How to Keep Indoor Air Clean and Fresh at Home

All of us need fresh air because without access to fresh air, we can’t lead a happy and happy life. Unfortunately, the level of pollution is increasing on an alarming rate. It is leading to a lot of adverse impacts on our health and beauty. The mass cutting of trees and building of the factories and industries is one of the main reasons behind the rising levels of air pollution.

How to Keep Indoor Air Clean and Fresh at Home
How to Keep Indoor Air Clean and Fresh at Home

I certainly agree that the industries and factories are required to make our economy grow at a healthy rate. But we should also keep in mind that life is going to be impossible without access to fresh air. Obviously, we need to work as community to ensure minimum outdoor pollution. But purifying indoor air and getting fresh air to breath while at home or work place is possible. It’s not that hard to purify the indoor air and that’s what we are going to discuss in today’s post. I am sharing a few of the easiest and natural ways to keep indoor air clean and fresh.

Maintaining the pollution levels all over the world can never be done on an individual level. And hence we need to create general awareness in the masses. But obviously you got to do your bit and hope for the rest also to become a little responsible and sensible towards the environment.

But controlling the quality of indoor air of your own home or workplace is completely in your hand. And you should do the needful to keep your smaller universe that is you and your family members safe and sound. And, if you are not sure about how to get it right, then read this post as we are discussing about various natural ways to keep indoor air clean and fresh.

Increasing levels of pollution can be really hazardous for our health. It leads to asthma, dust allergies, skin allergies, poor skin and hair quality etc. and if the inhaling of the polluted air is not controlled, it can become life threatening as well. Whether it’s your home or office, you have to ensure fresh air to live and work comfortably. And to purify the air and get fresh indoor air at home or office, you need to earn the hacks that can help you get fresh and pure air.

So are you ready to learn how to purify indoor air at home and office?

Let’s dive in.

10 Natural Ways to Keep Indoor Air Clean and Fresh at Home

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, every year there are about 3.3 million deaths worldwide due to pollution. Needless to say it is high time we become serious about pollution, especially the air pollution.

The society needs to work collectively to protect the environment and there are many who are already working towards his noble cause. But how about taking small steps to clean and purify the air at home and our workplace?

Listed below are a few of the easiest and natural ways to keep indoor air clean and fresh at home and office.

Open the windows regularly

This is perhaps the simplest way to get fresh and clean air at home or office and you must follow this practice to keep the indoor air clean at home. You must be thinking that opening windows may allow the outside dirt and pollution to come inside. Well, it’s true, but you need to also consider the fact that unless you open the windows, your home will feel like suffocating. There should be free passage for air to flow in order to get rid of the accumulated air pollutants in the air inside your home. So open the windows regularly to make your home airy and that’s going to help you keep indoor air clean and purified.

Plant air purifying plants

Plants have a very important role to play in keeping the air clean. And there are certain air purifying plants that you should plant in your home and garden. In fact, besides improving the air quality, the plants also beautify your home. Even if you have to take care of the potted plants and maintain it, considering the benefits that they bestow on us, planting the air purifying household plants is a total win-win situation.

Some of the best air purifying household plants that help a lot in purifying the indoor air quality are Aloe Vera, Bamboo plant, Weeping fig, English Ivy etc. You may like to check this post to learn more about best air purifying plants.

Use essential oils

Did you know that you can actually improve the indoor air quality using different types of essential oils? Well, it’s true. Essential oils can help you refresh the indoor air quality effortlessly.

You must have already heard about the usage of the essential oils like tea tree oil which possess anti-bacterial properties to treat any cut or inflammation and it is also sometimes added to the household cleaners to get rid of the germs.

However, some of the essential oils like eucalyptus essential oil, clove essential oil, rosemary essential oil etc. can also reduce the airborne bacteria and studies have also proven that.

They can also help you reduce the number of dust mites in your home and so you can easily use them in diffuser and improve the quality of your indoor air.

Take off shoes before entering home

Your shoes may carry all the outside dirt and so when you enter your home wearing the shoes, your home gets exposed to all sorts of pollutants which may be hazardous to your family members. So, it is always recommended that you take off your shoes and then enter your home. Also, make it a habit to wash the bottom of your shoes from outside if possible and then enter.

