12 Easy Tricks to Keep Your Home Germ Free and Sanitized

Your sweet home is probably the safest place on Earth, but is it? You sweet home may not be the safest place, unless you keep your home germ free and clean. It may sound a little funny but that’s how it is. Germs are everywhere and once they enter our body, they can cause great difficulty in our existence, sometimes even putting our live to a lot of threat. Now, you cannot disinfect every place on Earth but the least you can do is to keep your home and its surrounding area free of germs.  Keeping your home free from the germs is of highest importance for health and wellbeing. And if you are wondering about keeping your home germ free, then here’s the post worth checking. Today I am sharing 12 easy tricks to keep your home germ free and clean.

12 Easy Tricks to Keep Your Home Germ Free and Sanitized

Keeping your home free from germs is very important, because that’s the only way to ensure good health and hygiene for yourself and your family members. Maintaining cleanliness at home should always be the priority for all of us and hence we all are expected to do our bit, and ensure our home is free from the germs. To get it right, you need to use proper disinfectants, keep the waste away from your home and maintain a good hygiene. To help you in keeping your home germ-free, I am sharing these amazing and easy to apply tricks that will help you in keeping your home germ free.

A friend of mine, working with a big hotel, always used to say, “Living in a dirty home full of germs is no better than living in hell” and rightly so. You are surrounded by creepy creatures that may not be easily visible but is powerful enough to end your life. Every day, you encounter thousands of microbes but thanks to your immune system, your body can fight them out. However, there is a limit to everything; some microbes might be too strong for your body to protect you. And, the old and children are even more vulnerable to the microbes. So, each one of us must strive to keep our surrounding clean, and we all must start that good work from our home itself.

If you have a big home, then keeping it neat, clean, stink free and organized may not be that easy. More so, if you are a busy working individual, but you can always start with little things and find out bit of time for daily cleaning. And, if not daily, then at least a weekly deep cleaning is must so that your home does not become the breeding ground for the germs.

The tricks that we are going to discuss below on how to keep your home germ free will give you an overall idea from where to start and how to get it right. So note the details carefully and implement these to make your home germ free.

How to keep your home germ free easily

It is not possible to avoid daily encounter with the germs but we can at least try and keep our homes germ free. This is because we spend most of the time at home and living amidst harmful germs increases the chances to fall sick even more.

Listed below are the 12 of the easiest tricks that’ll help you to keep your home germ free. I am sure these cleaning hacks will help you a lot and make it easier for you.

Follow a cleaning routine

If you are a busy person, I know it is difficult to clean your home all at a time and that also frequently. But, what you can do is to do some regular cleaning of small portions of your home. If not regularly, then at least on alternate days or whenever you get some free time. This is important because you will not feel the burden of cleaning so many things, all at a time. At the same time your full home will also get cleaned within few days. And, this process will continue in a cyclic pattern keeping your home clean most of the time.

I personally will recommend you to allot one day a week to deep cleaning as that will kind of complete your cleaning routine (which I suppose will not be that difficult for you). Cleanliness is very important to keep your home free of germs and maintaining a proper clean up routine will help you a lot. Somedays, you may allot to washing and cleaning stuffs. Next day, you may keep for dusting your home. Make your own routine as per your convenience and I assure that your work will be much easier.

Obviously, the ultimate goal is to make the entire home germ free. But while cleaning your house, pay special attention to the kitchen, dining area and washroom, because these are the areas that need more attention.

Keep your home dry

It is a common fact that high content of moisture and humidity are most favorable conditions for the germs like fungi, bacteria, virus etc. to breed and so you will have to be very careful especially in the rainy season. The easiest way to deal with this problem and to keep your home germ free is by properly utilizing the fans. Whenever, you go to the bathroom or clean your floors or feel that there is lot of moisture inside the home, make sure you switch on your fans. This will enable your rooms to stay dry and will decrease the occurrence of molds, stink etc.

You can also strategically place table fans facing the high moisture areas and switch them on frequently whenever you feel it is wet and sticky. The ultimate goal is to keep your home dry all the time.

