How to do Pest Control Yourself the Natural Way

Whether you like it or not, you are sharing your home with tiny pests and bugs, unless you are forcing them to leave. These tiny pests and bugs like ants, cockroach, lizards etc have to be controlled some way or the other. You can find these bugs in carpet, kitchen counter top, cupboard, sofa or other such places where they can hide themselves easily.

Pest control is a process by which you can eliminate these bugs and control them to a good extent and for a period of time. Pest control, have to be done at regular interval or else they will re-appear automatically.

How to do Pest Control Yourself the Natural Way

You can do pest control yourself or you have the option to hire a pest control agent. Here in this post, I am going to give you good overview of how to do pest control yourself using natural ingredients.

So are you ready to start pest controlling yourself? Great if you are ready.

Here’s where to start and how to do pest control at home

If you take a little bit of precaution, you can certainly control a good portion of pests in your home. So start with the cause, they call it attractants. There are certain attractants that invite these pests. Like sugar attracts ants, leftover food, bread crumbs etc attracts bugs like ants and cockroaches.So when the counter top of the kitchen or synch is clean, you are controlling these pets naturally.

Keeping every part of your home clean is one of the first things you should be doing as part of pest control. There are specific attractants that attracts pests like ants and cockroaches. So if you eliminate these attractants, you are automatically doing pest control to an extent.

Here are a few additional pest control tips to help you get started with the pest control at home using natural ingredients that you may already have in your home;

  1. Soap water can be used to control pests. It’s pretty simple and easy to use. Get a spray bottle, fill it with water and add little bit of detergent powder to it and mix it all. Now spray it where you spot the ants or cockroach.
  2. Do you know you can use cucumber to get rid of ants? Whenever you are slicing a cucumber, keep the peels and the bitter end of cucumber. Put it at the entry point of ants to control it.
  3. Similarly, you can use dry mint leaves or mint flavored tea leafs. Its works best as ant deterrents.
  4. Use garlic cloves to stop ants from appearing on your kitchen tops. Identify the points from where they are coming and put a couple of gloves of garlic over there to control ants.
  5. Whichever soap or toilet cleaning liquid you are using, get your bathroom cleaned properly to control cockroaches from appearing. Cockroach could appear quite easily in bathroom and kitchen and keeping it clean is the best defense.
  6. Boric acid can also be used in pest controlling. Mix a little bit of boric acid in water in a spray bottle and spray it at the pores of the furniture. It works well and helps in termites’ control.
  7. Don’t dump water in open around your home and keep the surroundings clean. This is a good way to control mosquito.
  8. Neem oil is a good mosquito repellent which is widely available in India.
  9. Plant marigold flowers in your backyards because its fragrances work like a good repellent for bugs, flies and mosquitoes.
  10. Dried and crushed mint leaves can be used to control flies. Take some dried and mint leaves, crush them and put it a cotton clothes and place it in different part of the kitchen and home to control flies.

There are various types of pests and all of them need different kind of treatments. Treatments of termites are different than treatments of ants and mosquito. There are certain bugs that an expert can control better.

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How do you control, pests and bugs at your home?

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