Rates of Pest Control Services in Hyderabad (Starting at Rs.550)

The weather of Hyderabad is favorable for most of the pests, and probably that is why we often find pests like cockroaches, bed bugs and termites most often at our home. While in most cases, the pest problem can be controlled using the natural ingredients or by simply keeping the household clean and tidy, many times the problem of pests reaches a serious level where the individual has to get some professional help. Luckily the pest control services in Hyderabad are very apt and the methods and technologies they use can help in eradicating the pests of all kind like bed bugs, termites, cockroaches etc.

And if you need pest control service but you want to know the rates of pest control services in Hyderabad, then here’s the post worth checking.

Rates of Pest Control Services in Hyderabad
Rates of Pest Control Services in Hyderabad

We receive hundreds of calls every month from Hyderabad where the caller is looking for pest control services. Thankfully we are able to help them all by connecting them to relevant local pest control companies. One of the most frequently ask questions from our users in Hyderabad is about the rates and charges of various pest control services in Hyderabad. All of them want to know the rates of pest control services in Hyderabad for different kind of pest treatments, and hence this post.

If you are from Hyderabad, and you are wondering about the rates of pest control services in Hyderabad, then here’s the post worth checking. As today I am going to share everything worth knowing about pest control services and standard rates and charges for pest control services in Hyderabad.

When you talk to a professional pest control service provider and ask about their quote, they first try to understand your requirements and then suggest a quote and share their rate chart.

And probably that’s the best way to get the most accurate idea of price and rates of various pest control services in India. But if you are after a tentative standard rate chart to get some idea of pest removal service charges, then that’s what we are going to discuss in this post.

And to help you, I will today talk in details about Hyderabad pest control service rates and help you on how to get best price offers from top rated local pest control companies in Hyderabad.

The increasing problem of pests in the household has increased the need of pest control services in Hyderabad. And, with so much of demand, Hyderabad has seen a rise in the number of pest control companies over the past few years.

Now, that is a good thing on one hand, but on the other hand, with so many companies around, there is an increased amount of risk of you falling into the hands of not so competent pest control companies.

To avoid these hassles and confusion, it is very important for you to not get lured by the very cheap rates and concentrate on companies that charge you as per the market standards. And, to get all of these done, it is urgent that you do a little bit of study about the average rates charged by the pest control companies for various types of pest eradication service in Hyderabad.

Pest control services in Hyderabad rates and prices

Before I share the pest control service rates in Hyderabad, Let me tell you that these are the standard rates that may easily vary from company to company. Different companies charge differently for their services, obviously because of the quality of overall service, techniques and products used, expertise of the operators and so on.

Starting from the brands, to the years of experience to the methods and techniques used, to the size of the home (property) to the kind of pest control you are asking for etc. all matters a lot. But, the basic, that is the general rates are all the same for the pest control services in Hyderabad.

So, if you study about the standard rates, you will get enough idea regarding the budget you need to prepare for and then accordingly make the move. Below is mentioned the list of approximate rates that the pest control companies in Hyderabad charge. Take a look.

Rates for general pest control in Hyderabad

For general pest control services in Hyderabad, the rates (tentative) are as follows:

  • In case of 1 RK (up to 300 sq.ft.)- Rs. 550 to Rs. 1000
  • In case of 1 BHK (300 – 600 sq.ft.) flat- Rs. 800 to Rs. 1100
  • In case of 2 BHK (601 to 1100 sq.ft.) flat- Rs. 950 to Rs. 1250
  • In case of 3 BHK (1101 to 1500 sq.ft.)- Rs. 950 to Rs. 1800
  • In case of an office or a commercial property- Rs. 1 or 1.5 per sq.ft.

The pest control services in Hyderabad charges are pretty standard. Obviously, if any company takes too much of a high cost, it will run short of customers after sometimes.

So, please try to make the selection based on the standard rates and avoid the companies that offer you with extremely cheap rates. Firstly, they may be fraud and secondly, there are not that efficient, so be careful.

Talking about the pest control service charges in Hyderabad, the kind of pest issues you are having at home is also a big factor behind the rates charged by the companies. In other words, Hyderabad climate favors the growth of many different kind of pests, so the kind of pest you are wanting to eradicate is a deciding factor.