Ensure proper ventilation

Enclosed spaces free from any kind of sunlight or air are also very much prone to germs and so one of the most important tips on how to keep your home germ free is by ensuring proper ventilation at your home. Every room or space of your home must have proper ventilation, especially the bathroom and the kitchen. Also, you must make it a habit to open the doors and windows at least once daily to allow the natural sunlight and air in to your home. This will purify the atmosphere within your home and will keep the germs at bay.

Cook carefully

Many times, germs enter our body through the food we eat and so you need to be very careful while cooking. These creepy pathogens can easily hide amidst the leafy vegetables, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, berries etc. which already forms a part of the list of 10 riskiest foods regulated by the “Food and Drug Administration (FDA) causing illness since 1990.  In fact, it is not just these food items, pathogens may be there in many other foods and ingredients. So, while eating fruits and vegetables or before cutting them to cook, you must wash them thoroughly with water. This will remove some of the germs and the rest will be gone once you cook the food. Apart from that, always avoid undercooking your foods, because some germs may still be there in case the food is undercooked.

The pathogens are so tiny that in most cases they cannot be seen through our bare eyes. But we can always judge the quality of the raw foods items with its appearance and by its smell. So, when you go to the market to buy fruits, vegetables and other food ingredients, make sure you pick only the fresh ones. You may go for the organic ones as well. Also, check properly before using them while cooking and in case of any unfavorable smell, throw them immediately.

It is recommended that you use proper cutting boards to cut the meats and veggies rather than cutting them on kitchen slabs or tables etc. You may allot separate boards for them as well. And, after you finish, you must clean the chopping board thoroughly with hot soapy water. This is important as that will keep it disinfected.

Disinfect cleaning sponge

Talking about cooking, it is very important to keep all the kitchen utensils clean. In fact, it is also essential to wash them once with water just before using them. This is to remove any dirt and dust which may have got accumulated while you were not using them.

But, what is even more important is disinfecting the sponge you use to wash those utensils. Now, since it is used to clean the dirty kitchen utensils, you can very well understand the number of germs it carries, so it is equally necessary to keep the sponge you are using very clean.

The reason I thought of mentioning it is that many often skip cleaning the sponge and concentrate only on the utensils. But, using a dirty infected sponge will simply make the appliances even dirtier. So please use a good disinfectant to keep it clean. And, if it is in bad condition, then change it immediately.

Use dust bin

Your home must have dustbins in important corners of your home and you have to make sure that they are being utilized properly. Any kind of residue that falls on the ground must be immediately picked up and thrown into the dustbin.

However, using the same dirty dustbin for long is also unsafe. This is because, if you keep the wastes in it for a long time, then that is enough to make it turn into a breeding ground for germs. It will also stink and infect the air and make the full home stinky. To avoid that, you must empty the dustbins frequently in the corporation cars meant for dumping garbage or throw them into your common community garbage bin. You must also not forget to properly clean and disinfect your dustbin before using it again. And, if your dustbin still stinks even after cleaning, probably then it is time for you to throw it and use a new one in its place.

Do laundry everyday

We are exposed to thousands of germs every day, more so when you are going out on daily basis. Therefore, needless to say, your clothes carry a lot of germs when you return back home. This actually brings lots of germs inside your home and so it is necessary that you immediately dump the clothes inside your washing machine.

In fact, it is advisable if you do a bit of daily cleaning every day instead of doing weekly so that germs do not get much time to move around from one space to another.

Washing machine is a very good option for daily cleaning but I would prefer that you wash your undergarments and socks daily and by hand. Undergarments mostly contain a greater number of germs, which if not cleaned thoroughly, may contaminate the other clean clothes.

Also, after washing these undergarments, you must be careful with the wet laundry. Immediately shift them to the drier so that the germs do not multiply. Take out the clothes from the drier only if they are dried properly. If it’s not dried properly in the drier, then keep them in the sun to dry properly. In addition, the washing machine must also be kept cleaned after every usage otherwise it may become the home for the germs.

