Monsoon Makeover Tips for Your Home

Monsoon is a season which is loved by all because of its healing qualities. This season brings huge amount of relief in everyone’s life, after a terrible sweaty experience in the scotching summer. But when the clouds outbursts overtly in this season, people get really annoyed because of the troubles the season brings along with it. And the prime trouble faced by all is the inability to do any outdoor activities, or hangout.

On the other hand, staying at home is too boring. But one can improve their boring situations by doing something interesting, such as, giving their home a monsoon makeover.

Monsoon makeover tips for your home

Here’s how you can give monsoon makeover to your house

A monsoon makeover is much needed because; this season makes the atmosphere of the house very gloomy, dull, damp and lifeless. So, it is essential to do something to pump up the liveliness of the house before it makes your mood gloomy and the ambience miserable.

Focus on entrance

In this season, it is very essential to focus on the entrance area. This is because most of the people entering your home in monsoon will bring a lot of mud along with them. Buy some colorful door-mats can help you out. Try to buy good absorbent door mats that can suck in all the water and mud accompanying us from the roads at the entrance itself. And always try to keep one door mat outside, and another inside the door. This process will help to soak up water and mud completely. This method will keep the house safe from many diseases too. Door mats of various colors, patters and shapes are easily available in the markets.

Change the curtains

The heavy curtains or draperies can protect your home from extreme heat and light during summers. But during monsoon, heavy curtains can make your home ambience very dull. To keep the rooms fresh and lively, change the curtains. Use curtains of light fabric and bright color to enhance the brightness of the rooms. Another quality of light fabric curtains are their ability to dry quickly. So one can wash them, and dry them easily. The light curtains also allow some fresh breeze to enter the rooms.

Light up scented candles

No one likes the damn atmosphere created by the rains, so why not light up scented candles? Scented candles or aromatic candles will freshen up the atmosphere, that too in a natural way. Now a day, many room fresheners are available in the form of sprays, gel, and automatic aerosols in the market. But some of these may result to allergies and asthma. There is no point using them and risking your life, instead go for eco-friendly products. Scented/aromatic candles are natural products they wouldn’t harm you.

Use essential oil lamps

Essential oil lamps are new in the market. It was used in the ancient eras as room fresheners, and now it’s back in the markets. Use them as a room freshening agent during the monsoons. They are available in varieties of aromas. It not only freshen ups the air, but also acts as decorative item.

Keep out plants

If you have plants inside your house, then immediately push them outdoor. Plants can attract a lot of insects during this season; it is wise to keep them away. Instead, you can by some artificial plants to decorate your home for the time being.

Brighten up things

In order to cut down the gloomy look inside the house, the best thing you can do is brighten things up. Painting the walls isn’t possible in this season due to its damp nature. Instead of that, use bright colored cushion covers for your sofas in the living room, and use bright colored bed sheets and pillow covers for the bedroom.

Additional decorations

If you want to add some more decorations to your house, then you can probably hang colorful wall-ornaments, wall hangings, or wind-chimes. You may also keep an umbrella holder or a raincoat holder in your living room, but it isn’t a compulsion because seasons keep changing.

Over to you

Along with decorating your sweet home in the monsoons, keep checking the safety factors too. Check all the electrical wiring and appliances to avoid any kind of accident. Call an electrician and repair it if needed. If you have a terrace or roof, check thoroughly for any kind of water seepage or leakage, and call a plumber if required. Before giving your home a monsoon makeover, check every essential detail.

I am sure thins monsoon will be much better because you have already started planning to give you house a monsoon makeover. What are your plans?

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