10 Ways to Make Home Warmer This Winter

Winter is here and I was looking for tips and ideas to make home warmer this winter. Most of the season, I used to rely on the room heaters but that’s not the only way to make home warmer.  There are few changes that you can make straight forward like wooden flooring, proper insulation etc and it will certainly help you make your room warmer. But I don’t have a house of my own and i move into a new house every alternate year, I was looking for some proven and easy to follow ideas to keep home warmer. And I started researching and looking for ideas and trust me there are some small little changes that you can even make in a rental apartment and keep your home warmer, easily and without spending much.

Ways to make home warmer

Best ways to make home warmer this winter easily

Apart from using room heater, I did not know there are any other ways to make home warmer. But I was wrong because there are many other ways to make home warmer and here are the ones that I have tried personally and found it to be working well.

1. Let the sun in: In the morning and during the noon, make sure you catch up as much of the heat as possible to keep your home warm. There are many people who keep their windows shut even when the sun is shining brightly. Open your windows and the curtains, and let the sunshine enter the room.

2. Put on curtains: Thick curtain can help you in trapping the heat and prevent it from escaping through the windows. You may buy a new curtain which is thicker or use the existing curtains with materials like cheap fleece. Make a habit of opening the curtains during the day light and put it on during night so that it can allow heat into the room and then protect it at night.

3. Use carpets and rugs: If your floors are not insulated, then ten percent of heat will automatically get lost through those chilled floors. But if you can find a way to cover the floor, you can easily save that 10% of heat which is lost due to the cold floor. Using woolen carpet or any other carpet or rug that you may have can help you trap heat and make home warmer.

4. Keep unused rooms shut: If you keep all the unused rooms in your house shut, then this will block the cold air from circulating into the rest of the house. And that’s how your home would stay warm even in chilled winters.

5. Seal leaks and tiny holes: In your everyday busy schedule, you might not really get time to check for air leaks and tiny holes beyond your doors and windows. But, next time when you are chilling at home on a weekend, just make sure to look around thoroughly and then repair all the tiny air leaks. Small leaks and whole can easily allow cold air and hence, it is important to seal it to keep home warmer.

6. Use aluminium foils (if you have radiators): Apart from shutting windows and curtains, there’s another way to trap heat, and that is by applying aluminum foils behind the radiators that are attached to the external walls. This will help you prevent the heat from disappearing through the wall of your home, by reflecting it back into the room.

7. Use bubble wraps: Bubble wraps are mostly used for packing delicate items but did you know that you can use these wraps to seal the smaller ventilation gaps, especially the wooden ventilated windows? Bubble wraps are actually effective and it can be used to keep home warmer.

8. Light fire in the home: You must know that there are many homes in foreign countries that have chimneys. But in India, there are too fewer homes which have a chimney, mainly because we don’t have a climate that’s very cold or fosters snowfall (apart from a few states). The chimney is an excellent way to keep your home warm; but, that’s not the only way to light a fire. There’s another way to light a fire and make the rooms warm as well, and that is by lighting candles. Candles will not only light your home and make it look beautiful, but they will also make it warm during the winter days

9. Use room heaters: If you want to keep individual rooms warm, then nothing can be better than a room heater. Room heaters are most commonly used in India especially in the north eastern part of India to keep home warmer in winter season. But, just be careful with it to avoid any fire hazards.

10. Use dryer and blower: if your room is properly sealed and windows are shut and covered by thin curtain, you can actually use hot air blower and even dryer to make room warmer in chilling winter nights.

Over to you

Apart from the room heater and allowing sun lights, using rugs and sealing tiny whiles can help you keep your rooms warmer this winter. I have used these techniques and it has helped me keep my home warmer and I am sure you can use it too.

Once the winter season is gone, you may have to clean your home and here’s a checklist that you may like to use.

What are you doing to keep home warmer this winter?

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