Cleaning Overhead Water Tank: Here’s why it matters

Water is one of those natural resources, which is essential to each and every human being for many purposes, especially for drinking. We already know that earth is composed of water (three-fourth of the earth), but the entire three fourth isn’t fresh water. Therefore, it is our duty to save water, keep the fresh water as much fresh as possible, and also to keep it free from water pollutants. The water that’s pumped to our home is undoubtedly clean, but is the place where it gets stored clean as well? Yes, we are talking about the overhead water tanks. The health of your water largely depends on how clean your water tank is. Hence, cleaning overhead water tank is very necessary.

Cleaning overhead water tank on your own may be difficult because you need different types of tools, equipment and most importantly the time. But overhead water tank cleaning is important too and it must be cleaned at least once or twice a year. A Dirty overhead tank can be terrible because it will accumulate dirt that can easily dissolve in the water contained in it. Frequency of overhead water tank cleaning completely depends on the quality of the water being supplied in your area.

If you are supplied with hard water or water containing solvents, then you need to clean your tank more often, at least more than once or twice a year. And to ensure better and effective cleaning you can hire professional water tank cleaners, because they have trained employees and proper equipment to clean overhead water tank.

Overhead water tank cleaning

Still unsure if you water tank require cleaning? Here are a few more reasons for cleaning overhead water tank regularly.

Reasons for cleaning overhead water tanks

If you need to know some more important reasons to clean your water tank, then here are the five main reasons why cleaning your water tank is necessary:

1. Waterborne internal diseases

If you keep your water tanks uncleaned for years, there are high chances that the water will get contaminated by many bacteria or virus. And if your tank water gets contaminated by harmful bacteria and virus, then there is a high chance for you to get sick along with your family. Internal water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid and cholera are the most common type of diseases in India, that’s caused by contaminated water. Usually, this happens in the case of drinking contaminated water from outside; but still, if your water tank remains untidy then these diseases can hit you through your overhead tank. Sometimes, malaria is also caused through water; therefore, keep the lid of your tank shut, so that mosquitoes can’t breed there. This is the very first reason why cleaning overhead water tank once or twice a year make sense.

2. Skin diseases

Why just internal diseases, contaminated water can also cause skin diseases. It is obvious that you wouldn’t be using your tank water just for drinking right? You will bathe with it and also wash your clothes and utensils. Therefore, while you keep in touch with such contaminated water, you can definitely be attacked by some skin diseases. You must be knowing that hard water ruins your hair, right? Similarly, if your water contaminated by some toxic matter or some germs, don’t you think it will harm your skin? Of course, it will! Don’t think just ground water can cause skin diseases, an uncleaned tank may also result in contamination of water. But you could easily avoid such skin diseases by cleaning overhead water tank every 6 months or so.

3. Foul odor

If you water is uncleaned for ages, then it is obvious that it is going to smell as foul as drain water. This is the result of residues and sediments that is mixed in your drinking water. Sometimes foul odor in the water may not be harmful to your health, but you may not be able to drink it because of its foul smell.

4. Bad taste

Usually, it is the iron content in the water that gives you a metallic taste, and you would also see the color is slightly rusty or reddish. But, if you taste something completely different than the metallic taste then this could also be the result of sediments mixed with the tank water. Therefore, cleaning your water tank is necessary. And in any way, you cannot drink water that tastes bad.

5. Different color:

If you find your water to be rusty in color and is staining your glass as well, then don’t worry it’s a case of iron content in water, that isn’t harmful at all, in fact, it improves oxygen circulation in blood. But if you find some tiny sediment dissolved in water, or water that is foul colored then you might need to stop using it immediately and test it, and then take essential steps. If your tank is dirty, it can dissolve few particles; but if the water color is extremely different, contact your water supplier.

Over to you

After knowing the five very dangerous outcomes for keeping your water tank uncleaned, would you still keep your tanks as it is? No, isn’t it? So, along with cleaning your home you must also pay attention to cleaning overhead water tank thoroughly. If you feel that the task is difficult for you to handle single handed, then just relax and give this load to a water tank cleaning agency. These agencies know the right way to deal with your dirty tank, and they also have plenty of equipment that can effectively remove the dirt from your water tank. If you want to get in touch with some good tank cleaning agencies, then request for quotes in our website. Within fifteen minutes, three water tank cleaning services would contact you; and then you can compare their quotations and chose anyone among the three.

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