Quick and Simple Home Shifting Tips for effortless home shifting

Moving a house with all of your household goods require proper planning. There is no doubt about the fact that it’s a complicated process, where you need to do too many things in order to ensure that all your goods are safe and secured. And if you lack planning, many hazardous situations may arise which can increase your tensions too. A tiny error in the plan can result in big losses, and damages to your precious goods. Therefore, you need to relax, take deep breaths and start planning for the shifting when you have ample amount of time in hand. The more delay you do, the more it’ll result in panic and hotchpotch.

Quick and Simple Home Shifting TipsFor those who are confused and can’t plan well, here are a few easy and quick home shifting tips that anyone can follow, in order to move a house effortlessly:

  1. First think wisely and question yourself, do you really need to hire a mover to move your house? Or do you want to do it yourself? The answer of this question completely depends on the volume of your goods.
  2. If you have decided to hire a movers and packers company, then before searching the contacts in directories or the internet, get some recommendations from your friends , colleagues and other family members if they have an experience of hiring such a service.
  3. Talk to few movers and packers companies, atleast three to four of them and get quotations.
  4. Invite or request the movers to come over to your home, in order to see and scrutinize all the goods that you want to shift.
  5. Get quotations, and then compare and evaluate all the movers and their offers.
  6. Hire a mover and schedule everything with the mover according to your convenience and get started.
  7. If you have decided to move on your own by doing every task yourself, then make a list of all the packing materials that are required.
  8. After buying the necessary packing materials, start packing all the goods one by one and room wise.
  9. Once the packing is over, hire a truck service and some labours along with it who can help in loading and unloading heavy goods, furniture, and appliances.
  10. Get everything transported.

When you are moving or shifting to a new house, your task is not only to shift all the goods, but there are plenty of other small tasks as well that are to be done, which are often forgotten by everyone. So, here are some tiny tasks that you must do along with packing all the stuffs before relocating:

  1. Whether you have decided to hire a movers and packers company, or you are doing it yourself, make sure to buy adequate amount of insurance for your goods before moving to a new house in the same city or a new one.
  2. If you are doing everything yourself, don’t rush. Plan everything well before starting the packing task, and pack one room at a time so that you can do it easily without any hassle.
  3. Even if the packers and movers are packing and shifting your goods, try supervising their activities yourself.
  4. Pay all of your pending bills to local services, and stop all the local subscriptions such as newspaper, milkman, gardener and etc.
  5. Let your neighbors and relatives know that you are moving to a new place.
  6. Start changing your address, and redirect subscriptions if any.
  7. Find a good school for your kids in the city, where you are about to move.
  8. Arrange accommodation in the new home before moving in, and take keys if possible so that you can move as per your convenience.
  9. Make sure to get your house cleaned properly (both current home and new home)
  10. Handover the keys of the current home to the owner, or the care-taker if you were dwelling till date in a rented flat/house.

Over to you

Hope these home shifting tips will help you to relocate without any hassle to your new home. Just follow the mentioned tips step by step, and you’ll see that your packing and moving task has been done at ease. If you want to hire a packer and mover service to pack and shift smoothly, then you can request for quotes in our site. Do you have any other tips to share? Then share it with everyone in the comment box below.


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