Autumn Cleaning Checklist for Home Cleaning on Your own

Cleaning the home is a must in almost every season and since autumn is here; it’s time to prepare for autumn cleaning of home. If not every season, one has to deep clean their home at least twice a year, so that the home doesn’t look cluttered and dirty. I am ready to take on autumn cleaning tasks before winter arrives and I have prepared an autumn cleaning checklist to clean my house.

There is nothing so special about autumn cleaning, but it’s important because winter is arriving and I may not feel like cleaning my house during the chilly winter. Winter is not to clean house, it’s to enjoy the sun. Isn’t it?

I have prepared an autumn cleaning checklist so that I can track of all of the cleaning tasks and I am sharing it right here so that you can use it for autumn cleaning of your own house. This autumn cleaning checklist can be used if you want to clean your house on your own. You may also use this checklist to track what is to be cleaned in case you plan to hire a professional cleaner for autumn cleaning services.

Autumn Cleaning Checklist - Cleaning supplies

So if you plan to clean it on your own, here’s what you should do before you start cleaning your home;

  • Buy cleaning materials, tools, brushes etc you may need for autumn cleaning.
  • Move all the furniture and other appliances, and place them at the center of the room.
  • Pick all bits and pieces of things lying around in every room, and place them in a box (if they are important) or else just dump them (if they are useless), because they might block your smooth working.
  • Open the doors and windows so that the room is ventilated.

The idea is to make space and not run out of tools and cleaning supplies.

Autumn cleaning checklist for living room

Living room is one of the most important rooms in our home, because that is where we spend our cheerful moments and discuss serious things with family. Hence cleaning this room certainly should be a part of autumn cleaning.

Autumn cleaning checklist for living room

  • Clean the windows: We often ignore windows while cleaning our home, but believe it or not, they get dirty the most since they guard us from loads of dirt and grime. Therefore, cleaning them is a must. Use glass cleaner to clean your window’s glasses by spraying over the glasses, and then wiping it with a micro fiber cloth.
  • Clean the table: clean the table, glass table tops etc of the dining table, chair, center table and other furniture.
  • Clean window curtains: Just cleaning the windows won’t do, you need to clean the window curtains and draperies as well. A clean window doesn’t look better if the window treatments aren’t clean as well.
  • Clean the dust from light fixtures and fans: Most of us ignore cleaning the lights and the fans; but why so? Don’t you want them to look clean as well? If yes, then clean them up. And positively include this cleaning process in the autumn checklist.
  • Oil door hinges: During the winter the door hinges become tighter, and when you try to open or shut it, it will create a creaky sound. Therefore, before winter arrives, it will be best if you start applying oil over the door hinges.
  • Clean the walls: Cleaning the walls isn’t a very easy task, because you’ll have to understand the material of your paint and then accordingly use products to clean the wall. So, first know which type of paint is used, and then buy products to clean them. Cleaning the walls include dusting, washing, and rinsing it.
  • Vacuuming: In case of living room, it is very necessary to vacuum all the upholstery. If you have a rug or carpet, you can vacuum that as well.

Autumn cleaning checklist for Bedroom

If you want to spend a warm and dirt free winter, then cleaning your bedroom should be a part of the autumn cleaning and here’s what you should clean in the bedroom;

  • Clean windows and window treatments: Just like the living room, you also need to clean the windows and the window treatments of your bedroom. This will make your room dust free and fresh.
  • Clean bed-lines: You need to clean all your bed-lines, which includes bed sheets, pillow covers, mattress covers and etc.
  • Vacuuming: You need a vacuum cleaner to clean your bedroom as well. Things that you’ll need to vacuum are the rugs (if any) and most importantly, the mattress.
  • Clean the wardrobe: You must be surely replacing your summer clothes with the winter clothes, as winter is almost on the way. Therefore, before you place a new pile of clothes in the wardrobe, clean the wardrobe thoroughly so that no pest can attack the place.
  • Clean the walls: Just like the living room, you’ll also need to dust, wash, and risen the walls of your bedroom.
  • Clean the lights and fans: The lights and fans of your bedroom must have already attracted a lot of dust, so cleaning them is really important.

Autumn cleaning checklist for kitchen

Just like your bedroom and living room, it is equally important to clean your Kitchen, as it is the heart of your home and here’s how to clean your kitchen this autumn:

  • Clean the appliances: Cleaning the appliances is a must because, we use them almost regularly. Therefore, use a liquid cleaner to clean both the inner and outer part of the appliances, especially the refrigerator and microwave.
  • Clean the backsplashes: Cleaning the backsplashes is important because that’s the part which suffers from loads of stains, which is mostly greasy or oily in nature. So, cleaning the backsplashes is a must.
  • Clean the cabinets: Include cleaning the kitchen cabinets in the autumn checklist, so that no pest infestation can even touch the cabinets. Pests roaming in the cabinets or dust in the cabinets is very unhygienic.
  • Clean exhaust fan (if any): Most of them install an exhaust fan in their kitchen, so that the kitchen doesn’t stay much smoky and affect the person cooking. The exhaust fan basically helps the smoke to get out of the kitchen. So, just like cleaning the ceiling fans, it is also important to clean the exhaust fan.
  • Clean chimney: If you have an auto clean chimney, then fine; or else, you’ll have to clean the chimney. Chimney also sucks the smoke just like an exhaust fan, and keeps the smoke out of the kitchen. So, obviously you’ll need to clean the chimney, which is of course not an easy task. Here’s another post about cleaning other parts of the kitchen

Autumn cleaning checklist for bathroom

Bathroom is also a very vital room, and keeping it clean is very necessary because that’s the place which attracts many pests and other disease causing micro organisms.

  • Clean the toilet: Toilet cleaning products are easily available in the markets, so you can easily use them to clean your toilets. Cleaning your toilet is a must because it can lead to many infections.
  • Change or wash the shower curtains (if any): Some people use a shower curtain to part the toilet area from the bathing area. So, if you have a shower curtain in the bathroom, replace it or wash it for keeping it clean.
  • Clean the bathroom exhaust: Many people have exhaust fan in their bathroom as well, so you need to clean the exhaust fan of your bathroom as well.
  • Bathroom tiles (both wall and floor tiles): Cleaning the bathroom tiles is a must, we all know that. So, use any market products to clean them up, or you can also make natural products yourself to clean them.

Over to you

If you are planning for autumn cleaning then I am sure this autumn cleaning checklist can be of great help to keep track of what you have to clean and slowly tick off the tasks you have completed. Feel to add other tasks in this autumn cleaning checklist or skip a task if not applicable. If you still are skeptic about these tips or you don’t have time to manage so many tasks, then hire professional home cleaners who offer full house cleaning services on ServiceSutra without hassles.

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