Weekly House Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms That Actually Work

The life of a working mom is not easy. In fact, it is very hectic and tiring unless you know how to perfectly balance your professional and personal life. Now, if we focus on the personal life of a working mom, we see two-three important things that she has to take care of. While taking care of her kids and cooking takes important positions, her house cleaning job is no less. Even though, no one tells her to do these, what we find in majority cases that a woman is socially conditioned from childhood to perform household works no matter how much she is successful professionally. She herself feels these as a part of her duties. Being a housewife, you still can manage things but once you are working and also a mom, things get tiring. However, most working moms are clean freaks and they cannot stand dirt in their home. In fact, despite having maid servants most of them end up cleaning the whole household themselves. So, I thought of taking up this issue today and share with you some essential tips on the weekly house cleaning schedule for working moms. Following this schedule will hopefully reduce the cleaning workload of all the working moms out there.

Weekly House Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms That Actually Work

Most of the working moms that I have come across struggle a lot in maintaining the balance between their personal and professional life. Many have given up their career to take care of their kids and household chores while others continued with the job. With due respect to all, I personally do not believe in giving up a flourishing career just to take care of family and household, as I personally think that we, the woman of today need to be financially independent to live our own dreams and stand in equality with our male counterpart. So, if you want to maintain the balance you have to make a proper routine of everything. And, as far as cleaning goes, you may make a schedule of that as well. In fact, to help you out, I will be sharing a weekly house cleaning schedule for working moms with you.

Weekly house cleaning schedule for working moms

Being a working mom, you have to become a multitasker and if you could follow a perfect disciplined and routine life, then things will become much easier. And, for the cleaning, here is the perfect weekly house cleaning schedule for working moms that you can follow to reduce your cleaning load.

So, are you excited to know? I hear you saying yes, so let’s begin.

Prioritize your things to do list

See, the first and the foremost thing that you have to do is to prioritize different tasks you want to finish. This is very important as being a working mom, you cannot do everything all at a time. You have to dedicate specific time to specific things and so you have to prioritize and let other things go.

Each one of you have your own cleaning priorities. What I put in top priority may not be of that much importance to you.

So, differentiate between what you have to clean and what you may keep for later, what needs to be done daily, and what you may do once in a week or every month. You may make a routine as per calendar dates regarding which work you want to do when and how and strategize how you can do that swiftly and easily as well as save your time.

Cleaning kitchen forms a part of daily cleaning

By basic cleaning I mean the stuffs that you literally need everyday and you cannot do without. That is what you have to clean on a daily basis. Like for example the primary kitchen utensils. You need these items to cook on a daily purpose and keeping them unclean is a complete no-no. I mean it is a necessity. You can easily clean these kitchen utensils in the evening once you come back from office or after finishing your dinner.

A dirty kitchen that is kept overnight is bad and makes your entire home stink. So, you must clean it daily. Now, since we hardly get time in the morning, you can easily do some basic cleaning at night. Make sure you eat dinner reasonably early that is minimum by 9.30 pm or 10 pm so that you got some time for the cleaning. Clean the oven, the cooking utensils, the dishes, spoons, cups etc and keep them in an organized manner.

Your bed needs daily attention

Another daily cleaning stuff that I do everyday is dusting my bed properly. This is very important as you do not want to sleep on a dirty bed. So, every morning I get up and dust it. And, in 2-3 days, I change the bed sheet or the pillow case and you can also do it, more so if any of you have this problem of dust allergy. In fact, not just in the morning, you can dust once before you go to sleep at night as well. This is because your bed accumulates the day’s dirt and so it is safe to dust it once more.

Wash your clothes daily

Clothes are very important part of your lives and washing them daily is a good choice. Mainly, in the summer months, when you sweat a lot, I am sure you won’t want to keep them uncleaned till the weekends, so please make it a habit to clean them regularly.

If you have a washing machine, which most of us have, then your washing gets super easy. I personally follow my mother’s footsteps and what I do is to put the clothes in the washing machine while I leave for office and dry them in the drier once I return in the evening. This saves a lot of my time as well as I get my daily basic washing done.

Weekends are best for major cleaning

One day of the week must be dedicated to major cleaning, and weekends may be the best day for such tasks. This is important as it is your home and you have to keep it clean no matter how many servants you keep. Since, you are a working mom, it is more appropriate to choose the weekends for this major cleaning as you get the maximum time there. So, a Saturday or a Sunday would just be fine. Major cleaning includes proper moping of the floors, doors, windows, dresser, cabinets etc. You may also vacuum the carpets, sofa etc using a vacuum cleaner in the weekends.

Although basic washing of the clothes must be done daily to reduce the load, but you can keep all the other washing for the weekends. While you clean your kitchen every day, major cleaning of it must be done once weekly. This will help you remove the oil stinks, food stains etc that you fail to do on a daily basis. You can also change the curtains and wash them in the weekends. This will keep your rooms organized and dirt free.

Never forget cleaning the front part of your home

See, although it is important to keep your entire home clean but sometimes the front portion of your home that is, the entrance needs special attention. This is because the entrance forms a part of the first impression whenever someone visits your home or walk past your home. Moreover, it is one of the most used portions of your home and needs to be kept clean.

Most houses have lawns and you must clean that space at least once weekly. Also, if you have a garden you may try to keep it clean as much as possible. And yes, the front door mat or carpet needs to be washed or changed often as they accumulate the maximum amount of dirt. Also, if possible try to rub the front windows and doors with a clean cloth in the weekends to give a complete neat look to your entrance.

