Sign of Termite Infestation and Remedies for Termite Control

Termites are one of the most dangerous pests that can reside in your residence. Well, they don’t really harm humans by biting or injecting harmful diseases like the mosquitoes, or spread bacterial diseases like the cockroaches. But, what they do is harm your home to a tremendous level. However, with a thorough research done on termites, it has been discovered that the soldier termites (one species of termite) bite humans, but only when handled. Otherwise, they only bite wood and feed on other insects, but they do not bite people.

The thought of your house being largely damaged by termite infestation, instantly evokes a fear in mind and heart isn’t it? But there’s nothing to fear! There are some possible ways through which you can actually protect your home from the attack of termites.

All about Termite infestation and treatment

If you have a close look in every corner of your home, you’ll notice that there are many insects who have invaded and set up their own happy home, and sometimes an entire neighbourhood! Yet, none of such insects can possibly harm your house. But the termites have the ability to eat up your home’s structure and furniture and cause excess damage. So, the first and foremost thing that you need to know is the reason behind a termite infestation. Only when you know the reason, you’ll be able to fight them.

Symptoms and reasons of termites infestation

Before talking about “reasons behind a termite infestation”, let us know it details what actually a termite infestation is. Termites are that kind of pests, which do not like staying introvert and solitary. They love to meet and greet the people of the same species, so they are basically ‘social pests’. Therefore, if you see a termite roaming around in your home, be rest assured that there are plenty others hiding or inhabiting in some or the other corner of your home. Now, the question arising is that how does this infestation start, and why this infestation happens? The most vital reasons behind a termite infestation are as follows:

1. Moisture: Termites usually require or crave for moisture. And to get hold of a moisturizing environment they can either dig into the ground in search for moisture or else try achieving moisture from leaks or condensation.

2. Cracks: Termites always need an entry point to start the action of infestation. Once a potential place of residence is found such as a crack on the wall or foundation, or a plumbing connection, they will immediately invade with the whole battalion. The termites can also enter your home through utility conduits.

3. Damp-wood: We have already mentioned that termites love moisture, so it’s quite obvious that they’ll like anything and everything that’s damp, which may include damp-wood. They consider damp wood to be heavenly and the best thing to feed on. Wood furniture usually get dampen in the houses that have problems such as dampness, and water seepage through the walls, especially during the monsoons. So, these type of home are their favorite destination. If your home is a damp one as well, do check whether all the furniture is restoring moisture and dampness or not. If yes, then immediately try to coat it with some anti-termite solution.

4. Dry-wood: There other types of termites as well, who love to feed on dry-wood. These type of dry-wood termites have a mouth with teeth. They do not need much moisture when compared to the other termites. So, even if you don’t have a chance of having damp furniture, do apply an anti-termite coating over the normal dry wood furniture too, in order to prevent termite attack.

By now, you must have acquired quite a good amount of knowledge on the reasons behind a termite infestation. But, will that be enough? No, right? So, now let us talk about how to identify that your home, or a part of your home is actually infested by termites.

Signs of having a termite infestation

Termites are ‘social pests’ because they always live in groups, and have huge armies. But, they are very silent, and can easily slip into your home without your notice. And you can’t even see them easily, because they live in colonies beneath your home, within the walls by entering through cracks, and even inside wooden furniture (both dry and damp wood). But, there are still two signs that can help you detect whether you have a termite infestation in your home, or not.

1. Holes on furniture: If you notice any of your home furniture having tiny holes on it, then be alert; there is a 100 percent possibility of a termite infestation. As you already know that termites love eating both dry and damp wood, so it would be wise if you inspect your furniture to find holes on it. After finding holes made by termites, use an anti-termite coating or any other solution to keep your furniture safe from termite infestation.

2. Mud-tubes: If you find any mud tunnels or tubes about the size of the width of a pencil along the interior or exterior of your house, then be aware. This could be a dangerous and vital sign that your home harbors termites. Termite build tunnels to travel from their nest to their food source, which is usually the same dry or damp wooden furniture. So, if you see such tunnels, immediately do something to break it and kill them. It would be better if you call a pest control service in such a dangerous termite infestation case.

After getting a clear information on the reason of a termite infestation, and the signs of having a termite infestation, it’s time to talk about the remedies to such problems. Termites are very dangerous and can harm your dream home immensely, that too without letting you grasp it easily. But there are some remedies to kill them before they destroy your home. You can either go for chemical remedies, which requires usage of many strong and dangerous chemicals. Or else, go for remedies which are eco-friendly and effective.

