Designing Good Navigation for Your Website: Useful tips

If you want you website to look professional and easy to use, then you must spend some time in designing a god navigation structure for you website. Your website navigation is very important because your prospect or the customers will use it to know about your products and services. If you want your website to be successful and make it work for your business, you must follow certain basic rules while designing the navigation for your website.

World Wide WebMake it Prominent

Ideally your navigation should be very prominent and easy to find. It is a good practice to display important links on top and at bottom. Top navigation should be bolder and preferably highlighted than the bottom one.

Easy to Find

On an average, your site visitors will not spend more than two minutes and if they don’t find the required information quickly with ease, chances are they will close and leave your website. Don’t expect your site visitors to keep on searching for the links and pages?

Use Obvious Texts for the Links

Although you are free to use different text for the links in menu, but you should use those popular conventions like FAQs, Login, and Register etc. These are very popular terms that people use and understand.

Maintain Consistency

You should maintain consistency throughout the pages. By consistency I mean navigation structure, link texts, colors, fonts, styles everything. Changing styles might look misleading and confusing.

Breadcrumb or Navigation Path

Let your users know where they are using the navigation path or the Breadcrumb. You should put it at the top of your page. For example if your user is browsing mobile page then you can display it like this. Home > Products > Electronics > Mobiles. This type of links are usually very helpful for users and they can quickly navigate through the relevant pages.

You can always hire a professional website designer to help you get your website designed. You may also like to read How to Plan Your Own Website Design

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