Rooftop Gardening: 5 simple steps to setup a rooftop garden

People nowadays tend to have limited space due to the modern urban structures. I believe that limited space should not erase your passion for gardening because if not in the backyard, rooftop gardening is always an option. Where there is a will, there is a way. You may not have a proper garden, but if you wish to start gardening and have access to your roof (usually available in independent houses), you can start rooftop gardening. You can use this rooftop to follow your passion of gardening. Rooftop gardening can help you make your unused and empty space look beautiful and lively. But while doing rooftop gardening, there are a few things that must be kept in mind and that’s what we’ll be discussing in this post.

How I started rooftop gardening

I have a two-storeyed house, and the space beside the house is used up by the garage. So I have designed a garden on my rooftop, thus utilizing the empty space. Based on my experience, here are the 5 most essential things worth knowing about starting a rooftop garden.

Rooftop Gardening

Check feasibility

Before you plan for a rooftop garden, make sure it is possible to be done. You should consult a structural engineer and check whether your roof is strong enough to hold a garden. The width of the roof, how much weight your roof can hold, all these things should be taken into consideration. You should also look into the matter whether you are legally allowed to construct a rooftop garden. Suppose you did a rooftop garden and after that you come to know that rooftop gardening is prohibited, then it will be a big mess. You must ensure that constructing a rooftop garden is not going to affect your house.

Planting containers

You should use as little weight as you can. You can use fiber glass, plastic or foam planting containers, as these are not that heavy. You can use potting soil and avoid garden dirt. Garden dirt is heavier than potting soil. You can use containers and planters to furnish your garden.

Availability of water and proper drainage

While you are planning for a rooftop garden, you should take care about the easy availability of water. You cannot lift multiple buckets of water on your rooftop for watering the plants and flowers. The drainage is also another very important concern that you should look at. You must avoid water logging on the roof as this will not only affect the garden but also your house. Water logging may dampen the walls of your house, therefore you must avoid it. You can consult the plumber for constructing a proper drainage system if required.

Apply windbreaks

You must keep in mind that the rooftop tends to be windier than a normal space on the ground. So you should apply windbreaks to control the flow of the wind and to protect your plants. But keep in mind that the windbreaks are used to reduce the wind flow, not stop it from flowing. Trellises or latticed windbreaks work well for rooftop garden but you can use anything. The idea is to protect plants from heavy winds.

Plan the layout of your rooftop garden

You must plan the layout and design of the garden. The number of plants, the types of plants, everything you must decide before hand. Do not try to fill up the garden space with plants. You can leave some space solely for a green carpet of grass. Each and every corner of the space does not have to be covered with plants. You can leave some space where you can take a walk bare footed on the green grass.

To conclude

Rooftop garden is trending in the modern urban culture. The rooftop garden enhances the beauty of your home as a whole. I will like to add that the guests, like my neighbors and relatives, are visiting my house more often to enjoy my rooftop garden. The garden also helps you to keep your house cooler. Sometimes I even stand near the window of my room and enjoy the fragrance of the flowers of my garden. Rooftop gardening will always give you the touch of Mother Nature, even if you are staying amidst concrete city life. You may also like to check this post to know about using plants to decorate interior of the house.

I hope this post has given you an insight of how to do build a rooftop garden. These are some of the essential tips for doing rooftop gardening.

Happy Gardening!

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