Quick Kitchen Makeover on a Budget – Here’s How to Get It Right

You kitchen should not looking boring, for this is the place where you spend good amount of time, preparing food for your family. No matter how well furnished your kitchen is, over a period of time, you may feel the need to do a quick makeover. But the moment we think of kitchen makeover, the budget comes in our mind. But did you know that it’s actually possible to do a quick kitchen makeover on a minimum budget? Well, I have been there and done that. It’s been over 6 years when I bought my home and did end to end interior designing in the entire house. Naturally, the kitchen used to look a bit old and it needed the makeover. My friend ‘Neeta’ who is an interior consultant, suggested a few quick and simple kitchen makeover ideas which can be implemented even on a budget. And I am happy to share those ideas with you. If you are planning to do a quick kitchen makeover on a budget, then here’s the post you can’t afford to miss.

Here’s how to do kitchen makeover in budget

How to Do Quick Kitchen Makeover on a BudgetNeedless to say, the kitchen needs to look good and clutter free because after the bedroom, probably this is the place where we spend most of our time. Your kitchen deserves to look good. But the moment we think of a makeover, we get concerned about the remodeling budget. But honestly speaking, a quick makeover for the kitchen needs not to be too expensive. The makeover can be done even on a budget and here’s how to get it right.

  • A fresh paint: A fresh paint on the walls will enhance the beauty of the kitchen. You can totally change the kitchen by painting it in a new colour. Replacing kitchen cabinets may be a costly affair, but you can achieve the look by simply paining the cabinets from inside as well as outside. You may use your favorite color tone, but you can never go wrong with white, blue, and purple or yellow. Combination of blue and white or white and yellow can be magical for the kitchen.
  • Contrasting views: You can do some experiments and make the space appealing with contrasting shades. If the walls are of light colours, then you can go for some darker color for furniture and cabinets, and also a darker shade of granite for the kitchen counter tops. This will help to make the place happening and fun.
  • Wall decor: If you are worried that you do not have enough space to keep all the items of the kitchen, then here is the solution to the problem. If the kitchen walls are blank and dull, then you can install some wall cabinets with deep dark wooden polish. Thus you can use up some extra space in the kitchen. Treat the kitchen as a sitting place, by hanging some serene pictures on the wall, for example a long stretch of tulip fields, or some hand painted art on the white dishes and plates will totally transform the kitchen.
  • Kitchen table: You can decorate the kitchen table with some easily available items like a flower vase, a fruit basket, or a nice and simple salt and pepper sprinkler. This will make the table top appealing and interesting.
  • A room for the hardware: You can devote separate places for the kitchen wares, the appliances and the dishes. For each of the items, devote a proper place to ensure the kitchen look clutter free, clean and organized. If all the items are kept in proper places, then there will be some breathing open spaces in the kitchen. This will surely upgrade the ambiance of your kitchen.
  • Make it clean and tidy: no matter how well decorated and furnished your kitchen is, if it’s not properly clean and organized then it’s not going to look good. Always ensure that the storage jars or any other accessories are well placed and organized. Keep everything at its place, instead of leaving on the counter top. Always ensure the exhaust or the kitchen chimney is on while you are cooking. Make a habit of cleaning the kitchen every day. If required, hire the professional cleaners and pest exterminators to clean and sanitize the kitchen from time to time.

Over to you

Kitchen makeover may sound like a costly affair, but it is not. Complete makeover or kitchen remodeling may cost a bit more. But there are ways to do quick makeover on a budget. Start by painting the walls, cabinets etc and create space for the appliances and accessories in the kitchen. Decorating the kitchen wall with some art can also transform the space. We have already discussed a number of ideas to do quick kitchen makeover on a budget and hope you try some of these ideas.

If you have any other ideas that can help in kitchen makeover then feel free to share by commenting below.

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