Like for example, there are separate rates for termites treatment, for cockroach treatment, for bed bug treatment etc. So, it is advisable that you have knowledge on such rates as well. To help you out, I have already jotted down a list, check the rates and use them for your benefit.

Rates for 1 BHK Pest Control in Hyderabad

  • Bed Bugs Treatment- Rs.1,100-Rs.1,850
  • Bees Treatment- Rs.750-1,000
  • Cockroach Treatment- Rs.800-1,200
  • Lizard Treatment- Rs. 500-850
  • Mosquito Treatment- Rs. 1,500-1,850
  • Termite Treatment- Rs.1,250-1,850

Rates for 2 BHK Pest Control in Hyderabad

  • Bed Bugs Treatment- Rs.2,000-Rs.2,550
  • Bees Treatment- Rs.800-1,250
  • Cockroach Treatment- Rs.950-1,600
  • Lizard Treatment- Rs.900-1,550
  • Mosquito Treatment- Rs. 1,500-2,550
  • Termite Treatment- Rs.1,650-3,000

Rates for 3 BHK Pest Control in Hyderabad

  • Bed Bugs Treatment- Rs.2,500-Rs.2,850
  • Bees Treatment- Rs.1,150-1,850
  • Cockroach Treatment- Rs.1,550-2,000
  • Lizard Treatment- Rs.1,200-1,850
  • Mosquito Treatment- Rs. 2,200-4,000
  • Termite Treatment- Rs.2,200-4,000

How to get best pest control services in Hyderabad?

There are many pest control companies in Hyderabad. If you want to know about them, then you have to google, literally go through every profile, take note of each and every review and then decide whom to go for. Time consuming, isn’t? See, the old technique of finding companies by searching every profile is good but the amount of time and effort you have to put is really a lot and then there is also no guarantee that you will find out the best company while searching randomly.

So, what is the best alternate method? Well, here also you need to use the internet but in a smart way. You just have to contact online platforms like ServiceSutra to quickly receive free quotes and offers from three of the leading pest control companies in Hyderabad, who are available locally and can even meet you to give a quotation.

Moreover, servicesutra can also help you locate companies from your own area. This is possible because we enlisted pest control companies from all over Hyderabad. In short, there are companies from Kukatpally to Nizampet Road to Miyapur to Toli Chowki to Chanda Nagar and other residential and industrial areas in Hyderabad.

The pest control companies are widely spread across all of the areas and suburbs of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. So, there is high chance that you will be able to get hold of a company that is locally available in your neighborhood within Hyderabad. Isn’t that great?

Feel free to call our helpline number 07044123404 or create a request to get free estimates online. You’ll be contacted soon by best of the service providers and they will offer their best price offers to compare and choose from.

So, if you are looking for pest control services in Hyderabad, and want to get most competent and accurate price estimates, then get started by creating a request now! It’ll help you save time, efforts and money for free.

Over to you

Pest control is a continuous process and in most cases, it is easier to get rid of pests using natural ingredients and do it yourself techniques. But when the pest infestation is deep, then it’s always better to call professional pest control companies. With the increasing level of pest infestation, it is always safer to hire the professionals and eradicate the pest issues completely than trying on your own.

Luckily, Hyderabad has a lot of pest control service providers who are widely scattered all over the city. And, with ServiceSutra, at your service, the route to reach them is faster, cheaper and easier. The rates are also reasonable and as per the market standards.

The rates for pest control in Hyderabad start from Rs. 550.00 only, but based on the area and kind of treatment you may require, the charges may be different. I have already talked about rates and prices of various pest control service for different size of home and offices. You can easily use this rate pest control rate chart to figure out a tentative cost for the treatment at your home or office.

But if you are looking to get the most accurate estimates, then the best way to get that right is by creating a request for free estimates. And you can use our platform to get no obligation quotations for all types of pest removal services in Hyderabad, Secunderabad and other major cities in India.

Have you ever hired a pest control company in Hyderabad? How much did it cost and how was the quality of the service?

Feel free to share your experience by commenting below!

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