And lastly, touching the dirty clothes will expose your hands to germs as well. So please do clean and wash your hands thoroughly every time you wash or touch the dirty clothes.

Keep the bathroom clean

Bathroom is one space of your home which has to be kept clean most of the time because it is one of the most favorite breeding grounds for the germs. The moist environment is just favorite for the germs. Moreover, every time you go to take shower or to urinate or eliminate excreta, you remove the germs from your body, which is good. But it also makes the bathroom a hotbed of germs unless it is cleaned and sanitized properly.

Hence, it is very important that you go for deep cleaning of your bathroom once in a week using good quality disinfectant. Also, there must be proper ventilation for regular air circulation. It is also good if you arrange for an exhaust fan there which you must switch on after every usage.

Wash bedding frequently

Our bedroom is supposed to be the most peaceful room in the house. After work, we spend lots of time in our bedroom. But, if it is not cleaned especially the bedding, then that will lead to the growth of germs which are enough to make us fall ill. In addition, our body sheds dead skin cells which also get accumulated in the bedding making it dirtier. So, if you want to keep your home germ free, you have to keep clean the beddings frequently. Change your bed cover, pillow cover etc every day, or every alternate day. Also ensure daily dusting and cleaning in the bedroom. Wash the bed sheet and pillow covers etc in hot water before reusing.

Also, many have the habit of tossing off their dirty clothes in the bed or in any other corner of your bedroom just after coming home. You will have to stop this practice as that will introduce a greater number of germs inside your bedroom.

Avoid cluttering your home

One of the other tips that I want to give you on how to keep your home germ free is by not unnecessarily overstuffing your home. Well, too much congested places are prone to germs and pests and they find it easier to hide. Moreover, too much of items here and there will increase your cleaning load.

Firstly, you will have difficulty removing or moving the stuffs to clean the spaces properly as well as you have to take pains in keeping those individual stuffs clean. So, a spacious home having only the necessary things and few decorative items is preferable as it can be easily cleaned and kept germ free.

Here’s a detailed post on how to declutter your home and i suggest you check that.

Clean the toothbrush

Toothbrush is used to clean your teeth and it is very important to keep it properly clean. Now, since it helps to remove the remains of the food properly from the mouth, it is a common thing that the food particles may easily stick to it which in turn, can any time attract pests and other germs. So, you must wash your toothbrush and toothpaste thoroughly and throw away any kind of.

Moreover, the toothbrush must not be kept in open as that will make it dirty which can easily make you ill when you use it the next time. Hence, it is safe to store the toothbrush in a separate container inside the drawers.

Take care of pets

Those of you who have pets at home must be more cautious because pets carry a lot of germs which can make the whole home dirty, if not looked upon quickly. The first and foremost thing which you must do is to keep your pets clean. Make them take a shower at least two times a week even if they do not want to. Also, every time you take them out, make sure that you wash their paws properly with water before bringing them inside the home. And, their litter box or food bowls must also be cleaned every day.

For more cleaning ideas, take a look at my post where I wrote on some of the coolest ways to keep the home clean with pets at home.  I am sure these tricks will help you immensely.


Germs are everywhere and may cause havoc in our lives, sometimes even lead to health issues which may be life threatening. While avoiding contact with germs is not always possible, but we can at least do something to protect ourselves from them. The first thing is to maintain a good hygiene and keep our living environment germ free. Cleanliness is the primary way to do it and also by systematic and neat arrangement of things in our home.

I have today talked about 12 of the easy tricks on how to keep your home germ free. Of course, there are other ways as well but these 12 points forms the basics of keeping a home free of germs. Follow these and keep yourself and your environment clean. And, remember, it is not just your duty to keep the home clean but also of your other family members. So, please divide the work among yourself and together try to keep your home germ free.

Have you tried any of these tricks? How do you ensure cleanliness at your home? What else do you think one can do to make a home germ free? Feel free to share your own cleaning hacks and tricks by commenting below.

I hope you succeed in keeping your living space free of the germs and stay happy and healthy.

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