6 Different Ways to Use Dish Soap at Home

Different Ways to Use Dish Soap at HomeThe dish soap which you keep beside the sink stands as if the object can be used only for cleaning the dishes. But, unlike the name suggests, you can use the dish soap in several unique ways. You used to pour drops of soap to do the dishes, but now the time has come to extend the application of the dish soap. Today, in this post, I am sharing 6 different ways you can use dish soap.

The dish soap is a mild solution, not toxic by nature. This is the main reason why this chemical cleaning solution is a subsequent choice over the harsh toxic cleaning agents. The dish soap is primarily used to clean the dishes, and to remove the food crumbs from the dishes, you obviously do not need the harsh chemicals.

Various usages of dish soap at home

While you are going through the next couple of paragraphs dedicated to the application of the dish soap, you will see that this substance can create wonders. The substance, which you made to stand by the kitchen sink and the unwashed dishes, can actually serve you multiple purposes. Let us have a look at them now.

1. As a bait for the fruit flies: You can add some drops of dish soap in a bowl of vinegar, then cover the bowl with a transparent cellophane paper. Make some holes in the paper with a toothpick. The fruit flies will be attracted by the smell of the dish soap, they will enter the bowl, and they will be trapped. They cannot come out of the bowl, and they will suffocate and die. You can get rid of the annoying bugs like the fruit flies easily by this method.

2. Clean the kitchen cabinets: Even though the name of the substance is a dish soap, it can clean the kitchen cabinets as well. Take some warm water, pour some dish soap and then wipe the cabinets with a sponge or a fiber cloth. The kitchen cabinets will be shining, and smelling fresh.

3. Get rid of the stubborn stains from the concrete: Go to your courtyard or garage, and you will find some stains here and there. You used to think that these stains are strong and permanent. I will tell you that the stains are strong, but they are not permanent. You can remove the stains easily with the help of the dish soap. If you find any stain on the concrete floors, then cover the same with baking soda, then pour some dish soap on it. Let it sit for a while, then scrub the place with a brush. Continue the stain until it is gone.

4. Make your jewelleries shine: You must be thinking I am joking, but I am not. You can make those old ear rings and the necklaces shine like new within no time. This is absolutely possible through the dish soap. Take some soda water, add dish soap to it. Stir well, and you will see the soft bubbles are formed. Soak your jewelleries into the solution, and let it sit for a while. The bubbles will enter every nook and corners of the ornaments, you can use a soft brush like the baby brush, and rinse very gently. After washing, you will find that they are shining like new.

5. Clean some odd objects that you never imagined: In this point, I am going to mention few household objects that you never imagined could clean. The chairs, tables, combs and hairbrushes are few such items. Take a bowl of warm water, add drops of dish soap, create a foam, wet the brush or a cloth and then clean the furniture. You can also wet a sponge in the soapy solution for an effective cleaning. For cleaning the hairbrush or comb, use a toothbrush and this solution.

6. Remove stains from clothes: You generally use detergents for this purpose, but there is another way too. In case there are any stains on your clothes, spray some dish soap on the spot and rinse. The stain will go within no time, and then wash the clothes with water.


Isn’t it amazing, how you can use the dish soap in several ways, other than cleaning the dishes? If you find that you are running short of the detergents or the other cleaning solutions, then you can obviously use the dish soap and make the objects shining like new. The dish soap is very mild in nature, so you can use it almost on any items. Now that you have read the article, you must try out these ways and see yourself the miracle it can do. Try it today, and let your friends know too, by sharing the post! 🙂

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