Don’t miss the washrooms

It is probably one part of your room which needs a good deal of your attention as an unclean and untidy stinky bathroom is a bed of germs and is enough to make you and your family members seriously ill. If it was literally possible, I would have suggested you to clean it every alternate day but since that is not possible, you have to clean it thoroughly at least once weekly.

On the other days, make sure you use enough water and keep it clean every time you use it.Also, never forget to keep a good bathroom freshener. It is damn important and you must never miss it out. Try to keep the bathroom airy as much as possible, so that it remains fresh.

Use of dustbin is very important

Since you are a working woman, you cannot throw your house dirt daily to the outside waste bin, so it is mandatory that you maintain a dustbin in important corners of your room.Like, for example, one in your kitchen, near your bathroom and one upstairs etc. And, make sure you dumb every dust in the dust bin. Tell this to your other family members as well. This will reduce your cleaning load and also help your home to not get filled with unnecessary clutter.

However, cleaning the dustbins forms a part of your weekly house cleaning schedule. Throw all the accumulated waste outside whether in some common community waste bin or in the corporation cars that come to collect waste. After that, clean the bins properly so that all the dirt and the stink is removed properly from them.

Do keep your refrigerator clean

I have seen people cleaning their refrigerators very rarely and I personally do not appreciate it. This is because refrigerator is something that according to me needs your weekly attention or if that is not possible then it needs to be cleaned every 2-3 weeks. This is more necessary for those who store cooked food there for long which is quite common if you are a working mom.

The smells from various foods make our fridge stink and that is not a good thing. Plus, you may have accidentally dropped foods while keeping the containers in or taking them out which might have led to stains in your fridge unknowingly, which in turn if not cleaned properly may lead to permanent marks or at leads led to stains that are verydifficult to remove. So, please clean your refrigerator weekly or at least twice monthly and keep the inner air fresh.

Take care of your pets weekly

I myself love pets and I know how they slowly become one of us. But given they are not humans; they cannot do many things on their own, including cleaning. So, you have to take the responsibility to clean your pet thoroughly, at least once every week. Your pet will accumulate so much dirt when he/she goes out and will automatically stink after sometime if you do not notice it. If someone is there to especially take care of your pet, then that is fine but if not, you have to do it yourself. And since it is necessary, I keep it as a part of the weekly cleaning schedule.

In the weekends, make your pet take a proper bath using a good pet soap and ensure that the pet stink is all gone.Now, you may be thinking that it is not under house cleaning, but since he/she lives inside your house, it must be included inyour weekly cleaning schedule.

Other essential things to note

It is my request to you that please do not hesitate to take some help- I understand that most women love doing the cleaning stuffs all by themselves but sometimes, especially if you are a working mom, you may need some assistance in keeping your home clean. In case, you have more number of family members, and live in a joint family, then you may divide your cleaning duties. But if you are a working mom living in a nuclear family, then there is no problem in seeking some assistance. And, the easiest way to do that is to hire a good maid servant.

You are a working mom. You already have loads of work to do and if you do not hire a good maid servant you will be probably going mad after sometime. This is because you a human being and not a robot and will need rest. No matter how much you do the basic cleaning daily and go for one major cleaning in the weekends, you do need rest after working so hard all through the week. I am not telling that you do not have to work or clean stuffs at all but if you have a good servant, it will lessen your load to a great extent. You may pay a little extra so that she gets happy and does maximum cleaning stuffs for you.


Home is not just the place you dwell but a space where your heart belongs to. Therefore, it is something one must take care of. And, since a female is considered the heart of the household, in most cases, she is the one who takes care of the household and keeps it neat, clean and organized. She is an allrounder who has the ability to bind the entire household. She not just cares for her family members but is also apt in performing all household chores with cleaning household stuffs being a common work. However, sometimes, being a working mom, it gets difficult for her to live up to her own cleanliness standards. So, if you are also a clean freak and struggling with it due to the other pressures, then my weekly house cleaning schedule for working moms will help you deal with it better.

Things get easy when you maintain a certain pattern or a routine. Same is the case when you are a working mom and you have to take up the cleaning responsibility of your home. Firstly, you have to prioritize your works. Know what is important and needs your daily attention or your weekly attention or may be looked after on a monthly basis.

Generally, your kitchen and bathrooms must remain on top priority as far as cleanliness is concerned. Both of these are hotbeds of germs, so the dirtier they are, the more stinky your home will get. Washing of your clothes can be done daily while you may keep the major washing for the weekends. Do a bit of dusting often and try to dumb all the dirt in the waste bin and then throw them outside to the waste tanks in the weekends.

Lastly, I want to say that although I have given you a good idea regarding a basic weekly cleaning schedule for working moms, I just want to tell that if any day you do not feel like doing all the cleaning stuffs, then it is absolutely okay. Do not be too harsh on yourself. Keeping your household clean is not your responsibility alone. Try to involve your other family members in it as well but if they are busy even, then it is advisable that you hire a good servant and let her do the daily cleaning for you or you may consider one time house cleaning services offered by professional cleaning agencies in your city.

Are you a working mom? Do you struggle to keep your household clean? Have you checked out my recommended weekly house cleaning schedule for working moms? What is your take on it? Share your feedbacks in the comment section and also tell us how you tackle your career as well as household chores. And, if you feel this article to be interesting, then please like and share it with others.

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