Price and Rates Chart for Pest Control in Bangalore, Karnataka

Are you tired of pests and looking to hire a pest control company in Bangalore that can help eradicate all types of pests and bugs from your home or office? Well, there are hundreds of professionally managed and locally available pest control companies in Bangalore that you can choose from. But as you know, rates and prices of pest control services can easily vary based on the kind of treatment you need and the service provider you choose to work with, knowing about standard rates and charges of pest control services in Bangalore can help you save money and choose the rightly placed service provider. Don’t you think so? Well, if you are planning to hire a pest control company in Bangalore and you are not sure about cost, price and wondering about some standard rate chart for pest control in Bangalore then read on this post, as I am going to share the standard rate chart for pest control in Bangalore to help you take an informed decision while hiring pest control services for cockroach, bed bugs, termites etc.

Price and Rates Chart for Pest Control in Bangalore
Price and Rates Chart for Pest Control in Bangalore

Bangalore is probably the fastest growing city in India, being the best destination to startup a new technology business to becoming the house of major multinational companies, Bangalore is one happening city in India. Thousands of people are relocating to Bangalore these days for studies and to shape up their career in different fields. Although this city has grown a lot, it has not been able to eradicate its problem of pest issues which seems to haunt its residents every day.

With the increasing problem of pests, a greater number of people are falling ill. However, the good thing is, today, we have a lot of professional pest control companies here in Bangalore who are efficient enough to eradicate the pests and bugs from your home and office. So, if you are tired of pest infestation, all you have to do is to reach out to them and ask for the help. But, you know what, to eradicate the pest completely from your home or office, you need to get hold of one of the best and the efficient pest control companies, and for that you got to get some idea of the price and rates of various pest control services in Bangalore, Karnataka.  As having some idea of costs and the process may help you deal with the service providers much smartly.

There are many who believe that the problem of pest can be solved by using the commercial products available in the market. But, then, one must be aware of the health hazards they can cause, and hence one should think twice before trying to do it on their own.

As far as the natural ingredients for DIY pest control and keeping the household clean is concerned, it is definitely a way to combat pest problems. But when things have got out of hand, it is always recommended that you get help from a professional pest control company in Bangalore or any other city where you live in.

It is true that you will have to spend a few extra bucks by hiring a professional, but I personally believe that the safety of the family members is of utmost importance and so one must never compromise with that.

I personally believe in DIY approach and like to take control in my hands, where possible. But for services like a termite treatment or bedbug’s eradication from home, I know it is best left to the trained and expert professionals and hence I never try to do in on my own. And most importantly, using professional pest control services in Bangalore or in other cities in India, is not a costly affair anymore. There are hundreds of companies out there and so there is a lot of competition between them.

But then, you should have some prior idea of the costs and prices of pest control services in Bangalore to bargain the better rates from a local company. When you have the idea or know of standard rates and charge for various pest control services, you will most likely be able to crack a competent deal when hiring pest control companies.

So, instead of pondering on the fact that you have to spend a little more, try to get updated regarding the standard market rates of the companies so that you can turn tables into your favor while dealing and bargaining with them.

Pest control services in Bangalore rate chart

There is a huge demand for general pest control services at home, offices and industries in Bangalore, naturally the number of pest control companies in Bangalore have increased accordingly.

Most of the pest control companies in Bangalore today use the latest equipments, tools and techniques for integrated pest management. If you are planning to hire a pest control service to get rid of the pests at home or your office, but you are not sure about the rates and prices, then I have got you covered.

Now, talking about rates of pest control service in Bangalore, I am happy to share standard rate chart. But at the same time, I would also like you to know that actual rates and price of pest control in Bangalore will depend on various parameters including the company you are working with, materials being used, techniques and level of infestation etc. So, please do not make the mistake of thinking them to be final as the final rates the companies charge depend on many other factors.

Starting from the brand of the company to the number of years they have been serving to the methods you want for getting your pest control treatment done to the size of your home etc. all of these matters a lot before you get the final bill you have to pay.

But, on an average basis, the budget resolves around the list of rates that I have mentioned below. So, if you proceed keeping these price ranges in mind, I am hopeful you will not have to face too much of pricing issues.

Rate chart for general pest control in Bangalore

General pest control is more about preventive measure than eradicating infested area. Ideally, one should opt for general pest control every quarter to prevent any type of pest infestation at home or office.

Listed below are the charges for the general pest control services in Bangalore, Karnataka:

  • General pest control in 1 RK (up to 300 sq.ft) – Rs. 600 to Rs. 1100
  • General pest control in 1 BHK (300 – 600 sq.ft.) – Rs. 900 to Rs. 1050
  • General pest control in 2 BHK (601 to 1100 sq.ft.) – Rs. 950 to Rs. 1300
  • General pest control in 3 BHK (1101 to 1500 sq.ft) – Rs. 950 to Rs. 1700
  • General pest control in office and commercial properties- Rs. 1 to 1.5 per sq.ft.

The above charges are for general pest control services. But, the type of pest you want to get rid of is also a deciding factor as far as rates are concerned. This is because many a times, the methods and the technologies that are effective for a particular pest or bug may not be perfectly suitable when it comes to eradicating some other pest or bug. So, the kind of pest your home is affected with is also a thing to consider when it comes to the rates charged by the companies.

Apart from general pest control services, the pest control companies offer many specialized treatments like termite treatment, bed bugs removal, cockroach removal, etc. Charges for each of these specialized treatments are going to be different.

