How Much Does Pest Control for Bed Bugs Cost in India?

We often receive enquiry calls for pest control services and most of the time it’s related to the cost and the process of treatment. How much does pest control for bed bugs cost? How much time does it take to apply bed bugs treatment? Is it safe for kids or do we have vacate the house at the time of bed bugs treatment by the exterminator? And most of the question is related to cost of bed bugs treatment and hence this post. In this post, I am going to give you a good overview of everything worth knowing about pest control for bedbugs including how much it costs, process, time taken and everything else worth knowing about it.

How Much Does Pest Control for Bed Bugs Cost in India?

So what is pest control?

Pest control basically is a process of eliminating (managing) various types of pests which is considered to be detrimental to human health, ecology or the economy. The person performing pest control is known as pest exterminator or just exterminator. So next time when you take the do it yourself approach to manage pests at your home, you can call yourself an exterminator (pun intended).

Pest control for bed bugs cost and the process

Home is the place where we are supposed to stay, it is not means for the pests like bed bugs. Among all of the common pests, bed bug is probably the smallest one and it spread very quickly. Pests like cockroaches usually infests in the kitchen and washroom. But bed bugs infest in your bedroom and living area inside the sofa, bed, linen, pillow, quilt and mattress. Naturally it may harm you and won’t let you sleep properly.

Bed bugs can be treated and eradicated by pest control agencies and pest control for bed bugs cost is too little compared to the relief you get once it is eradicated from your home.

You can call a professional pest exterminator for bed bugs treatment and eradication. Pest exterminator applies various sprays, gels, govt. approved chemicals (treatments) to remove bed bugs infestation from your home/workplace.

Process of bed bugs pest control

The process for bed bugs pest control starts from identifying and inspecting the site. So when you approach an exterminator, the very first thing they would do is to inspect the premises and look for the symptom and severity of infestation.

While inspecting and assessing the infestation, the exterminators usually look for common symptoms like finding live or dead bed bugs, finding skins, bed bugs egg or bites. Depending on the severity of infestation based on their assessment, the pest control experts can plan for the next course of action.

The idea is to kill the bedbugs and its larvae using permissible and safe for human chemicals and sprays. They can suggest best possible treatments for bed bugs pest control in one go or may be in two subsequent sessions.

How much does pest control for bed bugs cost in India?

Pest control for bed bugs may cost you as little as Rs. 1000 for a standard 1 bedroom house and it can go up to Rs. 3000 for a 3 bed house, assuming the level of infestation is severe and the house is fully furnished with furniture. Pest control for bed bugs cost includes treatment and eradication from all infested area like beds in the bedroom, sofa set in the living area etc.

Prices for bed bugs pest control also varies depending on the treatment being applied. It’s better to consult an exterminator to get accurate idea of the cost to eradicate bed bugs at your home or office.

Last but not the least, pest control agencies also have their own standard pricing structure depending on their own credibility, experience, tools and techniques.

How much time does it take to remove bed bugs?

Time required performing pest control for bed bugs again depend on the severity and area of the premises. Some time the exterminators can get rid of bed bugs in just one session but if the severity of the infestation is high, they may recommend two sessions. Second session can be scheduled within two weeks and it ensures that bed bugs are completely gone from your home.

Depending on the area, it may take up to 2 Hrs for one or two exterminators to apply the treatments to eradicate bed bugs. Usually it is recommended to keep children away from the room where the exterminators are applying the bed bugs treatments during application of chemicals. Even if they use safe for human chemicals, it’s advisable to take precautions.


Bed bugs are tiny small pests that multiply rapidly. Usually hide themselves around the furniture under linen, mattress, cushion, pillow etc and they feed themselves on human/pet blood. Pest exterminators (pest control agents) can offer you professional help and eradicate bed bugs for a fee. The process of bed bugs pest control starts with the assessment of the infestation level and depending on the severity, they make an action plan.

Usually it takes one session of two hours or two sessions of two hours each to eradicate bed bugs. Cost and time required to eradicate bed bugs depend on the severity, type of treatment and overall area of the home/office.

Hope it help you understand every worth knowing about bed bugs pest control. Please share this post and help us spread the message.

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