Waste Management: 9 Smart Ways to Manage Home Waste and Garbage

Reducing and properly managing the home waste and garbage output is seriously important for health and hygiene of your family and your neighbors. Every family have some home waste, be it in the form of dry garbage or wet garbage of the kitchen which require proper handling. When the family is bigger, there will be more home waste and garbage output and vice-versa. Naturally, home waste management is a collective responsibility and each and every family and individual family members have to work towards it. A lot of research work is going on to properly manage the waste and thankfully, there are smarter ways you can use to manage home waste easily and much efficiently. All that you need is a little bit of discipline and creative and imaginative powers to deal with home waste. You have to manage the home waste in a very organized manner so that it does not create any kind of problem for you as well as for your neighbors.

Waste Management: 9 Smart Ways to Manage Home Waste and GarbageAnd if you are clueless about how to manage home waste easily and more efficiently, then I have got you covered. Today I am going to talk about home waste management and I am sharing 9 smartest ways to manage home waste easily and efficiently. If you are struggling with home waste management and wondering what you can do to manage home waste and garbage smartly, then read on this post.

Trust me, the home waste management hacks I discussing here will reduce the waste management effort and you will be able to manage it in much better ways. So, if you are excited to know how to get it done, then take a pen and a paper and carefully note down all of the easy tricks that I am sharing below and then implement them properly to get the maximum benefits in managing home waste and garbage.

Proper home waste management is seriously important for the community and it has a lot of social importance. This is because if each household disposes too much of waste, then that can cause a lot of degradation in the environment. It will lead to too much of pollution, spread of germs that in turn, will cause lot of outbreak of diseases, some of them may be life-threatening too.

Therefore, it is important that each one of us take the initiative to manage the waste and garbage of our home so that the amount of waste produced does not become too high. And, for that, it is important we use smart waste management techniques, starting from recycling to reducing paper products to getting rid of hazardous materials to using bags that are reusable etc. In short, we need to take innovative steps and keep the waste output of our home in control. If we all start doing so, it will have a good impact on our environment and surroundings.

Since, proper waste management is an important social cause; I will be talking about the smart ways to manage home waste and garbage. I am sure you want to about these and hence without further delay, let us start with the discussion.

I spoke to a representative from C and R Lewis Skip hire, who specializes in Solihull skip hire, and they said, “Failing to maintain hygiene as a family means being vulnerable to germs. The best way to avoid this and to keep the family safe is  by training everyone in the household to practice hygiene, those who are too little to do it can be helped. Proper garbage disposal is the main thing to consider when maintaining home hygiene, because piled-up trash acts as a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria.”

Smartest ways to manage home waste and garbage

As responsible citizens, it is our duty to keep our home and environment clean and pollution free and that must start from our home. One of the smartest hacks to manage home waste garbage output is to decrease the garbage output at your home. When you produce less garbage and waste, naturally you will be able to manage it better. You must control the amount of garbage output of your home to set an example for the rest to follow.

But there are other important tips as well like keeping your house clean and organized. Listed below are the best and smartest ways to manage the waste and garbage of your home.

Say no to plastic bag

Plastic bags are nothing more than waste, so it is best if you make it a habit to use cloth bags instead of the plastic ones. When you are going to any grocery store, try to carry your own reusable bags instead of taking the cheap quality plastic bags given at the store. You may buy a lot of reusable bags from before and then store them in places where you will not forget to take them whenever you go out for shopping. However, the usage of the cloth bags must not be just limited to grocery shopping. Make sure you use them when you go to shop for clothes, tools and other items as well.

Now, if by any chance you forget to carry the reusable bags then also you can try to reduce the waste by asking the person who is bagging your items not to use double bags. Also, there are many stores who sell cloth bags, so you may go for them instead of getting your items packed in plastic or paper bags.

Buy foods with less packaging

One of the smart ways to reduce your home waste is by buying foods with less packaging. Because when you buy foods that are wrapped in plastic with individually wrapped packets within, then you are obviously producing excess of waste in the form of so many plastic packets. In contrast to that, if you buy foods that have got minimal packaging especially of plastic, then the amount of home waste produced daily will automatically reduce.

For that, you may use the bulk food section. Buy rice, cereals, beans, spices, dry foods etc. from the bulk food section and then store the items in airtight containers after reaching home.

Buy cosmetic in bulk

It is not just the food and grocery, but the other necessities like for example the products related to skin care, hair care and other cosmetics products can also be brought in bulk quantity. This will obviously reduce the number of packaging and will ultimately lead to lesser wastes at the end of the day. Also, if you want to reduce the home waste and garbage to a great extent, then you may take the help of the natural home remedies to take care of your hair and skin instead of going for the market products with lot of glossy packaging.

Avoid packaged drinks

There is no denying of the fact that bottled water or other bottled drinks are a major source of waste, so it is better to avoid using the bottled drinks. Now, in many places it is safer to go for bottled water than using tap water. If that is your case then it is OK. But if it is not your case, then you can easily use the tap water. You may filter the water if you want to purify it or if you do not like its original taste.

