7 Best Ways to Pack and Move Home Appliances Easily

7 Best ways to move home appliances safelyRelocation can be a really messy task, especially moving home appliances and heavy weight furniture. The home and kitchen appliances are an integral part of every household. Can’t imagine living comfortably without appliances and furniture. Naturally when you are relocating to a different home or city, you have to pack and move home appliances and furniture along with other domestic items.

There are various kinds of appliances in your home, but the common factors with all of them are, they are all extremely heavy and odd dimension, thus creating hell lot of problems and difficulties in packing and moving. But if you can plan your move properly and have a couple of hands to help you out, you can easily pack and move home appliances, furniture and other domestic household goods easily and that’s what we are going to discuss in this post.

I have moved my home several times (both locally and long distance move) and I have pulled it well on my own and with the help of professionals movers.

How to move appliances on your own without damaging?

One of the best things that you can do is to downsize your inventory if you plan to relocate. I will also suggest you not to buy any new home appliances when you know relocation is on the cards. Proper planning and multi layer packing can help you move home appliances without damaging. Here are the most effective ways to pack and move home appliances of all size easily and safely.

1. Prior preparations

You need to make some prior arrangements before you actually start the packing moving of home appliances. What are the preparations you have to do? All the appliances must be disconnected, and the wires need to be tied, so that they do not mix up. Each and every appliance must be packed separately. The bunch of wires of each appliance can be confusing, so tie them before hand. Clean the appliances before packing them, so that germs cannot build up while the appliances are in transit.

2. Make a team work

It is too difficult to do the moving all alone, single handedly. United we stand, divided we fall, I am sure you have heard this saying. You must involve everyone in the family who can help and even ask for help from your friends, or other acquaintances. Take their help, and then start packing and moving the appliances, one by one. The best way to move the appliances is by a truck. You have to pack the appliances, and then load it on to the truck for moving. This of course requires team work, no doubt.

3. Packing the appliances

The appliances are susceptible to damages, so you must cover them with packing materials like the bed sheets. The sides, corners and edges of the appliances are prone to scratches and damages, so cover them up before you move them even from one room to another. You can use layers of bubble wraps, the polyethylene foam or blocks etc. You must use the new packing materials for the appliances.

4. The original boxes of the appliances

It is better to use the original boxes of the appliances like the original boxes in which the new appliances came, the original boxes of the microwave and washing machine etc.

5. Protect the floors

The appliances are very heavy, so moving the bulky appliances can result in to scratches and cracks on the floors. You can use one inch thick hardboard to protect the flooring from scratching while you are moving the appliances.

6. Dry appliances

Make sure that the appliances are dry before they are loaded onto the truck. You must not use any appliance minimum three days before the moving. The small food crumbs, or drops of water can cause mildew and fungus inside the appliances. The refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, dishwasher, kitchen vent, each and every appliance must be dry and clean, before you initiate the moving.

7. Calling the professionals

Moving the heavy appliances can be too tough, trust me, I am telling this from my own experience. At first I thought I could move the things with the help of my friend and cousin, but it was too much. The refrigerator was going to fall on my leg, but my cousin pulled me back, and it fell on the floors. It is after this incident I decided to take the professional help. The professional packers and movers have their own suitable packing materials, they have the equipments and the hydraulic machines to lift up the appliances, and they also have the proper equipments to carry the appliance from the home to the truck. They are experienced in the field, and it is better, rather the best to take their help.


Moving appliances can seem like moving mountains to you. I suggest you not to take risks, there are chances of damages to the appliances and also unfortunate accidents, God forbid. These are some of the ways to move the home appliances without damage. I wish you a safe and hassle free moving.

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