Tips and Ideas for Janmashtami Decoration at Home

Tips and Ideas for Janmashtami Decoration at homeOn the auspicious occasion of Lord Krishna’s birthday, we celebrate Janmashtami.  Festival of Janmashtami is celebrated in most of part of India and around the world. Janmashtami is celebrated on the 8th day of Krishna Paksha in the month of ‘Bhadra’ (usually in August). It is a very prominent occasion for us, and we celebrate it with pomp and grandeur. This occasion is dearly waited by all, and when the time finally arrives, then there is excitement and fun all around. Janmashtami decoration becomes the topic of the discussion among the devotee. All of us want to try new ideas for Janmashtami decoration that we have used already. If you are still unsure, here’s the post worth looking at because I am going to share some great tips and ideas on how to decorate your home for Janmashtami celebration

Best ways to do Janmashtami Decoration at home

You will be worshipping Lord Krishna on this day at your home. So, to welcome Him, you need to make some special arrangements as well. The home will be clean and bright on this day, such that He is happy on His birthday and gives you blessings for a prosperous life. There are many ways to decorate for Janmashtami  and that’s what we’ll be discussing in this post.

Lets get started with Janmashtami decoration and other preparations for the festival.

Start with basic home cleaning: The first thing that you must do is clean the full house. Sweep and mop the floors, do the laundry, change the bed covers, cushion covers, carpets, curtains, door mats, sofa covers and every other thing possible. Clean the puja room or the puja space, whatever is there in your home. Obviously you will not want to welcome Lord Krishna in a dirty and messy home, that too on a special occasion like His birthday.

  • Use fresh clothes and materials: Use everything fresh and clean, as I mentioned in my previous point. The curtains, bed covers, sofa covers etc everything must be clean, if not new. The clothes that you use in the puja mandir, change that too. Buy a new pair of dress for Lord Krishna for His birthday.
  • Lights: Decorate the whole home with colourful lights and bells, so that there is environment of happiness on His day. There are various kinds of decorative lights available in the market, for example garlands made of tiny colourful lights. You can fix these on the puja mandir, hang them down the curtains, around the doors and windows, any place of your choice.
  • Flowers: Lord Krishna loved the embrace of nature, so decorate the home with potted plants and bouquet of colourful flowers and baskets of fruits kept near the idol of Lord Krishna. The plants and flowers will enhance the beauty of the home at any given time of the year.
  • Special items for display: There are some of Lord Krishna’s favourite items like a flute, a feather of peacock, these are basically accessories that you can buy for the occasion. These things will mark the welcome of Lord Krishna, these things are often considered synonymous to Lord Krishna for the Hindus all over the world. Keep a heavily decorated flute and a peacock’s feather in your home or in the puja place.
  • Bhajana: You can switch on some CD or DVD playing the bhajana and kirtanas for Lord Krishna. This will just elevate the holy ambiance of the home and add to the Janmashtami decoration.
  • Rangoli: For Janmashtami decoration to look good, you should do Rangoli. You can prepare a gorgeous rangoli with colours and flower petals. A rangoli near the entrance door, in your puja place will look amazing.
  • Diyas and candles: These simple things are associated with something holy in India. The flames from the diyas and candles will surely make the home look wow!
  • Serving the offerings: You can purchase special puja ki thali for serving the fruits and Bhog to Lord Krishna. Krishna loves ghee, butter, milk, sweets, etc. You can serve the offerings as per your choice, but make sure that the place is clean and tidy.

Over to you

There are many ways to decorate your home for Janmashtami and we have discussed some of the tips that can be implemented easily. Whatever theme you choose for Janmashtami decoration at home, just make sure to not overdo this.

How do you plan to decorate your home this Janmashtami?

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