Looking for Trusted Movers in Bangalore – Here’s how to hire one online

Have you ever tried hiring a packers and movers in Bangalore for home shifting, that too through the internet? It surely evokes the feeling of irritation, when you have to make multiple searches to find contact numbers of trusted movers in Bangalore. Its not possible to call each and every packers and movers, and ask them details about their rates, credentials, and etc. But what if you didn’t have to call every service provider individually? Sounds great right?

ServiceSutra is one such exclusive platform where you can hire trusted and pre-screened service providers like packers and movers, Interior designers, cleaning services, pest control, and many other service providers from other sectors within few minutes. Isn’t it amazing?
Hire trusted movers in Bangalore

In this post we’ll completely focus on the Packers and movers industry of Bangalore. The post will also guide/help you in hiring trusted movers in Bangalore.

Here’s how to find and hire trusted movers in Bangalore

Due to lack of industrial regulations, anyone can easily start up a packers and movers business. All it takes is just a business card, a mobile number, and a few contacts. They start their business, run it for a few months and then go out of business when they realize that it’s not that easy to win customer, and offer reliable services. There are so many packers and movers companies in Bangalore, and every season new service providers are coming up, and opening their shop.

Hence it is important to think practically and choose a mover only after adequate research and validation. I have seen people ignore the most basic things like looking for genuine bill for the payment. That’s not the right way especially when you trust a movers and packers with your precious household goods. If not much, do some basic check to ensure that you are dealing with a properly licensed company that has an office where you can go and meet them in case there is an issue. In order to find trusted movers in Bangalore, you have to think logically and approach the entire relocation practically.

How to find trusted movers in Bangalore

Internet is a great thing, but it may also cause some hassles. While using internet to hire a professional, make sure to check their credibility properly. One of the best thing that you can do is, hire a packer and mover as per the recommendations of your friends and colleagues. Even if you get recommendations, do not escape from checking the background of the companies. Never trust everything that a movers and packers is pitching you, always go for background check.

There are many platforms and portals where you can find movers and packers and other service providers easily. But, what is really important for you is to double check the credentials of the service providers, before taking a decision.

Tips to do the basic screening of movers

Assume that you have got references and recommendations of packers and movers companies, next your obvious step would be to find out if they are capable, reliable and budget friendly or not. There are many ways to do so, both online, as well as offline. Ideally, if it’s for domestic packing and shifting purpose, or car transportation, or for storage of goods, then it’s better to audit their credentials both online and offline.  Some of the essential checks are listed below:

  • Check all the valuable papers and licenses such as establishment or trade license, service tax, PAN cards and etc.
  • Meet them personally by visiting their office. If it’s related to storage services, then visiting their warehouse is a must.
  • Check online for reviews and complains in various websites, and see how they handle disputes.
  • Ask for real references of their past customer. And if needed, take suggestions from their past customers itself.
  • Ask about hidden costs before you hire one.

Over to you

Hope the above tips have given you some clear idea about the Packers and movers industry in Bangalore. To hire a trusted movers in Bangalore, do follow the checklist properly, and then hire the one that can fulfill your needs and fits your budget well. Don’t randomly choose a Packer and mover service, or else later you’ll repent for investing on them. You can also choose our site to receive quotes from trusted movers in Bangalore. Is there anyone from Bangalore who would like to give some other tips and suggestions? Comment in the box below.

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