How to Protect Furniture from Termites This Monsoon

Monsoon is a season which has both positive and negative traits. This season brings along with it drops of relief after a sweaty summer, as well as numberless pests in the house that will not just bite and irritate us, but will also harm some of our household furniture because termites usually feed on wood, leaf litter or soil.

Most of the common pests like cockroaches, ants and termites become active in monsoon season. Especially termites are one of the pests which are very active during monsoons and within a few days it could cause massive damage to your property, especially furniture items.

They are not only active during monsoon, but also come up with mud tubes all around the home. Termites are known as silent destroyers because of their ability to quickly and quietly do serious damages to your house.

Protect Furniture from Termites This Monsoon

As the weather pattern changes, termites settle down in your home and you may never know until you find the wood riddled with holes. But fortunately there are ways to protect furniture from termites and it’s not difficult when you know how to do it.

5 ways to protect furniture from termites during monsoon

It is very important to go for termite treatment of their entire house, and take necessary precautions to keep them away. This will help you protect your furniture and house from deadly termites.

Repair leakage

Ensure that you do not have damp areas and surfaces in your home. And if you have one, please treat it as soon as possible. The leakages in your house will not just make your walls damp, it will also destroy the wall paint and will attract a lot of termites too because they love dampness. Damp walls to some accidents as well, if your wall has connectivity to some electrical wires then be careful. Treat the leakage as soon as possible.

Destroy the termite nest

Ensure that you destroy the termite nests underground and in the soil with anti-termite treatment. If you investigate properly, then its not difficult to find their nests. Its better to not go for this step on your own. Call a pest control agency; they will work better than you.

Cover the cracks

If there is any hole or crack in your residence’s wall, then do cover it. The holes and the cracks are a source for the termites to get into your house. You should also look for holes and cracks in your furniture and other wooden items and seal it properly to keep termites away.

Keep away moisture

As mentioned earlier, termites are attracted towards the dampness and moisture which is caused due to leakages in the wall, or even by blockage of sewerage pipe. Keep the any source of water away from the foundation and have a protection platform.

Keep your surrounding clean

The sources of termite food like the wooden cardboard, paper and other wooden products should be eliminated in and around the apartment. However, ensure that you treat all the wooden objects with anti-termite treatment. Also ensure that you close the entry point of termites.


It is really very essential to destroy termites and their mud homes. Termites are not only wood destroyers; they also destroy the foundation of a house. Just imagine about their dangerous power! If you have termites in your home do not wait to kill them. Or else, they’ll feed on your door, windows and wooden furniture. So it’s essential to take precautions and measures to protect your house from termites. If you are too occupied and don’t know how to deal with these termites, you may also contact the pest control agency that has expertise in termite control. They have the perfect and specialized methods to kill termites and stop infestation. You may easily find a professionally competent pest control agency in your city and even use this platform to hire one.

Termites’ infestation can be terribly bad for your house and if you ignore them in the beginning then it may cost way more than what it would cost for termite control services.

What are your plans to protect your house from termites this monsoon?

Image source: wikipedia

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