5 Ways to Prevent Clutter in Your Home and Live Clutter Free Life

Are you tired of clutter and struggling to prevent clutter in your home? A cluttered home can be terrible especially for those who like to be well organized and clutter free. I personally hate cluttered space and always prefer to keep my space clutter free. But no matter what you do to prevent clutter in your home, over a period of time, you may require to declutter your space because the size of your home is going to remain nearly same unless you move to a different house. But that does not mean you will not add extra stuff in your house, from furniture to appliances and decor items, we keep on adding stuff intentionally or even without knowing at times.

So what can you do to prevent clutter in your home is the big question.
Well, as I said, I hate cluttered space and always like to keep my space clutter free and I am going to share some amazing ways to prevent clutter in your home.

But before that, lets me tell you why you need a strategy to prevent clutter in your home

In your day to day life, you keep visiting multiple stores and malls and keep buying things that you like, it could be a home decor item, furniture, appliances or anything else. And sometimes you go out on a voyage and get some more stuff for home decoration. And you also get plenty of gifts in every festival, which results in clutter all around?

The above reasons no doubt increases the clutter in our home, but at the same time cluttering also largely depends on your family size. The more members you have, the more you need to buy furniture and other essential and fancy stuff. But, at the end of the day when you see that your room’s size is shrinking, you will panic and want to break free from such clumsy atmosphere. This is the main reason you need to prevent clutter in the home.

Almost every homemaker faces the challenge to prevent clutter in the home. Whether it’s the stacks of your kid’s books who have grown up, your husband’s useless office papers, or the unwanted decoration items that you have never thrown away, clutter loiters in almost every corners of your home. If you think that preventing clutter in the home is hectic and time-consuming, then you can hire a cleaning service to get your house professionally cleaned and organized. But, that’s a one time affair and situation won’t improve unless you try and prevent clutter from your home yourself.

Ways to prevent clutter in your home

5 Ways to prevent clutter in your home

Using one time house cleaning service is fine, but at the end of the day, you need to learn the trick of preventing clutter in your home on your own and live a clutter free life. Here are some of the best ways to prevent clutter in your home and make it spacious and neat.

1. Donate/dispose of/sell extras

The best way to prevent clutter in the home is by donating, selling or disposing of all the useless materials that you have in your home. This is perhaps the easiest thing that you can do to prevent clutter in the home. When you have ample amount of time in hand visit each room in your home and scrutinize it. After that, you can choose the items that you desperately want to banish from your home. After choosing them decide whether you want to sell, donate or dispose them. Taking this decision isn’t very tough, just analyze the condition of the items. If it is in great condition sell it, if it’s in moderate condition donate it, and if it’s in bad condition obviously dispose it.

Most of the time, it is us who are unable to let go of the old and useless stuff. This thing happens in the case of our clothes, shoes, and anything that is very dear to us. Therefore, in such cases try talking to yourself and assess your reason for keeping them, and ask yourself will you be able to have a physical place for everything. If your answer is positive from all angle, don’t dispose of those items, simple!

2. Stick to a cleaning schedule

If you are a working man/women, maybe spending time on decluttering activity can be very tough for you. But, in weekends if you spend some time going through your home and looked for goods that are useless or unused, then this will prevent clutter in home tremendously.

3. Think before buying extra stuff

Supposedly you have gone out for shopping, don’t start buying anything and everything that is alluring you. Just try to control your craving. For the shopaholics, this is really going to be tough; but there’s no other way than curbing down the unnecessary shopping, in order to prevent clutter in the home.

4. Put things in their right places

Every parent teaches their children to put things in their right places after use. For instance- Most of the parents kept telling their children to play and then keep the toys in their places, isn’t it? Bu sometimes the adults too don’t follow what they preach their kids. Your ability to put things back after using them will keep your home cleaner, and prevent clutter in the home.

5. Teach your family to de-clutter

If you are the only one who’s trying to prevent clutter in house, then it won’t actually help you keep the home completely decluttered; your family members need to join hands in your effort as well to prevent clutter in home. Ask your kids to store and keep things they like in a separate cupboard or a box, and then throw away the other stuff which they haven’t chosen among their ‘liking list’. Similarly, ask the other members to do the same.

Over to you

To prevent clutter in the home, you need not work out all day long picking and tossing unnecessary things in the trash can. Just take a deep breath and follow the above-mentioned ways to prevent clutter in the home. If you feel that you want something much more effective to curb out the clutter, then immediately contact and hire a cleaning service. They know the right tricks to quickly declutter your home and clean it effectively.

But whether you do it yourself or use cleaning services, Its important to stick to a strict cleaning and organizing schedule to prevent clutter in your home. What else one can do to prevent clutter at home? Share your thoughts and ideas by commenting below.

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