Guide to Interior Designing and Decorating Your Home

Guide to Interior Designing and Decorating Your HomeInterior designing and decorating is basically the process of designing and decorating the space. The idea is to make an empty flat or any space for that matter fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. Interior designing and interior decorating is commonly used as one, but these are two different tasks. Continue reading Guide to Interior Designing and Decorating Your Home

How Much Does an Interior Designer Charge in India?

How much does an interior designer charge in India?If you have purchased a flat or planning to buy one, you may be wondering about the cost of interior designing services. How much does an interior designer charge to design and furnish a 2 or 3 BHK flat? This is probably the first generic question that you may like to ask. We often receive such question on rates and charges of interior designers and home furnishing. And that’s why this post, where I want to give you a good overview of the costs and charges of interior designers in major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi NCR. Continue reading How Much Does an Interior Designer Charge in India?

Interior Designer for Home – 10 Benefits of Hiring a Pro

Interior designer for home - benefits of hiring a proWe receive lots of queries from users like you about the benefits of hiring an interior designer for home. Most of them are unable to figure out whether they should hire a professional designer or take the Do-it-yourself approach of designing and decorating their homes. Some time they believe that hiring Interior designers may cost lots of money and if they design and decorate their house on their own, they can get it done for less, which is not true. Getting inspired from the images available on internet is not all that easy unless you are very much creative and you find an equally competent contractor. Continue reading Interior Designer for Home – 10 Benefits of Hiring a Pro

Frequently Asked Questions on Hiring Interior Designers in India

FAQ on hiring interior designers in IndiaInterior designing is a booming field where lots and lots of professionals are enjoying profitable business. There are many people who are hiring professional experts in making their homes beautiful. Are you planning to do the same? If yes, then I will appreciate your taste of decency. They are experts and you must settle for none but experts. But again, there are other things to ponder upon. You cannot just invest your money in any interior designing company, and before you finalize the deal, there are certain important things worth knowing when hiring an interior designer in India. Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions on Hiring Interior Designers in India

How to Save Money on Interior Designing in India

Ways to save money on interior designing in IndiaWhile the interior designing industry is booming in India and all over the world, the people showing interests in designing their homes and offices by experts are also rising immensely. And we have overcome the popular myth that the interior designing in India is an expensive affair and it is meant for the rich and wealthy people. Interior designing is not too expensive these days and there are smarter hacks that one can use to save money on interior designing for home and offices in India. Continue reading How to Save Money on Interior Designing in India

Basics of Interior Designing and Interior Decoration

When it comes to designing, no mortal is without an idea how to design their own home, however little that may be. So even if you hire a pro interior designer, you must know the basics of interior design and what they encompass.

Five basic elements are involved to make the basic sketch of any form of designing. They are- color, form, line, mass, texture. Each one has its own attribute and together they create a rhythmic effect in the creation that reflects on our minds as well. Here in this post, I am going to give you a good understanding of some of the basics of interior designing and interior decoration.

Just as atoms are building blocks of matter, so are these elements for the room. Once we have identified the elements, the next step to chalk out is to compose them into a definite pattern. It may not be a symmetrical one but there is a strange rhythm even in asymmetrical patterns. Again, the composition is broken down to five basic components. Continue reading Basics of Interior Designing and Interior Decoration

8 Amazing Ideas on Creating More Storage Space in Your Home

Home sweet home – sweetness is an integral part of the home you run to after hard work at your office. Comfort is all that we seek and hence a clear notion always ticks inside our brains that more spacious a room, the more cozy you feel to be in it. Obviously, you need more storage space in your home. But with days passing by, a new home slowly begins to get cluttered with loads of stuff bought to run the daily household tasks and as a matter of fact, there is more of addition than subtraction. Hence it becomes a necessity to fit in the maximum amount of items without having to compromise a lot on the space.

But creating sufficient storage space in your home requires proper planning. If you are planning to do interior designing of your home and you are speaking with the interior designers then I am sure you have received some ideas on creating sufficient storage space in your home. But here are a few essential and amazing ideas that you can use to create more storage space in all of your rooms e.g. living room, bedroom, kitchen, passage etc.

Most people are into making houses with fewer rooms thanks to the high cost of living and emergence of nuclear families. Following are tips provided for a basic number of rooms that an average house would have and how to make the most out of the available spaces. Continue reading 8 Amazing Ideas on Creating More Storage Space in Your Home

Tips for Interior Designing and Decoration of your Home

Interior designing involves lots of planning and creativity. You’ll have to decide so many things, that to all at a time, in order to make your rooms and the house as a totality look beautiful. Right from choosing the right colours for the wall to furniture and their designs, lighting and other decorating elements, you’ll have to choose all of them. If you are planning to decorate your house by yourself, then planning becomes even more important, as everything needs to complement each other and must be perfect. Let us see a few tips that will help you in the Interior decoration of your home.

Decorating Style and Theme

Decorating Style and Theme

Before you start decorating your rooms, it’s very vital for you to decide the theme or the style in which you will be decorating your rooms. If you have any style or a theme in mind, things will be quite easier for you then. For example- the theme for your bedroom could be romantic, or floral and for your kid’s room, it could be bright and based on the cartoon themes such as superheroes (for boys), or Barbies(for girls). So, it is vital to choose a theme according to the rooms, and their utility. Themes could be urban, modern, elegant, classy and etc, depending on your taste, space and budget.

You may also like to go for mix-and-match themes for your home interiors. You may try mixing a couple of themes, and doing it just the way you like. So, it all depends on you your choice and creativity.

Choosing a Colours Scheme

Colours are a very important part of decorating a room as they can make, or break the entire decoration. So, choosing the right colour for each and every element is very vital for interior design. There are various colour shades available in the market, so you can choose any of them. You can also take opinions from an Interior Designer, or your family members.

Other Decorating Elements

Decorative elements like flowerpots, paintings, lights, antiques and etc, are equally important. Without decorative items, any house would look very empty and boring. But, you must make sure that those decorative items should go well with the theme of the room.

Over to you

These tips will definitely help you in planning and decorating your home, but still, you should always take opinions and recommendations from your family members, and local interior designers. They may suggest better decorative ideas. And interior designers are the best option because they know about the latest Interior Designing trends.