicking by this time but trust me there are a number of natural remedies and techniques that can be used to get rid of these insects and bugs easily. The remedies are safe and in most cases, there is usage of common household ingredients that makes them quite cheap as well. So let’s explore the techniques and hacks you can use to keep insects and bugs away from your home.

How to keep insects and bugs away from home easily

Insects and bugs besides being ugly and dirty create many health problems and the commercial market products that are used in most homes to get rid of them are even more harmful. Therefore, it is best to avoid risk and go for the safer natural ways.

Here’s the list of best tips on how to keep the common insects and bugs away from home.

How to keep bed bugs away from home

Home is a place of comfort and love but the presence of bed bugs is enough to take the peace out of your life. These bugs bite and can cause minor wounds, irritation and infection. Although they may stay anywhere, they mainly prefer the places of comfort like your bed, sofa etc as that will make them easier to feed on your blood when you are resting and then hide anywhere they want to. Luckily, there are ways to keep bedbugs away from home and here are a few of them.

Regular dusting

Regular dusting is not possible but you can at least vacuum the rooms once in a week mainly your bedroom, sofas etc.


The pungent smell of onion is enough to drive the bed bugs away. Therefore, you may put some onions in a bowl of water and keep it in your bedroom or other infested area. This will inhibit the bugs from entering that area.


You may sprinkle some cinnamon across your home and drive the bugs out. Experts say that when you sprinkle cinnamon on the entry points of your home, the bugs do not cross them and eventually goes out.


Many do not prefer to keep onions to remove bugs especially from the bedrooms, for them, vanilla extract is a good option. You can simply place a container of vanilla mixed with water in your bedroom or add any favorite essential oil to the mixture as well.

Fragrant herbs

If you want to keep the bugs away from entering your home, you may plant some herbs like basil, mint, bay leaves etc at the entry and exit of your home. This will keep not just the bugs away, but also prevent the entry of other insects as well.


The lemony grass like plant is hated by the bugs and so you can plant it outside your home. This will make the bugs and the other insects stay clear of your home. You can also buy candles that contain citronella and place it outside. Citronella oil is also effective and so you can apply on your skin after diluting it with carrier oil.

Unscented toiletries

The flowers and the fruits attract the bugs, so you may use the unscented toiletries to avoid them. Stop using very fragmented shampoos, body oils or soaps to prevent becoming the target of the bugs.

How to keep ants away from home

Ants are very common in your home and it is literally found everywhere starting from the walls, around the curtains, floors, sometimes on foods etc. So here are ways to get rid of ants and make your home ants free.

White vinegar

Why worry about ants when there is white vinegar at home? The ants are unable to bear the strong odor of the vinegar and starts running here and there. They simply start losing their direction and eventually die. You may spray vinegar using a spray bottle in the spaces where ants are common else use it to clean your floors, doors, windows, corners etc.


Ants like the sweet taste of the cornmeal and cannot resist eating it but fail to digest it, so they die. Therefore, whenever you see an ant or a colony of ants, just drop a bit of cornmeal on the way. The ants will eat it or carry it to the fellow friends and eventually they all die together.


Yes, ants are afraid of chalk dust and you can take this advantage and throw them out of your homes. If you draw a line with chalk in the path of the insects, you will find them avoiding to cross the line. The chalks generally contain calcium carbonate that hampers their potential to follow the trails of scents that are left by the other ants. So be smart and drive the ants away using a chalk.

Cucumber slices

I know it’s weird but ants despise cucumbers. So keep cucumber slices in important places like kitchen and other areas where you desperately want to restrict the entry of ants. Cucumber slice can really help you keep them away.

How to keep spiders away from home

Many children and women fear spiders and run away even at the sight of them. Well, the spiders running here and there are a creepy sight and in order to keep spiders away from your home, you can follow some of the remedies mentioned below.

Citrus peels

The citrus fruits are not just healthy for you but the peels are effective in driving the spiders away as well. You may rub the peel of your favorite citrus fruit in the area where you frequently get to see spiders. This will inhibit them from getting into that space. This is a good remedy, as it will make the place aromatic as well. In addition, citrus peels are great polishing agents and you can use it on wooden surfaces easily.

White vinegar

This is not just effective for ants but work wonders to throw away the spiders as well. The acetic acid in them kills them and so you may dilute it with water and use a bottle spray to spray it on the spiders. Also, spray it on every corner, crack, and hole on frequent basis.


Turmeric besides having various health and beauty benefits is a great way to keep the entry of spiders into your home at check. You can mix turmeric powder with water and dip cotton balls in it. Now place these balls on the areas more prone to spiders. However, do not directly apply turmeric as it may stain the areas.

How to keep mosquitoes away from home

Mosquitoes are the germ carriers and even a single bite can cause diseases that may be life threatening. So protection must be taken to keep the mosquitoes away from home. The commercial products are not quite safe as their gas is often injurious. Therefore, try out the simple remedies noted below.


I know you may hate the smell of garlic but trust me mosquitoes hate it too and so the more they dislike the odor, the better for you. You can eat garlic in adequate amounts, which will not be appreciated by people around you but will enable the mosquitoes to stay clear of you. Your body will secrete garlic through sweat and make the mosquitoes fly away. However, if you have problem in garlic consumption, then you may spray garlic juice in your home with a stray bottle.

Neem oil

Neem oil is great for driving the mosquitoes away and you can apply it on your uncovered skin. This will nourish your skin as well as keep the mosquitoes away from you.

Lemon eucalyptus oil

Lemon eucalyptus oil is a good option to keep the mosquitoes away. You may apply a bit on your skin or keep the bottle of oil open in your home mainly in the entry points. A concentration of about 40% is enough to drive the mosquitoes away.

