9 Simple Cleaning Techniques to a Dust Free Home

I am allergic to dust and hence do my best to make my home dust free. Living in a dust free home is a different experience altogether. But making a home dust free is not easy, especially if you keep busy and don’t get time to look after the basic cleaning needs for the bedroom, kitchen, washroom or the living area. And if you live at the ground floor and your home is on the road, it becomes even more challenging.

Dust will not only make your home look bad, it may cause lots of allergic disease and harm you and your family. And that’s why you should take all the precaution to ensure a dust free home where you can live healthy and happy.

Proper dusting should be a part of your daily cleaning schedule and it’s not something can be left on a cleaning and housekeeping agency. It’s something that has to be done on a daily basis.

dusting to make a Dust Free Home

I always thought that the efforts I put in cleaning my home were always worth it, but I was wrong. I realized that I was wrong when I saw that dust came back soon after an hour or two. I wondered what was wrong, then I realized everything was wrong right from the equipment I used to the procedures, everything! But then, I research and found out some really effective ways to keep my home dust free and clean.

Smart Ways to a Dust Free Home

I hate dusts and can’t imagine living in a home full of dusts and trust me it does not take much to get a dust free home, if you really want to make it happen. Here are the 9 ways to get a dust free home easily.

1. Use right equipment

Before you keep your home dust free and clean, the main thing that you must do is buy the right cleaning products and equipment. If your cleaning equipments are wrong, then how can you even expect the home to stay clean and dust free? For instance, to keep your home dust free and clean, instead of using old clothes or a feather duster, if you use microfiber clothes, which is meant for cleaning, your dream to a dust free home will become a reality.

2. Don’t dry dust household goods

If you want to keep your home dust free and clean, then never dry dust your household goods; because, dry dusting will never help you get rid of the dust mites. Dry dusting will only make the dust settle from one object to another and will even make the dust float in the air, which in return will cause dust allergy. So, instead of doing dry dusting just take a microfiber cloth, spray a bit of house cleaning solution over it, and then clean the dirt filled objects.

3. Don’t pour cleanser directly on the object

While cleaning your home, just remember not to spray or pour the chemical cleaning solution directly over the dirty object. Instead, just make sure you pour or spray the cleaning solution over a microfiber cloth first and then use the cloth to rub over the dirty objects. This is advised because, when you directly spray the solution over any object, then a thin layer is created over it which in return attracts more dust. Therefore don’t use chemical solutions directly over the dirty objects.

4. Change filter of the vacuum cleaners properly

If you use a vacuum cleaner to keep your home dust free and clean, then just keep changing the filter of the vacuum cleaner. Changing filter is essential because the dust and dirt from your home’s dirty objects will get clogged in the filter, and you’ll be unable to clean your home effectively. Therefore, depending on the capacity of the machines and how frequently you use it, make sure to replace the filter of the vacuum cleaner, replacing it within three to four months works well for me.

5. Keep the tools and equipment clean

Do you clean your cleaning and dusting equipments after you are done using them? No? Then this is a big mistake! From now onward, just make sure to clean the equipments after you are done using them. Just think, when your cleaning equipments are not clean, then how can your home stay clean?

6. Avoid rugs and carpets

Rugs and carpets attract loads of dust; therefore buying them to decorate your home wouldn’t be a good idea. Even if you buy a rug or a carpet, then make sure you vacuum them almost every day or every alternative day, so that you can get rid of dust.

7. Avoid draperies

Another way to keep your home dust free and clean is by avoiding heavy draperies because they attract too much of dust mites. If you want to decorate your home with draperies, then remember to vacuum or clean them every day or every alternative day, just like we have mentioned about cleaning rugs and carpets.

8. Cover mattress and pillow

The maximum chances for a person to get affected by dust are when he/she is sleeping. Therefore, always keep your mattress and pillows covered, and brush or vacuum them before sleeping so that you or your family members don’t get affected by the dust.

9. Keep your windows closed

If possible, try to keep your windows closed so that dust cannot enter the room. Try to follow this at least during the night, so that dust can’t sit over your bed and pillows at night, and affect your health while you are asleep.

It’s over to you

If you or any of your family member is suffering from dust allergy, or if you simply want to keep your home dust free and clean then just follow the above-mentioned cleaning and dusting tips. And if you are too occupied, talk to a professional cleaning agency and go for a monthly cleaning contract which will effective and probably the alternate way to get a dust free home. What else do you think one can do to make a fully dust free home?

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