List of 50 House Cleaning Tips to Clean Every Room Fast and Easily

Everybody loves to live in a healthy and hygienic environment. But you might often feel lazy in doing house cleaning work either due to your busy schedule or you just want to spend your leisure time with your kids or spouse. But trust me there are several cool ideas that you can apply to efficiently clean your house without much hassle.

In this post, I am going to share approx 50 house cleaning tips to help you get started with house cleaning. I have divided this post in to several sections or room wise house cleaning tips. You can also do it to keep your spirits high. Let’s start with the kitchen then drawing room and finally bathroom. I am putting bathroom at last so that you can take a shower directly after all the cleaning work.

House cleaning tips and ideas

House Cleaning Tips: Kitchen

  • Do sanitize your sponges to maintain proper hygiene as they can spread bacteria through your utensils.
  • Combine vinegar and baking soda to efficiently unclog and deodorize drains. It is better than using commercial drain cleaners for cleaning your pipes.
  • Pour 1/2 cup baking soda followed by 1 cup vinegar into the drain. When the foaming subsides, flush with hot tap water.
  • Wait for five more minutes, and then flush again with cold water. Besides clearing blockages, it will also wash away the bacteria responsible for the pungent odor.
  • You can get rid of smoke odor by placing a shallow bowl about three-quarters full of white or cider vinegar in the room where the scent is strongest.
  • You can also use the same technique to remove the smell of fresh cigarette smoke inside a room by moistening a cloth with vinegar and waving it around a bit.
  • To deodorize lunch boxes you can soak a slice of white bread in white vinegar and leave it in the lunchbox overnight. The smell should be gone by morning.
  • Take care of your microwave in clean it by placing a glass bowl filled with a solution of 1/4 cup vinegar in 1 cup water inside; heat the mixture for around five minutes.
  • Once the bowl cools down, dip a cloth or sponge into the liquid and use it to wipe away stains and splatters on the interior.
  • Don’t forget to clean wipe your wood cutting boards or butcher block countertop with full-strength white vinegar after each use it will help you to disinfect them.
  • The acetic acid in the vinegar is a good disinfectant; it is very effective against harmful infections like E. coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus.
  • Never use water and dishwashing detergent on your wood cutting boards or butcher block, because it can weaken surface wood fibers.
  • To deodorize and disinfect your wooden cutting surface, spread some baking soda over it and then spray on undiluted white vinegar.
  • Let it foam and bubble for five to ten minutes, and then rinse with a cloth dipped in clean cold water.
  • For cleaning your refrigerator you can use vinegar. It is even more effective and safe cleanser for your refrigerator than baking soda.
  • Use equal parts white vinegar and water to wash both the interior and exterior of your fridge, including the door gasket and the fronts of the vegetable and fruit bins.
  • To prevent mildew growth, wash the inside walls and bin interiors with some full-strength vinegar on a cloth.
  • Use undiluted vinegar to wipe off accumulated dust and grime on top of your refrigerator.
  • You can put that box of baking soda inside your refrigerator to keep it smelling clean when you’re done.
  • To clean a tea kettle, eliminate lime and mineral deposits inside it; bring 3 cups of white vinegar, boil for five minutes and leave it in the kettle overnight. Rinse out with cold water the next day.

House Cleaning Tips: Living & Drawing room

  • Clean fan blades with some spare pillow cases, use one of them to slide onto the blades of your ceiling fans, and then wipe the blades off inside the case. No more dust in your face!
  • To remove pet hair from your carpet you can use your old squeegee. It can come in handy for this purpose other than cleaning your windows squeaky clean.
  • Although rubber gloves can also serve the same purpose. The pet hair will stick to it like magnet sticks to iron dust.
  • To clean regular stains from your carpet generally due to soft drink spills, pet stains etc. You can try squirting some common cleanser that you use to clean glass or wooden surface.
  • Then put a dry cloth over the stain where you have applied the cleanser, and put your Iron over it for a minute or half.
  • Repeat the process few times; finally the stain will be removed completely.
  • To fix scratches and cleaning old tables you can use a mixture of 1/2 cup vinegar with 1/2 cup of olive oil. It will work like magic. Just try it once.
  • To remove white marks from your dinning / drawing table (generally due to putting hot cups over its surface or hot tea or coffee spills may be) you can use your iron to completely remove them.
  • Just put some folded linen napkins over the surface where the marks lie. The idea is to put several layers of cloth to stabilize the heat effect of iron.
  • Iron over the napkins in a gentle manner for 15 seconds. Remove the napkins; your marks are gone, vanished like magic!
  • To clean your room’s glass windows you can use homemade cleanser solution consisting of vinegar, water, and dish soap mixture. Spray the solution on your windows.
  • Gently use a white cloth to wipe it. Then dry and buff your windows with a wadded up newspaper.
  • To clean your window blinds you can take equal parts of vinegar and lukewarm water in a bowl. Slip an old sock on your hand; wipe it once while it is dry.
  • Then dip the sock into the solution and wipe all the grimy dirt away. When your sock gets really dirty, rinse it in some clean water and repeat the cleaning process.
  • To remove permanent marks by marker pens and other rigid marks you can try applying toothpaste over the area, take a damp washcloth and then rub like crazy to get rid of them.
  • Keep your pets out from the sensitive zone – If you want to keep Snowball and Fluffy out of the kids’ playroom, or discourage them from using your favorite easy chair as a scratching post.
  • Sprinkle some full-strength distilled white vinegar around the area or onto the object itself. Cats don’t like the smell of vinegar and will avoid it.

House Cleaning Tips: Bathroom

  • To discourage mildew growth in the bathroom, increase the amount of air circulation and light to decrease moisture.
  • Use fans during the shower and for roughly 30 minutes after, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and open windows.
  • To remove grout you can use homemade grout cleaning recipe of 3/4 cup of baking soda 1/4 cup of bleach an old toothbrush or a scrub brush to clean.
  • To clean the shower head you can pour distilled white vinegar in a plastic baggy and secure it to the shower head with a rubber band. Let it soak for 1 hour. Wipe clean with a wet cloth.
  • It’s an easy fix for a clogged shower head! finally, dab a rag into the bag of vinegar and shine up the fixtures.
  • To clean your toothbrush in 15 minutes you can soak it in white vinegar, it’s a better solution than boiling the tooth brush.
  • Though boiling will kill all the germs in the tooth brush but it loosens it bristles that eventually results in damaging the brush completely.
  • To clean nail polish spills (it’s a disaster!) from your bathroom tiles, you need to act fast as the longer it sit, the harder it is to clean it.
  • Pour nail polish remover over the spill and let it sit for a minute. Then wipe it up with paper towels. Then scrub the floor with a magic eraser to remove any stains that are still there.
  • For extra stubborn stains spray a little hair spray and let it sit for few minutes. Then wipe clean with paper towels. When the polish is removed clean the whole area with soapy warm water.
  • Turn your hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle! Just replace the bottle cap with a spray bottle head. This stuff is good for cleaning all sorts of things like windows, tubs, and toilets.

Over to you

Whether you like it or not, responsibility of cleaning your house and surroundings is on you. And what is better than keeping your house clean and hygienic. When you keep your house and surrounding clean, the society will become cleaner and that’s how you can contribute on Swachh Bharat Mission. You can do it yourself or book professional cleaning services offered by facility management companies in India.

How are you contributing in Swachh Bharat Mission??

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