Termite infestation – remedies and treatments

Treating a termite infestation is very essential. And at the same time, you need to cure such an infestation by using some remedies that are natural, and won’t harm your home’s environment at all. Chemical treatment for a termite infestation is also possible, but using the chemicals yourself to kill the termites is not a good idea. Only professionals can handle the deadly chemicals like a pro to kill pests. But, there are few natural treatments that you can follow at ease to kill these pests.

1. Boric Acid: This acid is very effective on termites and is sometimes used to kill cockroaches as well. Boric acid is a type of insecticide, which can easily damage the nervous system of the termites. This insecticide can surely kill the termites without harming your home. Just pour boric acid in water and mix it well; then apply it on a wooden surface or on any place that is infested, by using a brush. But always remember to wear a mask, because the boric acid can be dangerous if inhaled.

2. Aloe Vera: This is another natural ingredient that can effectively kill the termites. If you have an aloe vera plant at home, then crush the plant and place it in a jar filled with water. Take one part of crushed aloe and 5 parts of that water, and mix it properly. Then spritz it on the infested areas using a spray bottle.

3. Vinegar: White vinegar is something which is available in almost everyone’s home, or in the markets as well. So, if you feel that a termite infestation has occurred in your home, then use white vinegar to cure the issue. Take one-fourth cup of white vinegar and a cup full of olive oil. Pour both the ingredients in a bottle and shake it well. Polish your old furniture gently with this mixture using a soft cloth.

4. Orange oil: The name already reflects that this oil is an extract of orange peels, which is completely insoluble in water. The orange oil has been successful in destroying many insects including termites. What you have to do is just drill small holes at the places infested by the termites, and then inject the orange oil into those holes. This will help you get rid of termites within just 3 days. It can take a maximum of 3 weeks also depending on the severity of the termite infestation.

5. Salt: To kill termites another thing that you can do is sprinkle salt, which is scientifically known as sodium chloride near the infected area. Salt is effective because it has a certain amount of cellulose present in it, which the termites love and get easily attracted. This remedy not only kills the termites but also prevents them from recurring.

Isn’t these treatments easy to be implement over termite infestation? Therefore, now if you find a single termite issue in your home, then immediately use the above-mentioned tips to cure such infestations. However, if you find that the problem isn’t easy to handle, then without wasting more time contact a professional pest control service. Thinking why to choose pest control services? Below are some reasons to this frequently asked question.

Why to choose pest control services for termite treatment?

Hiring a pest control service is much better than controlling termites yourself, especially if the they are stubborn and dangerous. Pest control services are anytime better because:

1. A team of professional: The pest control services hire people who have excelled in the field of eradicating pests. Hence, if you are going through a worse termite infestation situation, then hire an efficient pest control service to kill these pests. And the professionals know to deal with the harmful chemicals better than you. So, they can use the chemicals in the best way to control or kill termites.

2. Reduces risk: When you see that the termite infestation is going out of control, and not a single natural remedy is working, then all you can do is use chemicals. But, using these chemicals can be dangerous for you because you will not be able to use it like a pro. Whereas, in case of a pest control service, they will deal with the chemicals with proper precautions without harming your home.

3. Saves money: When you invest on hiring a pest control service, you will be investing just once for it. But if you think wisely, you will realize that you are spending much more money on pest-killer products annually. And as a result, you get no satisfactory eradication of pests. So, wouldn’t it be wise to choose a pest control service for termite infestation over pest control product?

4. Complete satisfaction: The pest control services don’t disinfect your home just once, but they do it deliberately as per the severity. They go through the termite infestation, and according to that they decide how many services are required. If they think they need to serve you thrice a year, then they will do so. And if they think only one service can omit the infestation, then they will work accordingly. But, when you deal with pests, you can probably forget to do it in a routine way. Nowadays everyone has a busy schedule, and forgetting things can be quite normal.

Over to you

Hope you have got a fair idea about the why termite infestations occur, what are its symptoms, how to treat in natural, and lastly, why to hire a professional pest control service for treating termites. Treating termites naturally or chemically is completely your choice. There are various types of ready to use sprays for termite treatments that you may like to try, but only when you discover it initially, else its better to leave the termite treatment to the experts. we have aggregated some of the best termite exterminators and we will be happy to help you find and hire one at reasonable rates.

Hope you will be able to find termite infestation easily and know how what to do when there is an infestation in you property. Feel free to share and comment below.

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