Listed below is the rate chart for various types of specialized pest treatment services in Bangalore.

Rates chart for termite treatment in Bangalore

Termite infestation can quickly damage your property, especially the wooden furniture and accessories that made of wood like wardrobes, bed, tables, chairs, windows, door etc. Thankfully professional pest exterminators can offer termite treatment and help you eradicate it completely. Listed below is the standard rate chart for termite treatments in Bangalore.

  • 1 RK termite treatment (up to 300 sq.ft.)- Rs. 600 to Rs. 950
  • 1 BHK termite treatment (300 – 600 sq.ft.) – Rs. 800 to Rs. 1150
  • 2 BHK termite treatment (601 to 1100 sq.ft.) – Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3100
  • 3 BHK termite treatment (1101 to 1500 sq.ft.)- Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3550
  • Termite treatment for commercial properties- Rs. 1 to Rs. 1.5 per sq.ft

Rates chart for bed bug treatment in Bangalore

Apart from hurting you physically and making your night sleepless, bed bugs can cause huge social embarrassment. You can also try and eradicate bed bugs using various remedies like sun drying your bedding. But when you engage a professional pest control company for bed bugs treatment, you are bound to get quicker and better results in killing bed bugs. Listed below are the standard rates for bed bugs removal services in Bangalore.

  • Bedbug treatment 1 RK (up to 300 sq.ft.)- Rs. 550 to Rs. 850
  • Bedbug treatment 1 BHK (300 – 600 sq.ft.) – Rs. 700 to Rs. 1250
  • Bedbug treatment 2 BHK (601 to 1100 sq.ft.) – Rs. 1000 to Rs.1600
  • Bedbug treatment 3 BHK (1101 to 1500 sq.ft.)- Rs. 1150 to Rs. 1600
  • Bedbug treatment commercial property- Rs. 1 to Rs. 1.5 per sq.ft

Rates chart for cockroach treatment in Bangalore

Cockroach infestation in your kitchen and bedbugs is simply unhygienic and it creates unhealthy and awful environment around you. There are ways to deal with cockroaches, but engaging a professional pest control expert can help you eradicate it completely in no time. Listed below are the rates and prices for cockroach removal and pest control services in Bangalore.

  • 1 RK cockroach removal (up to 300 sq.ft.)- Rs. 500 to Rs. 900
  • 1 BHK cockroach removal (300 – 600 sq.ft.) – flat- Rs. 800 to Rs. 1300
  • 2 BHK cockroach removals (601 to 1100 sq.ft.) – Rs. 1100 to Rs. 1400
  • 3 BHK cockroach removals (1101 to 1500 sq.ft.)- Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1650
  • Commercial property cockroach removal – Rs. 1 to Rs. 1.5 per sq.ft

Get best rates for pest control in Bangalore

As you know, the demands for pest control services have increased many folds in Bangalore in recent time and that is the reason there are so many pest control companies here in Bangalore. Naturally, finding and choosing a local company that can offer good rates and eradicate the pest completely may be confusing, especially if you have no prior experience of working with a pest control company.

But then, there are smarter ways to get it right.

Obviously, the best proven ways to get best deal on any service is to compare rates from a couple of different service providers. And here in this case, I suggest you to do the same, but in smarter ways.

Instead of searching and calling random pest control companies, you can simply use smart estimate option on servicesutra. Just by submitting your basic contact details and requirements, you can receive free call back and offers from three of the leading pest control agencies in Bangalore. Servicesutra have on boarded best pest control companies from all across Bangalore, starting from BTM Layout to HSR Layout to Indira Nagar to Malleswaram to Jayanagar and other localities.

Getting free price estimates and rate chart from leading pest control companies in Bangalore is faster and easier with servicesutra. Just call us on 07044123404 or submit the basic quote request form to get started for free now. You will be ready with quotes and offers within 15-20 minutes of posting your requirements.

Over to you: how do you find rates of pest control in Bangalore?

The issue of pests at home or office is not uncommon. Apart from being intolerable and unhygienic, pest can cause damages to your reputation and properties. And if you are pissed off with pests like termites, bed bugs, cockroaches etc and considering to hire pest control companies, then having prior ideas of rates and prices can help you in big way. When you have a general idea of rates and prices for various pest control services, you are most likely to crack better deal when hiring an agency to perform pest treatment. Similarly, when you have no idea of rates and charges, and you don’t even compare rates, you may end up paying more to a mediocre service provider. So a little bit of precaution and information can help you in big way.

General pest control starts from as low as Rs. 5500.00 for 1 rook kitchen in Bangalore and it can go up to Rs. 1500-1700 for a standard 3 BK flat of 1100 to 15 square feet. Rates usually vary based on area, kind of chemicals and treatment procedure. Sometimes, it may require multiple sessions to eradicate pest completely and hence, it’s always better to discuss the requirement, analyse the severity of infestation and then take proper quotation for the pest removal services.

I have also shared standard rate chart for other pest treatments like bed bugs removal, termite treatment and cockroach pest control services in Bangalore and hope it’ll help you take an informed decision. Apart from sharing rates and prices, I have also shared ideas on how to bargain for the best deal for pest removal services and hope it’ll help you save money, time and of course eradicate pests from your home or office.

What else do you think one should do to get best rate for pest control services in Bangalore, Karnataka? How do you bargain for the best deal in pest control service in Bangalore?

Feel free to share and comment below!

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