Clove oil

Clove oil is another essential oil that you can use to keep the mosquitoes away. However, avoid using it directly on your skin as it may lead to irritation, allergies, burning sensation and other damages. So before applying it, please dilute it with more amounts of coconut oil (like 80% coconut oil and 20% clove oil) and then apply on your exposed body parts.

No standing water

Make sure there is no stagnant water near your home. This is important, as mosquitoes love it to stay there and often make it their breeding grounds. So cut the grasses short and throw any container that may harbor stagnant water.

Marigold plant

You may plant marigold plant in your garden. This will help you drive the mosquitoes away from home. The fragrance is irritating for the bugs and the mosquitoes and hence you can use this remedy.

Net in windows

Many people find it stuffy to close their windows always. For them, nets in windows are a good option. The gaps between the nets are so small that the mosquitoes find difficulty in entering. So opt for window nets and drive the mosquitoes away from home.

Proper dress up

Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors and so you may opt for the lighter shades. Make sure you cover up most of your body parts and wear tightly woven fabrics that will prevent the penetration of mosquitoes.

How to keep flies away from home

Flies are very irritating and they keep flying here and there contaminating probably each place with the germs and dirt they carry. Flies all around your home is not at all a healthy sight, so it is better to drive them away using my natural ways.

Lemon with cloves

You may use this remedy to drive away the flies from your home. For this, you need to take half lemon and place whole cloves in it. Then put the lemon half in a container and place on the areas where flies are much in number or places where they enter.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is also very effective, as flies hate it. You may take spray bottle and fill it with the mixture of cayenne pepper and water. Spray in all the corners where flies are there. You may also spray a bit in your garden or near the doors and winters. This will kill flies in no time.


The smell of the cucumber not just repels the ants but the flies even dislike it. So keep cucumber slices in places or corners that are more prone to being infested. This will drive away the flies and also inhibit them from laying eggs.

How to keep the lizards away from home

If you are scared and fed up with lizards and desperately wants not to see them ever again in your home, then try some of these home remedies.


The pungent smell of the eggs repel the lizards and hence you can use it to drive them away. Simply hang empty eggshells in the corner or near the entry point of the lizards and let it do its work.


The smell of the onion is also effective in driving the lizards away. The sulfur in it is efficient in making them run away. So place slices in areas where you get to see many lizards. Also, put them in the hiding places of the lizards.

Peacock feather

Peacocks eat lizards and so lizards are afraid of them. So you may fool them by hanging a peacock feather on your wall. This will act as a decorative item as well as serve your purpose of keeping lizards away from your home.

How to keep cockroaches away from home

None likes to see cockroaches all around the floors sometimes crawling, sometimes trying to fly. Moreover, if they by any chance come in contact to your body may give a creepy feeling and cause skin irritation.


Place cucumber slices on the corners of the floors or places where they are common. This will drive the cockroaches as well as the other insects away. Most insects hate the smell and so cucumber is a good insect repellant.

Soap water

Spraying soap water directly on the cockroaches is a good option of killing them. So you may try it out and keep a bottle of soap water at home to use during emergencies. You may also clean the floors with strong soap solution. This procedure also helps in  keeping cockroaches away.

The remedies that I have mentioned above are all very effective in keeping pests and bugs away from home. However, it is not that a particular remedy is suited to drive that type of insect only. Instead, you may use them for throwing the other insects and bugs as well. What I mean is that, most ingredients are potential insect repellants and can keep the various insects away from home, but they are most suited for the type of insect under which they are mentioned.

Other essential tips to keep insects and bugs away from home

Apart from the above mentioned hacks and remedies, there are some other essential tips to keep insects and bugs away from home that I would like to share. These are general tips and best practices that will further help you to protect your home from the various insects and bugs easily.

  1. Cleaning is the most important step to get rid of the insects and the bugs. If the basic dusting, mopping and decluttering is done regularly, then it is great but if that is not possible in your hectic schedule, try to do it at least once every week to make your home pest free.
  2. If you have big plants around your home, make sure you trim the branches touching your home else, it will become an easy route for the various insects and bugs to enter your home.
  3. Repair any broken doors and window to stop the entry of the insects and bugs, especially at night.
  4. Keep a track on the cracks and holes in your home and seal the openings using mortar, copper mesh etc.
  5. Many insects enter your home through the gap between your door and the floor. Therefore, you can keep a door sweep to prevent their entry.
  6. Remove trash and litter from your home and kitchen frequently. The trashcans must be tight fitted and free of any spill or debris to avoid insects feeding on them.
  7. Lighting is important and so you can use the halogen lights or the sodium-pressure sodium vapor instead of mercury vapor lights. Use colors like orange, pink, yellow that does not attract the flying insects.
  8. The drains and the sinks near your homes must be cleaned on frequent basis to avoid them turning into breeding grounds for the insects.
  9. The recycling bin must be clean. If possible, store the recycles far away from your home.
  10. The stored foods must be kept in plastic containers or re-sealable bags to avoid insects and bugs.


Insects and bugs are disgusting but instead of using the costly commercial products that are itself toxic in nature; do try out my simple tips to keep them away from your home. The remedies mentioned in this post are safe and can be used anytime you feel irritated seeing a bug, lizard or a mosquito etc. Most of the ingredients used are in general good insect repellants and can drive out all insects out of home. The ingredients are cheap, handy and easily available and are a part of our day-to-day lives. So just, use them properly and throw the insects and bugs from your home.

In case the infestation is deep enough, then you may like to call a professional pest exterminator, for the first time and then try these remedies to prevent these bugs from re-appearing.

Are you fed up with bugs and insects at home? Then check out my tips on how to keep them away from home. Feel free to share your opinions and suggestions in the comments section. Also, like and share if you find it beneficial.

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