To avoid taking the shoe inside your home, try to keep a shoe rack just beside the entrance of your home. This will limit the germs, dirt and dust near the entrance and you can easily clean the place right away to avoid spreading all over your home.

Clean your pets

I know it is a little difficult to keep your home clean with pets around. But if you love your pets and you are determined to keep your home clean, then I am sure you can do this. Firstly, you need to keep your pet clean. Make them take a bath thoroughly and frequently so that there is no stink. As far as the accumulation of furs is concerned, you also need to clean them regularly in order to avoid asthma issues in your family.

Here’s a detailed post on how to keep your home clean with pets. I am sure if you work a little hard, you will be able to keep the surrounding as well as the indoor air clean even with pets in your home.

Maintain the AC

If you have got a central air conditioning at your home, then you are lucky because you can use it to purify your indoor air time to time. AC actually works by pulling out the air from your home, cools it and then again pumps it back in.

However, you need to change the filter of your AC time to time as it traps the particles in it. The more regular you are in changing the filter, the better for you. Use your AC effectively not just to get relief from the heat in the hot summer days, but also to purify the indoor air.

Get rid of mold

It is very important to keep your home free of mold if you want the indoor air to be clean. This is because fungus releases spores into the air which often trigger the occurrence of allergies. There are several ways to get rid of mold and I have already discussed it earlier. You can try all of them, but the primary thing that you have to do is to keep your home as much dry and airy as you can.

Air out new furniture

One of the best natural ways to keep the indoor air clean without using chemicals is by airing out the new furniture as much as possible. Well, volatile organic compounds or the VOCs are nothing but chemicals which linger in the air and are found everywhere inside your home. Well, this is because VOCs such as benzene and tolulene are found in the paints, glues, construction materials, fabrics etc. So, when you buy any new furniture, it will initially emit more amounts of VOCs and then slowly taper off. Hence it is recommended that you air out the new furniture as much as possible and reduce the harm caused to your indoor air.

It is best if you can keep your new furniture in your garage for about a week or keep it separate in a room where the windows are open most of the time to allow the VOCs to escape outside.

Use cooking oils with higher smoke points

In order to avoid your kitchen to become filled with smoke and a constant lingering smell of burned out oil, it is best if you use the cooking oils that smokes at higher temperatures.

Extra olive oil has a much lower smoke point in comparison to peanut, avocado, sunflower and canola oil, so if you want to use virgin oil, make sure you use the light olive oil which is refined and has a higher smoke point of 486-degree F.

Use beeswax candles

Particles float around us in the air because they are positively charged ions. However, have you ever thought why the air is cleaner comparatively near a waterfall or in the woods? Well, it is because nature creates negative ions which bind with the positive ones, which in turn, makes them heavier and they fall to the ground. Now, when you burn the beeswax candles, it actually uses the same phenomenon and keeps the indoor air clean and fresh.

However, burning candles does send soot up in the air, so to avoid it, it is advisable that you use the LED candles which will pollute the atmosphere less.


Pollution is a very serious concern in today’s life because it comes with a lot of health risks. However, the problem will not get solved unless there is lots of awareness worldwide. All of us have to act to protect the environment.

But as far as the indoor air quality is concerned, we all can keep indoor air clean and fresh using just a few simple hacks and best practices. I have already shared a list of 10 of the easiest ways to clean indoor air at home or office without using any chemicals.

These hacks may sound like too simple, but trust me, it’s very effective and it can easily help you get access to pure and fresh air at home.

Apart from trying these air purifying hacks, you should also ensure that you are not smoking inside your home, as that is another major contributor to air pollution. Smoking inside home makes the whole space suffocating. Also, try to lessen the usage of plastic as much as possible and become more responsible to towards the environment. Please do your bit and set an example for others. And, since everything starts from home, try to begin with keeping your indoor air clean and then widen your goals to address the overall air pollution problem.

That’s all I had to share, but I am curious to know how do you address the issue of air pollution, especially the indoor air pollution at your home or your workplace? What are the measures you are taking, what works for you?

Feel free to share your experiences by commenting below. Until next post, breathe safe and stay healthy.

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