However, even when there is a situation where you have to buy bottled water, you can still reduce the amount of waste by buying the big containers. Like for example, buy a 5-gallon container of water rather than buying 18 small bottles as that will reduce the number of plastic bottles as garbage.

Donate old unused items

You’ll be surprised to see how much of home garbage can be reduced just by donating old and unused items. If you have old clothes, tools, electronics or other items that you do not use but are in decent condition, it is better if you donate those items to charity rather than dumping those as wastes. This will not just help you manage the waste of your home but will also come to the help of individuals who may be in dire need of those goods.

Reuse what you can

Simply by reusing, you can reduce garbage to a good extent. You can use the durable containers a number of times before throwing them in the garbage. All the bottles, bags and the boxes can serve a second purpose only if you know how to reuse them properly.

Let me give you some ideas to make things clearer for you:

  • You may use the plastic bags as dustbins.
  • If you have used paper, then you may give it to your children and let them draw on both sides of it.
  • The food-grade glass containers may be used for storing the dry foods and the leftovers.
  • Even the plastic containers may be used for storage purposes.

However, avoid using them too many times as plastic, although food-grade may break down and start leaching chemicals into the food. But I hope you get the point.

Follow the recycle policies

Some cities have the policy of throwing glass, plastic and paper recyclables separately while others allow you to throw all of them in the same bin. In some places, there is also the recycle pickup facility while other cities have got a proper recycle center where you can dump all types of home waste and garbage. So, it is necessary for you to check and follow the recycle policies of your city.

Handle hazardous wastes properly

Even though we tell you to reuse or recycle items, there are some items that cannot be recycled or reused so, it is best to handle such items properly and carefully. You need to throw such items in the trash or at the hazardous waste facility. Some of these are:

  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Light bulbs
  • Computers, TV’s and other electronic items

Recycle to make compost

One of the best ways to manage the waste of your home is by using the food scraps and the yard cuttings wisely. Confused? Well, then, let me explain you in details. There is no need to throw the yard cuttings and the food scraps in the trash. This is because you can easily compost them and turn them into rich, fertile and nutritious soil that can be used to nourish your garden. And, if you do not have a garden at your home, you can give it to someone who has one.

There are various ways to compost, some compost mixtures allow the inclusion of items like meat and dairy while others are strictly meant for vegetable and fruit scraps. However, if you want to start a basic compost pile, save the below mentioned items:

  • The green items which you can break down quickly like for example, coffee grounds, grass cuttings, vegetable peelings, tea bags, leaves etc.
  • The brown items which takes more time to break down like branches, sticks, cardboard, paper, sawdust, eggshells etc.

Over to you: how do you reduce and manage home waste and garbage?

In ancient times, the number of diseases was much less than what we are seeing today, thanks to the less polluted environment. But nowadays the pollution has increased to such an extent that we are suffering from diseases which were so long unknown to mankind.

We are degrading our environment and hence facing the consequences of our misdeeds. Now, already a lot of damage has been done but it is still not too late to bring about a positive change. Being a responsible citizen, it is our duty to keep our environment clean and for that we need to take the initiative by reducing and managing the amount of waste and garbage we are producing in our homes.

Now, when there are a greater number of family members in a home, then the amount of waste is bound to be more. But often a single person living in a home can also produce a lot of waste and garbage. In such a case the problem lies with the lifestyle you are leading. And needless to say, to keep your home clean and organized you got to manage home waste smartly.

In short, maybe you are not even aware of how to control the amount of waste or maybe it is simply your nature to be little bit untidy or disorganized. Well, whatever is the case, it is high time that we understand the importance of keeping our environment free off the hazardous waste and reduce the pollution for our own safety. And, to make this happen, you need to apply strategies to reduce and manage home waste smartly and efficiently.

I have already shared 9 smart ways to manage home waste and garbage that you may like to try. These are the very common ones and are extremely efficient in controlling the garbage output of your home. There is nothing very extraordinary in these hacks, but executing all of these tricks will definitely create a lot of difference in your home and society and overall environment.

May be you can’t take the responsibility of clean the whole world. But if you simply take the initiative and do your bit by managing your home waste properly, then you will be able to set an example for others. And when others start doing it, then the world will slowly become a safer and cleaner place to live in.

My main motive of today’s post was to create awareness regarding the cleanliness of your surrounding and how you can start the process by managing the waste of your home. I hope I have motivated you and hopefully you all will execute these waste management strategies for better waste management of your home.

However, please feel free to share your suggestions and feedbacks regarding today’s post. Also, if you know of any other smart ways to manage home waste and garbage, then please do not hesitate to share with us. I am sure it will be of great help to all of us.

Until then, stay clean, keep your environment clean and please do like, comment and share this post with others in case you find the article valuable and help me spread the word among all.

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